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Tidewater, VA Minutes from October 13, 2013 meeting

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jyn'ah Mairo, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Jyn'ah Mairo

    Jyn'ah Mairo Chapter Rep, Tidewater Alliance FF, Virginia

    Sep 11, 2012
    Tidewater Alliance

    October 13, 2013

    Number of attendees: 23

    Past Events:

    Ø September 28 – Neptune Festival (Rick)

    Ø September 28 – Sci Fi Kids Night at Chesapeake Square Mall - we were also a BIG hit with Office Max during the Chick Fila event – Vanessa says many thanks from her very impressed manager!

    Ø October 5: Star Wars Reading Day – AMAZING TURNOUT! BEST IN THE AREA!!

    o 11-1 Barnes and Noble at VB Town Center, VB (Rick)

    o 11-1 Barnes and Noble at Lynnhaven Mall, VB (Rick)

    o 2-4:30 Books a Million at Landstown Commons, VB (Rick)

    o TBA – Books A Million in Williamsburg (Rick)

    o TBA – BAM or B&N Chesapeake Store (Thad)

    Ø Alzheimer Walk – Exceeded Goal (Raised $200)

    Future TA Events: NOTE – John or Rick will be posting the events in the FB group so you can join the events you can attend. PLEASE forward all meeting events to John & Rick

    Ø October 18: Magruder Elementary Fall Festival (Jason)

    Ø October 19: Mason’s Birthday Party (5 y/o with medical issues), Chesapeake on Chelsea Way (Rick)

    Ø October 19: Makers Faire (John), Norfolk Scope 1 TA Table

    Ø October 26

    o Nauticus Blood Drive (John) 9:30-3, no blasters, Goal 25 unites

    o Norfolk Zoo Boo (Rick) – 9:30 - 3

    o Air & Scare (Air & Space Museum, Hampton) (Rick)

    o Chantilly Air & Scare may be closed/cancelled due to Gov’t Shut Down

    Ø November 1 – 3: Neko Con (501st May officially be there)

    Ø November 2: Hickory High School Band Fundraiser, Maker’s Faire (Rick)

    Ø November 9:

    o Armor Party J

    Ø November 23:

    o Untamed Spirit Race – Virginia Aviation Museum (John) – Fundraiser for horse camp for special needs kids (Blasters probably Ok)

    o Town Center Christmas Parade, VB (Rick) & Mayflower food drive after (bring food to donate)

    Ø December 1

    o TA Christmas Party – Potluck & Raffle Chesapeake Central Library 2-4:30

    Ø December 7

    o CHKD Radiothon donation, AM (Rick) – Rick to ask about donated crocheted incubator covers

    o Richmond Christmas Parade (Rick/Chris) – RL/501st only

    o VB Oceanfront Parade, night (Rick) – 5pm

    Ø December 8:

    o Toys for Tots Car Show (John/Ed)- Need folks to go shopping for the toys after the event J

    Ø December 14:

    o Toys for Tots at Landstown Books a Million

    Tentative Events, Suggested Events or WAY future Events:

    Ø October 19: Down Syndrome Association of HR Walk/Run (Suggested in general, not necessarily an official TA costume event, but a good cause!, Vanessa)

    Ø November 9: Roller Derby Costume Night (Suggested – Allen to get with John to discuss)

    Ø November 23? Norfolk Illumination Parade (Tentative?)

    Ø Jan 2014: Marscon, Williamsburg

    Ø Feb 28-Mar 2: ROF Con at Holiday Inn Executive

    Ø 2015: Regal Star Wars Premier 2015 – MacARthur Mall – There may be an X-Wing!!!

    Updates & News from the Big 3? 501st, RL, MM?

    · 501st Census going on until end of October – All active/approved members need to fill out

    · New Freedom Base facebook Fanpage (Rebel Legion) – connections to other groups

    · Congratulations to the NEW Freedom Base command staff – John D. (CO), Jason T. (XO), Chris M. (Temple Master) & Rick C. (Regional Event Captain) all part of our TA were elected for Freedom Base!!!! J Way to go!!!!

    · Kudos: Ian is now Mando Mercs Approved!!!!! Mitch was in Star Wars Insider!!!!!

    Important Updates:

    - We cannot schedule events on the afternoon of Meeting Day

    - ROF Con – No table, just being there as a group, dressed up

    - Neko Con – Today we needed to give Rick $ for discounted ticket

    - Don’t forget to give your dues!

    NEXT MEETING: Sun Nov 10, 2p – Chesapeake Central Library
  2. Ben_Ulrand

    Ben_Ulrand Jedi Youngling

    Oct 29, 2013
    Hey, I'm new to the area and a fan of SW. I would really be interested in joining your group. I know where that library is as I will be moving from VBeach ro Chesapeake in the next month or so. But I will try to make it to your meeting.

    Looking foward to meeting you all!


    DOMNUSKYWALKER Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 12, 2005
    Ben I'm sorry that I have not gotten back with you. I have been recently been dealing with some personal issue, I do apologize. We do meet once per month at the Chesapeake Central Library on Cedar rd. We have a meeting this Sunday at 2pm to 5pm
    I hope this reaches you. We also have a facebook page that you can send a friends request. You can keep up with our goings on a lot better. I like your avatar I have that patch. :)