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Tidewater, VA Minutes from February 17, 2013 meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Tidewater Alliance

    Feb 17, 2013

    Chesapeake Library

    # of Attendees: 20 (2 new members!)


    Ø March 30, 2013 from 10-4 (set up at 9, Breakdown til 4:45) at the Virginia Beach Central Library.

    Ø Volunteers Needed for:

    § Sign Up Sheets went around – will be posted in the “Galaticon Volunteer Listing” event on the FB Page so others can sign up electronically J

    o Set Up (Tables, Helping Vendors, Etc):

    o Collectibles for the TA Table

    o Shift Coverage for the TA Table & TA Recruitment Tables

    o Breakdown

    o Food Donations for Volunteers

    Ø Vendors Confirmed – Diagram of Set up

    Ø Panels (please email Chris before Mar 15 if interested):

    o Wendy – Sci Fi Crochet/Knitting 1 Hour

    o Shoot a Trooper Fundraiser 2 Hours (need troopers & mandos!)

    o 501st/Rebel Legion/Mando Mercs – Meet & Greet/Information Session 1 Hour

    o Brown Coats / Dr. Horrible – 1 Hour

    o Ghostbusters - 1 Hour?

    o Chris – Costuming 1 Hour?

    Ø Tables So Far (please email Chris before Mar 15 if interested):

    o Tidewater Alliance (2-3 Display, 1 membership)

    o 501st

    o Rebel Legion

    o Mando Mercs

    o Browncoats

    o Jamestown Starfleet

    o Starfleet Atlantis

    o IKV Devastator – 1 table plus 1 jail

    o Trilogy Comics

    o Regal Cinemas

    o Ghostbusters

    o Christina Reecy

    o Mike Kuty

    o Atlantic Games (2-3)

    o Allen’s friend – New Artist & New Writer?

    Ø Flyers & Posters – in progress

    Ø FYI: Please watch language (inappropriateness) at events. Monitor others especially around children.

    Other Upcoming Cons

    Ø FantaSci - June 29th. Will be at Chesapeake Central Library.

    Ø ShovoCon – Mar 23, Greenbriar (no helmets, no weapons)

    Ø ROFcon – Mar 2014 (we are trying to get a table/participate)

    Future TA Events

    Ø Zoo Blood Drive – Mar 9 9:30-3:30 (full) – Suit up 9:30, Donations of blood not required, Sabers OK but not blasters. Will be in ZOO parking lot, not IN zoo

    Ø St Patty’s Day Parade – Norfolk, Mar 16 8am 1.5 mile parade!! 1 Handler, 1 photographer to march with costumers only

    Ø Armor Party – Mar 23 3pm (can come over sooner)

    Ø Samaritan House Fundraiser – Naro Serenity Event April 20 noon-4: Free to those in costume ($10 no costume) – Weapons OK

    Ø Another Funny Bone Fundraiser TBA – to raise $$ for cancer treatments

    Ø Car Show – July 7 10-3, Bayside Harley Davidson: Star Wars Blood Drives to come! More Info later!

    Ø Beach Street USA

    Ø Oscar Party? Feb 24 Traditions Golf Club – not an Official event But if we attend, they will donate $200 to our charity of choice (21 & up, Ghostbusters attended in past)

    Past Events

    Ø Geek’s Night – Funny Bone Comedy Club Sun . Feb 10 – Raised $600 for Juvenile Diabetes!!

    Ø Virginian Pilot Photo Shoot for Funny Bone Event

    ONE Meeting left before Galacticon:

    Sun, Mar 10

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