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Saga Miracle **Updated 4/24 [Obi-Wan - PostRotS AU]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by serendipityaey, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Luna_Nightshade

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Their reunion was so meaningful and mature. They're both tough people, and I liked seeing them work things out together. And I totally see my baby niece when you describe Mira! Wonderful chapter.
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  2. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    @Jade_eyes Thank you!! [:D] I agree, it totally adds to the hotness factor! [face_love] I really wanted to get the balance right between them here, thank you so much for your comments!

    @Valairy Scot Thank you so, so much for your amazing comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to write and show that things were not good - Aala trying to deal with this almost all on her own - I think it would be very, very difficult for her and something she never would have expected to have to do, nor be prepared for. She is upset and understandably so, but in the end they love each other. They've had very little conflict in my past writings so this was important to me, especially to get it right. Thanks again! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it :D:D:D

    @Gkilkenny Lol! I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the comments! @};-

    @laloga Thank you so much! And thank you a ton for your help with this one. I worked hard to get the interactions between them right, and you helped a lot. [:D] Though they have hardship, and it's not easy, it's a joy to write the love that just surrounds the three of them and I love writing baby Mir and Daddy Obi [face_love]

    @Luna_Nightshade Thank you!! :) I really enjoyed writing these scenes between them - writing Aala with these strong emotions and Obi showing a bit of it too, was kind of awesome. They are both so good at controlling it, but sometimes, especially with a baby, things get real :p In the end though, they want to be together, and are both tough and mature like you say and they will work it out, because it's worth it. True love @};- Thanks for the review! Appreciate it so much!!

    AN: And here's the next, next morning! A million thanks to Jade_eyes for suggesting it and laloga for looking it over, it was a ton of fun to write. Making-up time! I hope you all enjoy [face_love]

