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Tidewater, VA Minutes from November 10, 2013

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Tidewater Alliance

    November 10, 2013

    Number of Attendees: 13

    Planning Items

    Ø Galacticon Programming & Planning

    o Ideas for venue?

    o Need to work out Date & Location

    o Programming ideas – Meet the Fanclubs, Blast A Trooper (Jason has a new shiny banner for it!), Chris Maher to do fabric talk

    Ø No troop events to be scheduled during convention weekends

    Past Events:

    Ø October 18: Magruder Elementary Fall Festival (Jason)

    o 2nd year – successful. Left early due to super hyper kids, nice dinner at Mexican Restaurant in Williamsburg. Thanks to Heather (was a Penninsula 501st event)

    Ø October 19: Mason’s Birthday Party (5 y/o with medical issues), Chesapeake on Chelsea Way (Rick)

    o EXCELLENT turnout, excellent party! Thanks you letter from the family. Mason was VERY excited

    Ø October 19: Makers Faire (John)

    o Was good. A lot of interaction. They were able to show armor in various stages (like Hiromi’s and Chris Mahers)

    Ø October 26

    o Nauticus Blood Drive (John) – Exceeded goal

    o Norfolk Zoo Boo (Rick) – 12 bags/boxes of candy handed out. Was lots of fun

    o Air & Scare (Air & Space Museum, Hampton) (Rick) – Good turn out, Rick was one of the judges J

    o Manasas Air & Scare – had 36,000 people. Lori Frye coordinated the event VERY VERY well. Good teamwork between 501st and RL

    Ø November 1 – 3: Neko Con - 501st, RL, and MM were there. Thanks to Ian who stuck around the 501st table, helped set up, and helped thaw relations between the groups

    Ø November 2: Hickory High School Band Fundraiser, Maker’s Faire (Rick) – Lots of crafts, but people looked at our group as weird, out of place. No real room for us.

    Future TA Events: NOTE – John or Rick will be posting the events in the FB group so you can join the events you can attend.

    Ø November 23:

    o Untamed Spirit Race – Virginia Aviation Museum (John)

    o Town Center Christmas Parade & Mayflower Marathon Donation, VB (Rick)

    Ø December 1:

    o TA Christmas party 2 – 4:30

    Ø December 7

    o CHKD Radiothon donation, AM (Rick) – Rick to ask about donated crocheted incubator covers – Rick has details on incubator covers; can have 2 folks attend

    o Richmond Christmas Parade (Rick/Chris) – AM 3 mile hike. 501st and RL

    o VB Oceanfront Parade, night (Rick) – PM parade, 10 blocks

    Ø December 8:

    o Toys for Tots Car Show (John/Ed)- Need folks in costume & folks willing to spend the money - raised to help buy toys J 9:30 arrival time; 12-noon toy buying

    Ø December 14:

    o Toys for Tots a Virginia Beach Books a Million (Landstown) (Rick)

    o Christmas Story Time at Barnes n Noble, Williamsburg (Rick) – we will read at this.


    Tentative Events, Suggested Events or WAY future Events:

    Ø Jan 2014: Marscon, Williamsburg

    Ø Feb 28-Mar 2: ROF Con at Holiday Inn Executive

    o We will have 3 panels each group (501st, RL, maybe MM?), Christ Maher – Soft Armor panel; Meet the Fan Groups, Hard Armor Panel, Rigging a Clone Trooper,

    o Some free passes involved

    o Will have 1 table, changing area

    o We will be involved in opening ceremonies

    o They have invited us to be in a promo video with comedy bit

    o Expecting 5,000 people

    Ø ?? – Admirals Hockey Star Wars night

    Ø May 3 – Tides Star Wars night

    Ø July 6 – Car Show

    Ø Neko 2014 – Alice in Wonderland Theme

    Ø December 14 – Car Show

    Ø 2015: Regal Star Wars Premier 2015 – MacARthur Mall – There may be an X-Wing!!!

    Updates & News from the Big 3 - 501st, RL, MM:

    NEXT MEETING: Sun Dec 1, 2p – Chesapeake Central Library – May be upstairs!!

    Future meetigns: Jan 26, 2014; February 23, 2014; March 23, 2014

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