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Tidewater, VA Minutes from November 10, 2013

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Tidewater Alliance

    November 10, 2013

    Number of Attendees: 13

    Planning Items

    Ø Galacticon Programming & Planning

    o Ideas for venue?

    o Need to work out Date & Location

    o Programming ideas – Meet the Fanclubs, Blast A Trooper (Jason has a new shiny banner for it!), Chris Maher to do fabric talk

    Ø No troop events to be scheduled during convention weekends

    Past Events:

    Ø October 18: Magruder Elementary Fall Festival (Jason)

    o 2nd year – successful. Left early due to super hyper kids, nice dinner at Mexican Restaurant in Williamsburg. Thanks to Heather (was a Penninsula 501st event)

    Ø October 19: Mason’s Birthday Party (5 y/o with medical issues), Chesapeake on Chelsea Way (Rick)

    o EXCELLENT turnout, excellent party! Thanks you letter from the family. Mason was VERY excited

    Ø October 19: Makers Faire (John)

    o Was good. A lot of interaction. They were able to show armor in various stages (like Hiromi’s and Chris Mahers)

    Ø October 26

    o Nauticus Blood Drive (John) – Exceeded goal

    o Norfolk Zoo Boo (Rick) – 12 bags/boxes of candy handed out. Was lots of fun

    o Air & Scare (Air & Space Museum, Hampton) (Rick) – Good turn out, Rick was one of the judges J

    o Manasas Air & Scare – had 36,000 people. Lori Frye coordinated the event VERY VERY well. Good teamwork between 501st and RL

    Ø November 1 – 3: Neko Con - 501st, RL, and MM were there. Thanks to Ian who stuck around the 501st table, helped set up, and helped thaw relations between the groups

    Ø November 2: Hickory High School Band Fundraiser, Maker’s Faire (Rick) – Lots of crafts, but people looked at our group as weird, out of place. No real room for us.

    Future TA Events: NOTE – John or Rick will be posting the events in the FB group so you can join the events you can attend.

    Ø November 23:

    o Untamed Spirit Race – Virginia Aviation Museum (John)

    o Town Center Christmas Parade & Mayflower Marathon Donation, VB (Rick)

    Ø December 1:

    o TA Christmas party 2 – 4:30

    Ø December 7

    o CHKD Radiothon donation, AM (Rick) – Rick to ask about donated crocheted incubator covers – Rick has details on incubator covers; can have 2 folks attend

    o Richmond Christmas Parade (Rick/Chris) – AM 3 mile hike. 501st and RL

    o VB Oceanfront Parade, night (Rick) – PM parade, 10 blocks

    Ø December 8:

    o Toys for Tots Car Show (John/Ed)- Need folks in costume & folks willing to spend the money - raised to help buy toys J 9:30 arrival time; 12-noon toy buying

    Ø December 14:

    o Toys for Tots a Virginia Beach Books a Million (Landstown) (Rick)

    o Christmas Story Time at Barnes n Noble, Williamsburg (Rick) – we will read at this.


    Tentative Events, Suggested Events or WAY future Events:

    Ø Jan 2014: Marscon, Williamsburg

    Ø Feb 28-Mar 2: ROF Con at Holiday Inn Executive

    o We will have 3 panels each group (501st, RL, maybe MM?), Christ Maher – Soft Armor panel; Meet the Fan Groups, Hard Armor Panel, Rigging a Clone Trooper,

    o Some free passes involved

    o Will have 1 table, changing area

    o We will be involved in opening ceremonies

    o They have invited us to be in a promo video with comedy bit

    o Expecting 5,000 people

    Ø ?? – Admirals Hockey Star Wars night

    Ø May 3 – Tides Star Wars night

    Ø July 6 – Car Show

    Ø Neko 2014 – Alice in Wonderland Theme

    Ø December 14 – Car Show

    Ø 2015: Regal Star Wars Premier 2015 – MacARthur Mall – There may be an X-Wing!!!

    Updates & News from the Big 3 - 501st, RL, MM:

    NEXT MEETING: Sun Dec 1, 2p – Chesapeake Central Library – May be upstairs!!

    Future meetigns: Jan 26, 2014; February 23, 2014; March 23, 2014