    Need You Now 3
    He missed her; so much.
    The depth of his emotion in this instance was something not quite like anything Obi-Wan had experienced before. It was a feeling he was unaccustomed to and it was a bit startling, but not unwelcome.
    When he'd arrived, they'd been swept up in the current of fear and exhaustion left over in the wake of what the Empire was determined to bring down upon all that threatened it. The only concern Obi-Wan had when he'd seen her was that of consoling Aala after one of the most horrible experiences of her life. The loss of her sister had been devastating, but this he knew, the threat to her baby’s life - was nearly unbearable. She'd been angry and terrified and very unhappy with him for not being there, understandably.
    Not a warm welcome.
    He sincerely hoped every other homecoming in the future would prove entirely more pleasant.
    Now, a day later, everything had calmed - Aala had said what she needed to and he'd listened, they had talked and were both well rested, even with the times he'd been up with Miracle during the night. Aala felt better, he knew, but she was still a little subdued, still quiet - the stress and pain from what had happened not yet faded from her mind.
    More than anything he simply wanted to hold her in his arms, but he didn't want to push her, so he was careful to let her have her space.
    It wasn’t easy. As long as they'd been apart, there was little more he could think about than her touch and her love, but he set it aside. Now that he was home, along with Mir, Aala was his focus and nothing was more important than what she needed. Whatever he wanted, her happiness was more important to him and some worries were things only time and space could assuage.
    So when the sound of the shower running that morning woke him up, he repressed the urge to join her. And when she came back into the bedroom afterwards, clad only in a clingy, thin, short robe - he tried to repress the feeling the sight of her like that had evoked as well.
    In his mind, however, he imagined her coming to him, snuggling in close to him in bed and...
    And he almost said something, murmured her name -
    But then Mira gave a loud gurgling cry from her room.
    It sounded distinctly like a 'Feed me now! Or else!'
    Obi-Wan watched, still a little bleary-eyed, as Aala turned automatically toward the door, but he sat up, throwing the covers off and ran his hand through his hair. "I'll get her, love."
    With a sigh, Aala cast him a faint smile. "Thank you," she said; it was clear she was happy he was there to help. "I'll just get dressed and be out in a moment. There's a jar of puréed fruit in the cooler, can you give her some of that?"
    "Of course," he smiled at her. As he passed her, he couldn't help stopping to press a quick kiss to her brow, his hand brushing her shoulder, and she leaned into his touch.
    She would come to him, he knew. When she was ready.
    For now, he enjoyed every second spent with his baby girl. She seemed entirely unaffected by what had happened, a testament to Aala’s composure - Mir was happy and playful, grinning and laughing - and he was grateful for that.
    Aala played with them for awhile, and spent some time by herself and as the morning went on she seemed more like herself. When it was time for Mira's nap, Obi-Wan tucked her into her crib and he smiled as she seemed to fall asleep within moments.
    Aala was settled in her favorite comfy chair reading so Obi-Wan went to take his own shower. It was actually his first non-sonic shower in quite a time and he'd forgotten how good it felt - the hot water and the steam - only one thing could make it any better than it was, but that could wait.
    He stayed in the shower for a long time letting his body relax, his muscles ease. Eventually he knew he'd been in for far longer than he really needed but as he moved to turn the shower off he realized he hadn't grabbed a towel and there weren't any extras in the 'fresher.
    Blast. He'd have to bother Aala. It was either that or go wandering around the house dripping wet, and he didn't think she would appreciate that.
    Lifting his arms, he ran his hands through his hair trying to squelch the excess water and then he stepped out of the shower. The 'fresher door slid open as he hit the panel and he stuck his head out.
    "Aala?" he called, trying at once to be loud enough that she could hear him but not so loud he disturbed Mira.
    She answered a second later. "Yeah?" He could hear her steps as she had gotten up and was coming toward the bedroom.
    "I forgot a towel, could you -"
    "Sure." She answered just as she stepped through the doorway to the bedroom, but she stopped as she caught sight of him.
    Rivulets of water were running down his arms and his chest, over the edges of muscle, across his abdomen and down his legs to drip on the floor beneath him. He was becoming increasingly aware of the growing pool of water, until he caught Aala's gaze and then he became entirely aware of her.
    A thoughtless gesture - he ran his fingers through his wet hair again, pushing it back and Aala watched the movement, her eyes brightening. As his hand lowered so did her gaze - across his chest and lower and he swore he could see her own desire light within her.
    Her eyes moved up and then down his body again and he grinned.
    "Towel?" He prompted her.
    "Oh!" She took a deep breath and then turned back to the hallway.
    "Here you go." She returned a moment later, handing him a large fluffy towel and to his delight, instead of returning to the other room and her book she took a seat at the edge of the bed, her attention not leaving his form.
    The look in her eyes made it clear that she was thinking of him, and his body responded instantly though he took a second to center himself, holding his feelings in check for now.
    With practiced ease and perhaps a bit of haste, Obi-Wan rubbed the soft towel across his torso, legs and arms, and then lifted it to his scalp, drying his hair. Or at least making a half-hearted attempt.
    He was not vain... not in the least. But... he knew Aala loved him, and she had made it known on occasion that she enjoyed the way he looked. So if he spent a bit longer than normal with his arms raised and the towel over his head to afford her an unimpeded view...
    Well, he missed her a lot. And though it felt a little unlike him, after everything, he was aching to show her.
    Perhaps this would remind her...
    When he was done drying his hair, he shifted to wrap the towel around his waist, and he watched as her eyes lifted to meet his own.
    "I missed you," he said his voice low and he took a step toward her.
    "I missed you, too."
    He took another step so he stood before her.
    Everything changed in a moment, and her face transformed; she became his Aala again and his mouth curved in a smile.
    Slowly she lifted her hand and ran her fingertips along the edge of his towel. Her nails skimmed across his abdomen and then his hip and he had to close his eyes at the sensation.
    When he opened them again, a hint of a grin flickered on her face. "I love you," she murmured, looking up at him.
    He cupped his hands at her jaw and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "I love you, too."
    When he pulled away, she set her hands behind her and then scooted up the bed, her expression anticipatory, a clear invitation.
    Obi-Wan took a few quiet steps, circling to the side of the bed as she lay back and was about to join her when she grinned.
    "No damp towels on the bed," she teased.
    The towel was off and abandoned on the floor in an instant.
    Moving slow, letting things simmer, he laid down beside her and they regarded each other for a moment, but no other words were needed.
    So with no trace of hesitation, he reached for her and she inched closer. As she moved to him, he gathered her in his arms, savoring the color of her eyes, the feel of her body, the scent of her skin, and she shifted pressing closer to him.
    She was soft and warm, and then a half-smile flicked across her face as she trailed her fingers across his bicep. When he leaned forward to kiss her mouth, and then pulled away again the smile blossomed, she blossomed - her expression shining with happiness.
    Part of him was urging to move things along, but he couldn't, didn’t want to rush when it came to her. Each moment should be stretched to its full potential.
    The softness of her mouth was only exceeded by the softness of the skin he discovered with each passing minute. It was clear by the way she touched him, her hands never stilling for long, by the way she clung to him, that her feelings were the same as his. Every moment was met and savored as they took pleasure in simply being with each other.
    With careful precision, he removed every barrier, every piece of cloth, between his skin and hers. As they lay tangled together, Obi-Wan nuzzling and kissing her neck, Aala tilted her head and he paused to look at her as she spoke. "I'm - so happy you're here."
    Pleased, he cast her a warm smile and his voice was a little hoarse as he replied. "Me too, my love." Emotion swelling between them, he kissed her, and kissed her again, and then she pulled back again, her expression breaking into a wide grin. “Let me show you how much.”
    He answered with a rakish grin of his own. “As you wish, my dear.”
    And for awhile they lost track of everything except each other.
    Miracle took a long nap that morning, and each second of their time together was cherished. Obi-Wan felt relieved they had made it through this together, but more than that he needed her, and he was just grateful for her love.
    AN: Please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    SQUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melty melt! I loved that!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!!
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  4. laloga

