Tidewater, VA Minutes from September 8, 2013 meeting

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    Sept 8, 2013

    Number in attendance: 17


    New Rebel Legion Members: Jennifer & Jeremy

    New Galactic Academy Member: Julie

    Past Events:

    Geek Nights of Comedy – raised $335-$350, Jr Diabetes

    Beach Street USA - $3k, Make a Wish Foundation (portion went to Lifenet)

    Zoo Blood Drives – Made donation goals

    Future TA Events: NOTE – John or Rick will be posting the events in the FB group so you can join the events you can attend.

    Ø September 28 – Neptune Festival (Rick)

    Ø September 28 – Sci Fi Kids Night at Chesapeake Square Mall (John?)

    Ø October 5: Star Wars Reading Day

    o 11-1 Barnes and Noble at VB Town Center, VB (Rick)

    o 11-1 Barnes and Noble at Lynnhaven Mall, VB (Rick)

    o 2-4:30 Books a Million at Landstown Commons, VB (Rick)

    o TBA – Books A Million in Williamsburg (Rick)

    o TBA – BAM or B&N Chesapeake Store (Thad)

    Ø October 13

    o Alzheimer’s Walk (Chris)

    § Goal – TA to raise $250 for the walk, with minimum $10 donations

    § Registration 8:30, Walk 10am

    § Neptune Park, 3114 Atlantic Avenue
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    o TA Halloween Party – 2pm Chesapeake Central Library (Pot Luck, Raffle, Group Pictures – Star Wars shirts & costumes)

    Ø October 19: Mason’s Birthday Party (5 y/o with medical issues), Chesapeake on Chelsea Way (Rick)

    Ø October 26

    o Nauticus Blood Drive (John)

    o Norfolk Zoo Boo (Rick)

    o Air & Scare (Air & Space Museum, Hampton) (Rick)

    Ø November 1 – 3: Neko Con (501st May officially be there)

    Ø November 2: Hickory High School Band Fundraiser, Maker’s Faire (Rick)

    Ø November 23:

    o Untamed Spirit Race – Virginia Aviation Museum (John)

    o Town Center Christmas Parade, VB (Rick)

    Ø December 7

    o CHKD Radiothon donation, AM (Rick) – Rick to ask about donated crocheted incubator covers

    o Richmond Christmas Parade (Rick/Chris)

    o VB Oceanfront Parade, night (Rick)

    Ø December 8:

    o Toys for Tots Car Show (John/Ed)

    o TA Christmas Party – Potluck & Raffle Chesapeake Central Library 2-4:30

    Tentative Events, Suggested Events or WAY future Events:

    Ø October 19: Down Syndrome Association of HR Walk/Run (Suggested in general, not necessarily an official TA costume event, but a good cause!, Vanessa)

    Ø November 9: Roller Derby Costume Night (Suggested – Allen to get with John to discuss)

    Ø November 23? Norfolk Illumination Parade (Tentative?)

    Ø Jan 2014: Marscon, Williamsburg

    Ø Feb 28-Mar 2: ROF Con at Holiday Inn Executive

    Ø 2015: Regal Star Wars Premier 2015 – MacARthur Mall – There may be an X-Wing!!!

    Updates & News from the Big 3? 501st, RL, MM?

    · Rebel Legion Officer nominations week of Sept 9

    o John D interim Freedom Base XO (please correct if I misstated this)

    o See John D. if you have any suggestions for RL. Some presented were:

    § Making local Hampton roads events we have Official RL events

    § Shared Banners (501st, RL, MM, TA)

    § John D, Offering to help develop TA banner

    NEXT MEETING: Sun Oct 13, 2p – Chesapeake Central Library
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    Please let me know ASAP if I need to make any edits - there was a LOT of information discussed at the meeting. Thank you and May the Force be with you!