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Tidewater, VA Minutes from March 10, 2013 Meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Number of Attendees: 16

    Ø March 30, 2013 from 10-4 (set up at 8:30am, Breakdown til 4:45) at the Virginia Beach Central Library.

    Ø Volunteer Signups continued – See FB Event for the online lists

    Ø Display Items for the TA Table

    Ø Panels - Verify Time of each Panel and Length

    o Wendy – Sci Fi Crochet/Knitting 10:30-11:30am

    o Star Trek Movie Panel (for New ST Movie) 11:30-12:30

    o Ghostbusters – 12:30-1:30

    o Brown Coats / Dr. Horrible – 1:30-2:30

    o 501st/Rebel Legion/Mando Mercs – Meet & Greet/Information Session 2:30-3:30

    o Chris – Costuming 3:30-4 or 4:30

    Ø Shoot a Trooper Fundraiser Will be set up in vendor room to attract more people and can be all day J

    Ø Tables /Vendors

    o Tidewater Alliance (2-3 Display, 1 membership)

    o ROFCon

    o Rebel Legion (w/ power)

    o Mando Mercs

    o Browncoats

    o Jamestown Starfleet – w/ power

    o Starfleet Atlantis

    o IKV Devastator – 1 table plus 1 jail

    o Trilogy Comics

    o Regal Cinemas

    o Ghostbusters

    o Christina Reecy

    o Mike Kuty

    o Atlantic Games (2-3)

    o Jim Bernheimer

    Rebel Legion News Update – We cannot do anything with our costumes or group for personal gain (no selling trading cards, no payment for pictures, events, no selling t-shirts, art, etc Star Wars) – Charity is OK.

    501st News Update – New Leadership in 501st. Will need extra time to respond to event invites from us (must be approved by their command structure) – cannot publicize they will be at our events until approved by them.

    Group Development – Where do we want to take this group? What fun projects could we do beyond public events?

    Past TA Events

    Ø Zoo Blood Drive – Mar 9 – Blood Donation almost met goal 29/30 donations AND News coverage J

    Ø Oscars Night –Feb 24 - Unofficial event - $400 donation to CHKD

    Future TA Events

    Ø St Patty’s Day Parade – Norfolk, Mar 16 8am 1.5 mile parade!! 1 Handler, 1 photographer to march with costumers only – Need to park at Oceanview Elementary and find ED HUFF before getting on a shuttle to get to parade route – MUST CHECK IN WITH ED – VERY IMPORTANT, NO TROOPER LEFT BEHIND J Shuttle service stops at 9:30am, PLEASE get to Ed before 9am!!!

    o Lunch after parade, likely at the Japanese Buffet in Southern Shopping Center

    o Please call Rick or Ed if you have RSVPd for the troop and suddenly can’t make it, so we aren’t worried about you!! If you don’t have either number and are trooping, please send me or them a message for it J Thanks!

    Ø Astronomy/Stargazing Even at Mt Trashmore (VB Public Schools) – Mar 22. No light sabers, please J

    Ø Armor Party – Mar 23 3pm; Can come over as early as 11:30. Will be cookout – bring some food J

    Ø Samaritan House Fundraiser – Naro Serenity Event April 20 noon-4: Free to those in costume ($10 no costume) – Weapons OK, Be there by 11am if in costume to pose/take pics with guests. Can park behind Naro or at Blair Middle School across the street. Free entry if in costume. Will be Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Mikey Mason – All GREAT stuff!!!

    Ø Comic Kings, Free Comic Book Day – May 3 need 7-10 people from 8-9:30am for TV spot; May 4 11am Comic Book Store (Comic Kings on Holland Road) – celebrating their 20th anniversary (Thad will be posting more info on FB)

    Ø Indian River Library will also be celebrating Comic Book Day

    Ø Norfolk Tides Star Wars night – on hold right now, but will be May 4 at 6pm (those doing the May 4th Light Saber battle if it occurs can come later)

    Ø Car Show – July 7 10-3, Bayside Harley Davidson

    Ø More Star Wars Blood Drives to come – Zoo in early fall, Virginia Aquarium sometime soon J More Info later!

    Ø Beach Street USA

    Other Upcoming Cons

    Ø FantaSci - June 29th. Will be at Chesapeake Central Library.

    Ø ShovoCon – Mar 23, Greenbriar (no helmets, no weapons)

    Ø ROFcon – Mar 2014 (we are trying to get a table/participate)
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