    laloga Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 28, 2011
    Love how this opens. It's a simple statement, but so powerful, and it can be applied in different ways. Of course, he missed her while he was out on his missions, but since this is taking place after their disagreement, they're not *quite* back to how they were, yet, so he missed her in the present as well, misses the closeness.

    And that's what this chapter is about: reclaiming that which was - not broken - but certainly strained with recent events.

    I love how Obi-Wan *wants* so much to be close to her again, but he's wise enough - and knows her well enough - to understand that these things will happen in their own time, and cannot be rushed or forced. He knows to step back and allow her the breathing room she needs to come back to him, because he trusts that she will come back to him, always. They are such a wonderful couple in that sense because they *do* trust one another to this degree; they know that, no matter what, their love will survive. Obi-Wan is proving, right here and now, that a Jedi can love, and love deeply, and still remain true to who he is and to the Force. [face_love]

    The emotions are so perfectly balanced in this chapter. There is a little bit of sorrow, regret, but it's in the past and is balanced more than enough by the overwhelming love that this couple has for one another. Along with that love is desire - such an important component in any relationship, but especially a long-term one - and you portray it beautifully, with enough subtlety to be "appropriate" for the boards. ;) Do love the image of Obi wringing out his hair, water sluicing down his torso...oh, my! [face_love] [face_love][face_love] Can't blame Aala for being a little distracted! :D

    Happy sigh. Love this pair! :) Love how it ends, with them just being *together,* so lovely and sweet and perfect. As usual. @};-

    Another wonderful update! I always look forward to more from you! @};-
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  5. Gkilkenny

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    Mar 27, 2004
    so sweeeeeeet! She is so lucky to have the man that we would love to drool over.^:)^
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  6. Valairy Scot

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    Sep 16, 2005
    I don't know whether to :) or [face_love] or =P~ or [face_party]this chapter. Or be jealous that I don't have an Obi-Wan in my life to cherish and be cherished by - which is a :_|. But I have a vivid imagination and can live vicariously, so [:D] for the second hand thrill.

