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Idaho Minutes of Meeting - Feb.08

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Kasey_Kenobi, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Kasey_Kenobi

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    Feb 2, 2006
    Minutes of Meeting 2/2/08

    Meeting started 7:01pm


    $100 budget for April 5th Event with Eric?s work. Dress in costume. Bring Bantha.

    End of April. What activities does your club participate in? How long have you been formed? Start a thread, please submit two questions.

    Fandemonium: Two hour intervals at club table. Video playing, flyers, other club jargon.
    Host a mini?s game. Someone hosts at Mini?s table. Shifts will be assigned for all those who volunteer.
    Marcus, Eric, Ron, Kasey for shifts.
    Bring Star Wars games for gaming room.
    Donate $5 for club raffle. 1 free ticket, .25 each or 5 for dollar.
    Bantha. Cut out for pictures.
    Lightsaber dance.

    MountainCon: Mid September. $250 approximately.
    Eric will look into car rental prices.

    Voted to cancel website funds.

    Cableone packages?

    Apples to apples for gold sabers. Sunday March 2nd - Willow for club movie. Kung-pow for Ron?s movie Saturday the 1st after meeting.

    Bring a friend Saturday the 9th at 6pm. Chips and soda for bring a friend night.

    Edwards classic film night: Ghostbusters $5. Meet at Eric?s 7:15pm.

    Parades ? Have trailer. Truck? Ask my Mom for loaner. Eagle Days. Ask 501st members and have BBQ. 4th of July parade. Talk to Ichidan.
    Look for thread.

    Force Unleashed, more to come, add to next agenda.

    Indiana Jones, camping at Majestic. Trailer out on the 14th, channel 7 at 6:30pm.

    Camp out on the 20th. Have projector and movies. Get news involved.

    Fandemonium dance. No.

    Make club flyers. Shop that sells paper for fancy fliers. $5 authorized for Ron for business cards.
    Vista Print.

    Call T-zer?s for cost for different shirts with no text on the back. 5 3X, 1 4X L, L, L
    Are they pre-shrunk.
    Wear club shirts to meetings.
    Collect money for shirts at March meeting and then vote and have shirts by April.

    Officer?s meeting scheduling for next month.

    25th for Legacy book.

    March 1st for next meeting.

    5-mile and Overland Hastings for next meeting. 7pm.

    Meeting closed 8:14pm.
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