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    yrol mentioned the minutes of the Sept 16th meeting are on the boards, but I can't find them...any help?
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    Pretty Basic and quick meeting as there was not a lot of people there.
    CVI wrap up was quick as we were all there.
    Some Celebration Europe II talk, whos going, Hotels etc....
    Upcoming events.
    Light the night: Saturday Sept 29. at the stampede Grounds. Meet at the Indian village at 6pm. Come in costume if you like. we will be doing the 5KM walk like usual. Walk to start at 7pm. New route this year.
    October will be busy: SW Identies and Edmonton Expo. Whos going and when. See separate threads for more info.
    Next 3 meeting booked.
    Oct 14th
    Nov 25
    Dec 16
    Same time same place. 3-6pm Midtown Co-op
    That was pretty much it.