    And that's not even due to the post-shower tease!
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  7. laloga

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    Jul 28, 2011
    Sigh. That post-shower image will stay in my head for a long time. [face_love]
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  8. Luna_Nightshade

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    Jan 25, 2006
    [face_love] Lovely to see them happy to be together again. I like Obi-Wan's patience with her, too. Cozy warm update!
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  9. obimom

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Ah, that last chapter was one I hadn't read the others on the other board.

    Nice, sensuous, loving, tender, dripping water off his form....mmmm...such images...[face_love]

    So nice for Obi-Wan to have this...someone to come home to after fighting for the galaxy and for those he loves.

    I can read this on either board, but if you update here if you want to PM me, please feel free.
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    Jun 18, 1999
    So so lovely. :)
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  11. serendipityaey

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Thank you everyone, so much, for the comments so far! [:D] New Update on Saturday, and one that was particularly emotional for me to write. I hope you all enjoy [face_love]
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Looking forward to it! :)
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  13. serendipityaey

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    Jan 24, 2004
    @Jade_eyes Thank you!! [:D] I'm not even sure that's English! Lol, but thank you so much [face_love] I loved writing this and I'm so glad you suggested it!

    laloga Aww, thanks for the review @};- A main part of Aala is that she does need to do things in her own time, and Obi-Wan knows her so well... that he can wait so patiently and trust in their love is a big component to the fact that they work together. In the same way, though she's had her faith shaken, she understands his duty and knows that he will always come back to her as well. I'm glad to hear the emotions are balanced. Sometimes I feel like the majority of what I write is just pointless fluff, but I enjoy exploring emotions... a lot of times it's positive emotions because it's what I want to read and write, but I hope I can successfully do some other things sometimes too. Thank you!

    @Gkilkenny Thank you for the comments! So glad you're enjoying ;) She is lucky, for sure [face_love]

    @Valairy Scot Obi-Wan just loves to tease :p I'm always happy to provide some Obi-lovin' for all kinds of thrills, and he is too :D Thank you so, so much for the comments! @};-

    @Luna_Nightshade Thank you [face_love] Patience is a huge part of a working relationship, I think. It's not all shower teases and cuddles :p So happy to hear you liked!

    obimom I will certainly pm you when I put up a chapter you haven't seen yet! Some will be repeats ;) Obi-Wan dripping wet... is just too good not to write [face_love] I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks for leaving a comment!!

    taramidala Thanks for letting me know you read and enjoyed! :)@};-


    AN: I've been all nerves and anxiousness at the prospect of posting this - I've poured all my heart into it and a part of me knows that I could never get the emotion right so I've held onto it for a long time, not sure when I could work up the courage to post. It would mean the world to me if you offered any comments at all.

    Many thanks to @laloga and @Jade_Max for looking this over multiple times. Their encouragement and suggestions helped me so much. Lyrics are from Coldplay, The Scientist.

    If you're new to Miracle, this could actually be a great place to start. Chronologically, it comes very first so feel free to jump in right here!

    I hope you enjoy!


    Back to the Start
    Questions of science
    Science and progress
    Do not speak as loud as my heart
    Nobody said it was easy
    It's such a shame for us to part
    Nobody said it was easy
    No one ever said it would be so hard
    I'm going back to the start
    Rain lashed through the air, cutting like blades of liquid steel through the thick, humid atmosphere. With a gust of wind, the storm intensified, pelting Obi-Wan with precipitation and thoughtlessly he pulled his hood further over his face as he began to make his way to the rounded building. The sea, expansive and unforgiving, could be heard roiling angrily below the landing platforms at the edges of Tipoca City as if the waves might reach up at any moment to snatch an unwary victim.

    But that victim would not be him.

    With a glance toward the darkening sky, Obi-Wan couldn't help but glower back. It was almost night time on this side of the ocean planet, the faded light from the aging star that Kamino orbited giving way now to inky darkness.

