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Tidewater, VA Minutes from November 4, 2012 Meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Ø Attendees: Allen T., Dawn K., John D., Chris M., John H., Dannielle C., Regina H., James W., Cris M., Jennifer M.

    Ø After Action Reports (Recent Events): John

    - Norfolk Maker’s Faire: Fun, but it was VERY loud inside – will try to request an outside table for next year. Was mostly a lot of folks tinkering with robotics, still cool – great contacts for those that need to add robotic type stuff to their costumes. Free, and will likely be free next year but there is $5 parking

    - Hampton Air & Scare – GREAT turn out. LOTS of kids

    - Zoo Boo (was rescheduled to Nov 3) – VERY cold, but a good time. Tip: Do not rescue puppies from Cruella DeVille – it makes you the bad guy, even if you are a Jedi

    Ø Possible Banner for Joint Trouping

    - Suggestion to make one banner (for ease of marching) for events with 501st, Rebel Legion and the TA. It was suggested maybe smaller vertical banners (that only 1 person had to carry) as well. John D. will ask the Rebel Legion about the possibility of a combined sign. The 501st is also being contacted about the possibility.

    Ø Future Events

    o New Hobbit event at the Space Museum in Hampton. Chris emailed some photos to them and is waiting for a response. We would then actually SEE the movie the next day.

    o Parades

    § Norfolk Parade for Hobbit, not Star Wars (Nov 17)

    § Va Beach Parade Nov 17th – evening parade. John D. is confirming event and will provide John H. with details to post. Event is at TownCenter, VB

    § Va Beach Parade Dec 1 – Oceanfront parade, also evening. Details TBD

    § Richmond Parade Dec 1- For Rebel Legion and 501st only.

    o Toys for Tots

    § Nov 10 or 11th (John H to confirm) – local, details TBD

    § Nov 17 – Short Pump (Rebel Legion one)

    § Nov 24 – Williamsburg

    § Dec 9, 10-3 – Portsmouth, Harley Davidson Car Show ($20 entry fee – cash or $20 toy donation)

    o Others:

    § Nov 10 or 11th (John H to confirm) – Boy 16th Birthday, likely his last (terminal brain cancer), requesting 501st and Star Wars. Parents run the local reptile Rescue, just so you are warned ahead of time.

    § Red Cross Blood Drive Events – days/locations TBD. Donations of blood not required.

    § Just FYI: Next weekend is Blood at the Beach (OceanFront), Ring of Fire Con, May 2014

    Ø Online Resources

    o Fan Force Registrations – Need to make sure everyone has registered for and that everyone checks posts on there too.

    o Facebook Group Page

    § We’ll be using the Events tab to post events to make it easier to find on our group page. Also, the Files tab is where you will find meeting minutes

    Ø Dues Reminder ($5 per family/single per YEAR)

    Ø Galacticon Plans

    o Still set for VB Central Library Mar 30


    o Rebel Legion interested in Participating, John D has volunteered his DJ services to provide atmospheric SW mood music

    o Allen suggested a type of Jedi Academy for kids – or something kid-friendly at the Con. John H. suggested “Shoot A Trooper” with Nerf Guns. The 501st and Mando Mercs have done this before and was successful.

    Ø Open Forum

    o Events & Pics: When scheduling events, we want to make sure we have at least one “handler” to take pics (even if our historian Allen is there – so he can be in pics). Anyone who gets pics, please share with our Allen to post/collect and/or share on our FB page – thanks!

    o Disney & Star Wars: Looks like no plans to alter anything regarding 501st, Rebel Legion, Fan Force, Etc… No surprises there – they don’t want to mess with their fans J But good to know!

    Ø Next Meeting: Dec 8 @ Chesapeake Central library, 2-4pm

    o We have the room for ALL DAY and MAY have a Tolkien-Event for the library along with our Christmas Party
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    Very happy to see meetings and a lot of organization!!!