Minutes From Meeting : 25/02/06

Discussion in 'Midlands and Wales' started by Lord-Wiz, Feb 25, 2006.

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    it was decided that we will be doing charity work, and that a new thread would be started on the private boards to further discuss this.

    a set date every month was set for meets, with events being additional to this date.

    someone was nominated to find out about the events co-ordinator for the UKG, with an update on the 6th of march.

    the mission statement was decided upon.

    it was decided that silence on the boards is an agreement.

    a set time is to be introduced on topics, after which time Mark and Dave will make firm decisions.

    our 1st birthday party was discussed, and it was decided that a new thread should be started for the discussion of a party.

    the flyer will be sorted out.

    a member was chosen to research possible future events for us to attend, with contact with event organisers coming through Mark.

    it was agreed that we will work closely with the rebel legion (as and where possible), but retain our own identity.

    april 1st is the date of the next meet, which will be the Kevin Smith marathon at Phill's.

    these are just the basics, and a more in depth report is available on the private boards.
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    i'd just like to say that i was the person chosen for the Event info collector job so if u do sniff a hint of a event mention it to me and ill dig up the dirty :D
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