    The threatening glare had no effect on the storm though. In contrast, even the momentary lifting of his face toward the raging sky left his cheeks and beard saturated with heavy drops of rain and he sighed deeply to himself as he bowed his head again, weary and rundown, his steps heavy as he crossed the landing platform. It was almost too much, to carry on. The violent storm reflected too accurately the state of the galaxy since the Empire had formed only months ago and the own war within his heart as he fought to stay within the light...what little of it there was to be found.

    There was so much darkness, so much death, since Anakin and Padme's deaths. The bright spot, the one thing that had always remained constant, burning steady and ever present in the back of his life had been Aala. She was everything that was good and real, but it had been so so long since he had even had the chance to see her face. More than anything he needed that now, to go home and sink into the comfort she provided him. The ache he felt at missing her was so great sometimes he feared what he might give just to see her, to hold her in his arms.

    But as always, he was determined to stay focused in the light so he took a deep breath and let it go. Now was not the time. There was too much to be done; it was too dangerous to travel to such a conspicuous place as Naboo.

    In a month or two, he told himself. When events could lower to a simmer - when they had a better handle on the situation and what they were facing. When they knew more about where the real dangers were... who was being watched, how and when.

    Here though, in this corner of the galaxy, they were far away from the tight grip of the Empire. Eventually it would reach here, they would come and they would destroy... but not now.
    The pull for him to travel to Kamino in this moment had only been a flicker in the Force, but he'd answered, nearby and unable to ignore it, even though he had little reason to come.

    In fact, there was only one tiny reason for him to come to the dark ocean planet. One little beacon of light, a hope and a chance that he was almost afraid to believe in. Even now he was cautious, bracing himself for the worst, for it not to work, because he knew he would not be able to bear any more loss.

    The clean, sterile, glass and metal doors slid open automatically at his approach and Obi-Wan made his way, quiet and contemplative, and on his own. He knew these corridors well enough; more than a few times he had been there in the past year and he walked forward almost without thinking.

    At the least, he could rest for a night, in a bed, in a room he could call his own for eight meager hours.

    At the most - he didn't want to think of it, put too much stock into the possibility, not before he knew for sure. Each time he came here he couldn't help but prepare himself for bad news, and the thought was foremost in his mind even now.

    The presence of another being ahead in the corridor suddenly startled him and he drew up short, lifting his head to look at the long, tall form of Taun We.

    "Master Kenobi," she greeted him, her voice slow and soft as cyrene silk. "As always, your timing is impeccable."

    "Oh?" He pulled his hood away from his face, his brow furrowed.

    "I have just received word that the unit you requested is doing very well. It is fully developed and appears healthy and functioning correctly."

    He wanted to answer, he meant to, but his breath was trapped in his chest. The 'unit' he requested... The Kaminoans were never long winded, never short on candor and he found himself at a loss for words as he had on more than one occasion in the past when talking with them.

    Graciously, though, she continued when he did not speak. "The unit is ready to be - mmm..." Taun We looked down for a moment as if searching for the appropriate human term, "-born." The tone of her voice was warm and she pressed her hands together as she looked at him. "You can watch, if you would like." She gestured behind her, in the direction of the room where he knew his ...unit was being grown alone, away from the other cloning chambers.

    "Y-yes," he managed and Taun We turned to lead him, gliding down a separate corridor.

    A shot of excitement and anxiety coursed through him as he followed her. Even in the blank, white hallways he felt a sense of vibrancy, here and in his own anticipation, that wasn't always immediately evident in the Kaminoans. At the thought, he recalled that on one of his early visits to this place, Obi-Wan had remarked on the clean, whiteness of the walls. Taun We had told him then that Kaminoans saw light in the ultraviolet spectrum, and that the seemingly 'blank' walls around him were covered with many designs only visible in that spectrum. The information had surprised him at the time, but now he could only think of it as a literal symbol of the fact that even though they saw things very differently, in their own way, they were still capable of creating great beauty.

    Just as they were creating his daughter.

    Had it been eight months already? Had he even known it would in fact take the standard eight months? He wasn't sure.

