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Tidewater, VA Minutes from January 13, 2013 Meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Number in Attendance: 20!!

    Ø March 30, 2013 from 10-4 (set up at 9, Breakdown til 4:45) at the Virginia Beach Central Library.

    Ø Volunteers Needed for:

    o Set Up (Tables, Helping Vendors, Etc):

    § Will A., Adam J., Cris M, Jen M, Shea P, Dawn K, Chris Maher

    o Panels (Suggestions to help motivate you: Crafts, Armor Building, Writer Panel, Fashion Show)

    § ??

    o Demonstrations

    § Shoot a Trooper Fundraiser

    § ???

    o Collectibles for the TA Table

    § ??

    o Shift Coverage for the TA Table & TA Recruitment Tables (sign up sheet to come soon)

    § ??

    o Breakdown

    § ??

    o Food Donations for Volunteers

    § Allen T., Ed H., Jen M.

    § ??

    Ø Chris emailing vendors to confirm/request participation, Jason & Chris working on Flyers

    Please message Chris Maher if you would like to volunteer for one of the above slots, conduct a panel, have ideas for Demos or Panels J Thank you!!!

    Other Upcoming Cons

    Ø FantaSci - We voted on June 29th. Will be at Chesapeake Central Library. We are helping out with the planning of the con. – Will have weapons checks, policy on masks

    Ø ShovoCon – Mar 23, Greenbriar – Will have a No Weapons policy, likely a policy on masks. Sounds mostly Anime.

    Ø Marscon – Jan 18 (We aren’t participating as a group, but the 501st will be there! Just throwing it in cuz it’s a lot of fun!)

    Ø ShevaCon Feb 8-10 (Roanoke)

    Future TA Events

    Ø Geek’s Night – Funny Bone Comedy Club Sun . Feb 10. 501st has invited us and is reserving 8 slots for any TA members willing to come in costume (Please contact John if interested – limited number of free seats!). Fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes

    Ø Another Funny Bone Fundraiser TBA – to raise $$ for cancer treatments

    Ø Car Show – July – will have tent will A/C likely, for us J Last car show raised > $6000 in toys & money!

    Ø Star Wars Blood Drives to come! More Info later!

    Ø Beach Street USA

    Ø Potential Idea for future parades: Star Wars Float

    Past Events

    Ø Alzheimer’s Walk – TA raised $180!

    Ø Books A Billion Toys For Tots – TA collected 400lbs of toys

    Ø Special Thank You from the VA Air & Space for the Hobbit Premier participation!

    TWO Meetings left before Galacticon:

    Sun, Feb 17 & Sun, Mar 10

  2. Iron Ram

    Iron Ram Jedi Youngling

    Nov 18, 2012
    Wife has a idea for a panel
    Knitting and SYFI
    IE ( jane's hat. Doctor who's scarf )
    A beginners Intro
    One of my wife's friends teaches classes at at michaels
    She is going to talk to her about it
    It would be good for both of us we get a cool panel and she may get students to come to her classes
  3. Nolaa Valla

    Nolaa Valla Jedi Youngling

    Sep 21, 2012
    I'll take a shift at our table for Galacticon
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