    His mind was racing, but his heart was racing faster, so quick he thought it might burst from his chest if he took too deep a breath. And then suddenly alarms were sounding in the back of his head. Born. He wasn't ready for this, he hadn't prepared. Was he really about to become a father? The thought made his chest constrict painfully. It was almost impossible to believe.

    A few hours ago he'd only just finished tracking and hunting down a spy working for the Empire and he'd only stopped by here on his way to some other dangerous mission for the burgeoning rebellion. He was in a one-person fighter for star's sake.

    And what would Aala say when she found out she had a daughter? What would she think of this? His heart gave another thudding skip. He knew somehow that this was right, but still, what if... what if it was something she simply didn't want?

    A million different possibilities flipped through his head before he stopped himself, drew on the Force and calmed his mind.

    And then he remembered they had told him long ago he would not be able to take her right away.

    Beyond him having none of the necessities, neither in his starship or in a stable home, to care for a newborn on his own for a length of time, there were a number of things that would require she stay on Kamino for at least a month or longer. The main concern, he'd gathered, was giving her immune system time to stabilize in a controlled environment - the chance of infection was too great for her to leave right away. There were also a series of tests to be completed over a period of time to confirm the integrity of her genes, to make sure everything was as it should be and would remain so.

    The potential problems he had to face as a new father, did not have to be met right now. He still had time to figure this out.

    Obi-Wan reminded himself that he'd never imagined he would actually be present for her delivery. The timing... Of any number of places he could be in the galaxy and yet he was here, right now.

    Even after so many years the will of the Force could still render him speechless and he was struck with the miracle of it.

    Soundlessly, he was led into a room just adjacent to the chamber where his daughter had been growing. Over the span of months he had visited a few times; not as often as he might have liked, but he had made every effort to come when he could, and he knew somehow that it was enough.

    When he was here, it was just simply to spend time with her. He would talk to her and watch her, tell her about her mother and her cousins, his childhood at the Temple and anything he could think of just so she could hear the sound of his voice. It might have seemed silly at first but when he was there, in the moment, it was the only thing that mattered, and he felt his connection to her, and in turn to Aala, strengthening even just as he was only sitting with her while she was growing in her artificial glass tube.

    But when he was away he would not let himself dwell on thoughts of her, of what might come to be. Especially in the beginning, so tiny in her little growth jar, it was hard to imagine what it would be like to actually have a daughter, and it was always so difficult to truly let himself believe this was possible. For the entire time, he forced a measure of himself to remain detached - just in case. Even if it was unlikely, it was still possible that it might not work and he was not sure he could face losing someone else he loved, so he had tried to hold back.

    But now...

    Everything was so coordinated, the Kaminoans were able to make the technical complexities look so simple, but still a new life was about to be brought into the world. His hand went to his jaw as he watched from behind a protective glass, a barrier to keep the environment sterile he assumed.

    In the next moment, two Kaminoans brought in the small glass incubation womb. And he could see her, a tiny baby, fully formed, resting gently in the liquid in the artificial womb. She was curled up - little eyes closed and her tiny thumb in her mouth. The last time he had been there, as he'd looked on her in the maturation chamber, she had only just begun to resemble a baby, but now... It was surreal.

    When he had been on Kamino, right after everything had happened, right after the last time he had seen Aala - that was when they had spliced the genes together and created the embryo. He had spoken to them about it in the past and then it seemed it had been 'now or never' and it was his only chance to go ahead.

    At the time, he felt he had nothing to lose. With her family on Naboo, he had no idea when he would even see Aala again, his closest brother was dead, gone, his Order decimated and his spirit had been so diminished; he had nothing else. The idea of bringing new luminous life into the galaxy was too much to resist. It felt like he would be rebuilding something good from the destruction that lay around them. Creating something new, something worth fighting for. Even if he was careful not to hope too much.

    Beyond that - it felt right and he could not ignore his feelings or the Force, they had not steered him wrong before.

    He had been amazed then. Watching new life be created. It was extraordinary but it was so abstract. The possibility was wonderful but it had not been real. He would not hope prematurely; he was able to put it aside and then everything was thrown into turmoil and he had not seen Aala again.

    Now, the Kaminoans worked efficiently. A button was pressed and the nutrient-rich fluid within began to drain. When the liquid had emptied through the hose attached, the artificial glass container opened with a faint hiss and the life support disconnected automatically. The cessation of the monitoring equipment was startling at first, but before he could blink, the Kaminoans had taken over, carefully lifting her out of the jar. With quick precision, they cleared her mouth and nose, and she let out a piercing wail as they cleaned the rest of her little body off and wrapped her securely in a receiving blanket. He was completely mesmerized until Taun We spoke up again.

    "What do you think Master Kenobi? Is the unit satisfactory?"

    Force above and beyond. He couldn't speak, he knew if he did his voice would crack with swollen emotion, but he knew, without a doubt, she was perfect. From somewhere deep inside, a place he he had not known of before, he felt a breathtaking happiness begin to build, and it was overwhelming.

    So he only gave a short nod, knowing it would be interpreted as a feat of control and detachment rather than what it actually was - a true struggle to hold on to any sliver of composure that he could.

    "We must start a few of the normal tests as soon as possible..." Taun We spoke quietly.

    "Yes, yes of course," Obi-Wan managed after a moment.

    "And then you may inspect her for yourself more closely if you wish. It will only take a few minutes."

    Obi-Wan did not say anything else but he saw her nod to the Kaminoans inside the room and they took the baby out. He glanced up at her then, and Taun We gave a small smile, as much as he'd seen any Kaminoan give and something about her demeanor seemed gentle and understanding. The thought came then that perhaps she could guess at what he was feeling.

    She led him to an adjacent room and he watched from a short distance as they examined the baby, checking her breathing and heartbeat, taking her temperature. They had a medscanner and some sort of genetic analyzer. He tried to pay attention to the details but he felt in a bit of a haze.

    On instinct, he drew on the Force, reaching out to the newborn without thinking and it came as a surprise to him when he felt the tiny little flicker of her life presence. The gesture was so natural, so easy on his part, it was a jolt as he realized that it was so because he was her father. Because they were connected, irrevocably, and he felt another heavy swell of emotion inside.

    More than her little flicker of life though, he could feel the Force, vibrantly. It was with her. He wasn't sure if he had expected that or not, could not remember if the possibility had crossed his mind before. Her own Force sensitivity seemed entirely unexpected and perfectly natural all at once.

    But it didn't matter.

    In the next moment, one of the Kaminoans was bringing her to him, reciting statistics, her length and her weight and something else but he couldn't focus on anything except the tiny bundle and then she was in his arms, small and warm, perfect and squirmy and nothing else existed.

    Was he supposed to count her fingers and her toes? Perhaps, but she was wrapped so comfortably now in the blanket, he couldn't see disturbing her. He supposed that was one of the tests they would do...

    Holding her now, it was one perfect joyous moment in time and he felt like the Force was singing through his veins, pure bright light and overwhelming happiness. It was something he could never, ever forget.

    This was it, all, everything. The meaning of living in the moment. For the first time he saw so clearly the infinity of a single point in time and how important it was to appreciate it. To worry about the past or the future would only be at a complete discredit of now and it would be a terrible mistake.

    And maybe for the first time he felt that he had done something absolutely perfect. Truly right. And there was new hope in his heart. She was a perfect miracle, created purely from the love he shared with Aala. He had never thought he could believe in anything like this until now.

    And in the next moment she was crying again, squirming in his arms, her face scrunched up in displeasure and he felt a flash of uncertainty as her protests increased with each passing moment, reality staring him straight in the face.

    But he could feel her discomfort in the Force - her uncertainty about what this new world meant, the desire for warmth and peace and the feeling of being surrounded by it - and then he knew with complete certainty that he could do this. Carefully, he pulled her tighter to his chest, his arms snug around her body and he rocked gently where he was standing. She quieted and he knew she would need to eat soon, but he couldn't bear parting with her now. He needed some time even if it was only one night, and she needed him.

    Hesitant, baby snug in the cradle of his arms, Obi-Wan looked to Taun We, unsure of how to proceed at this point. "Can I spend some time with her?" he asked his voice not sounding like his own.

    "Of course, Master Kenobi. I'll send some things to your room, formula and supplies. Please take all the time you want. She seems quite healthy." Taun We seemed to recognize the emotion in his expression, even as much as he was trying to hold it at bay. "The testing can wait," she added.

    He nodded. "I'll have to leave in the morning. I have nowhere or no way to take her at the moment, but I'll be back as soon as I can."

    Taun We nodded, and he knew he saw compassion in her expression.

    Later, he sat with the baby in his room; he fed her and then he gently stroked her forehead as she finally quieted. She was beautiful and amazing, her eyes dark as she gazed up at him and her skin impossibly soft. She had perfect little cheeks and lips and a little button nose. When he finally had to change her diaper he carefully unwrapped the warm blanket and counted her fingers and toes, all perfect, and then he cuddled her close to his chest as she drifted off.

    It would be the most difficult thing to leave her in the morning, but he knew he had no other choice. It was too dangerous, in more ways than one, and impractical on every level. But they would not be separated for long. He had the rest of her life to love her, he would never stop, and even when he could not be there she would be foremost in his heart.

    Suddenly the rest he had been so keen on taking earlier didn't seem important anymore in the least. After a while, though, he couldn't help feeling a little drowsy so he laid her carefully in the center of the bed and arranged some pillows so he could recline partially propped up, and he stripped off his boots and his tunics.

    More than anything, he wished Aala could be there, but he knew it would come soon enough.

    Picking his baby girl up again, he loosened the blanket she was swaddled in just a little and he laid back, settling her on his chest so he could rest while she slept, comfortably cradled together. It was peaceful in a way he'd never experienced before. The baby gave a little sigh and a fuss, looking very unhappy for a moment at being moved and then she settled again, seeming cozy and perfectly content with her daddy.

    Finally, almost two months later, the scene was repeated but complete, the three of them together as a family at home. Aala was as reluctant as he had been at first to even put her down for a moment, but she seemed just as happy to share little Mira with him.

    They lay together on the bed, the room was warm and cozy and it was very very late - the middle of the night, but time and routine seemed to lose its meaning with a newborn.
    Miracle was curled sleeping on his chest while Aala was snuggled close to his side, her head on his shoulder. His hand appeared large as it rested on Mira's back, keeping her secure. Beneath his touch, Obi-Wan could feel every single breath the two month old drew, her body rising and falling in a soft never-ending wave. The other arm was wrapped around the woman he loved. Somehow, Aala seemed to press even closer to him as she shifted and she tangled her legs with his under the comforter. Her eyes, however, were riveted on Miracle.

    With one hand, Aala swept her fingers across the baby's forehead just as Obi-Wan had the first night and little Mira gave a contented murmur and sigh.

    Smiling, Aala met his eyes in the dim light of the bedroom, and he turned his head so he could kiss her hair. The moment was perfect; everything he had thought he would never have.

    "I love you," she whispered, but instead of answering her directly he simply repeated the words, for they were as much for Miracle as they were for each other and then he could feel Aala beginning to drift off as well.

    And lying there with them in the dark, he felt again and he knew, it would not be easy, but nothing had ever been this right.


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    They really deserve every ounce of happiness. :)


    As for what a Squggles is, [face_laugh] it's my personal blend of Squee + Huggles! ;) Tailor made for a mushy read! [face_love] [face_love]
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    So beautifully put.

    Truthfully, this is one of the most "spiritual" and spiritually satisfying chapters I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Emotionally satisfying, too. ^:)^ You should not have feared posting this at all.

    You're "the master" at such scenes as this. =D=
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    You have it down perfectly.

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