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Saga Miracle **Updated 4/24 [Obi-Wan - PostRotS AU]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by serendipityaey, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Thank you :) I love that song as well and it's really the center and the drive of this little story arc. I really loved the way it represented the relationship and bonds between all three of them - bonds of true/pure love for them as a family and *especially* the way it highlights little Mira's literal/physical steps toward Obi-Wan in contrast with Aala's figurative steps closer to Obi-Wan and how Miracle's natural/easy bravery (as a toddler) is kind of inspiring to Obi-Wan - and though I don't spell it out - to Aala as well. Though she might not have 'thought' it, I think Miracle inspires her to be brave in new ways all the time.
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  2. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    I certainly hope (and suspect) that she has a good reason for her "no." :p And baby Miracle is so sweet with Obi-Wan. I loved seeing Padme's family together again. Lovely update!
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  3. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Valairy Scot Yes, you might've read it on already! Since the boards were down, a little behind here :) He does know Aala loves him, and there's a lot to be said for that. I'm really happy you like Mira and daddy Obi! It's fun to write, and a whole new experience for Obi. Thank you so much for the review!

    taramidala Thank you! I love that Obi gets to be there as well, for those important moments, even if he's not always there, he sees them eventually [face_love] Aala was taken a bit off guard, stubborn that one! But Obi is a determined man :D

    Gkilkenny Obi will wait as well, but he won't give up [face_love] Thanks for the comments!

    Jade_eyes Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. You know Aala, so well, I can tell ;) She is definitely not oblivious to his incredibleness! I really enjoyed writing Obi's reflections on the bonds of love, I'm glad you liked it!

    laloga Aala likes her time to process things in her own way ;) But she's a smart girl, and head over heels in love [face_love] Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it!

    Luna_Nightshade Is just being who she is a good reason? ;) Aala likes to be cautious about all this relationship stuff, she does love him though... and Obi is the negotiator. I'm happy you like baby Miracle, and writing all of their family together was a joy! Thank you so much for the comments! @};-

    And now... more!


    Give Into Me
    I'm gonna wear you down
    I'm gonna make you see
    I'm gonna get to you
    You're gonna give in to me

    I'm gonna start a fire
    You're gonna feel the heat
    I'm gonna burn for you
    You're gonna melt for me
    Come on, come on

    In to my arms
    Come on, come on
    Give in to me


    It was the first time he had asked her to be his wife, but it would not be the last.


    If his Aala had said 'yes' he would have been shocked. But Obi-Wan hadn't realized how much he had really wanted her to say 'yes' until she had told him 'no'.

    In that one moment, his heart had plummeted. For the first time he felt the flip side of love - the fear of loss - and he understood more than he ever had before what Anakin had struggled with. It was dark and dangerous and startling; his brother had fallen because of it. But this was a different situation, in a different time.

    And for Obi-Wan, it was only one moment. His level-head and the calming peace of the Force prevailed and he centered his emotions without having to think about it; her answer was not because she didn't love him with her whole heart, he knew she did.

    And it was written on her face as she turned in his arms to look up at him, a touch of uncertainty shining in the soft blue of her eyes. Meeting her gaze, Obi-Wan found the words he'd said before to be absolute. Her answer did not matter, it had no bearing on his love for her.

    The expression he cast her, he hoped, conveyed only reassurance and affection and his arm tightened around her shoulders. "It's alright, love," he murmured, pressing his lips to her hair.

    This seemed enough for her; her features softening, she nodded in reply and laid her head on his shoulder. They stayed that way, wrapped around each other until the evening air began to take on a chill.

    In the sky above them, the golden light of the summer sun faded to the pinks and then indigos of night, revealing the first glimmer of the stars. He knew she was comfortable, so he held her tight until he felt her shiver and then he took her to bed.

    The fact that her refusal did not affect his feelings or lessen his desire to marry her made it evident to him just how much he wanted this. More importantly, he knew his Aala. The strength of the love she had for him was crystal clear in the Force and he had no doubt that once she had time to grow comfortable with the idea, she would understand and share his sentiments on the notion.

    The truth was that this was the first time he had pushed for their relationship to move forward instead of waiting for her to come around on her own. He really couldn't blame her; he had sprung it on her, after all.

    But Obi-Wan Kenobi was a patient man.


    The rest of the night passed peacefully, though he knew she was distracted. Even as they got ready for bed, he could see she was thinking, still considering his unexpected question and how she felt about it.

    Patient though he was, Obi-Wan had never been a man to stall or waste time, so when the opportunity presented itself early the next morning, he caught Aala as she came out of the 'fresher, wrapped only in a fluffy towel. Pulling her into the circle of his arms, he pressed the length of her body to his and swept her into a long, soft kiss.

    "That was nice," she smiled up at him, breathless, when he pulled away.

    Obi-Wan gave her what he thought was his best sexy grin as his hands began to rub little circles over the small of her back. "Nice enough to change your mind?"

    To his relief, as he'd hoped, Aala laughed and gave a little roll of her eyes, taking the playful remark for what it was - an honest question, in good humor. "No," she shook her head, patting his arm. To his disappointment she pulled away, but then she tossed her own sexy smile over her shoulder as she lingered on her way to the wardrobe. "Not yet."

    And Obi-Wan figured it was at least a tiny step in the right direction.

    He asked her again after breakfast. Having put Mira down for an early nap, he came up behind Aala as she cleaned the dishes from their morning meal. "Need help?" he asked.
    Aala cast him a warm smile, "Almost done, but thank you."

    Instead of leaving though, he lifted his hand to rub at the tender place between her shoulder blades, and then up to her shoulders, making little circles in all the most sensitive spots. With a soft sigh, she rolled her neck, relaxing under his touch. He massaged her back until she was finished with the dishes, and then he made his offer again.

    Still no.

    The day was spent relaxing; they read holobooks and played with Mir in the garden. Obi-Wan spent an hour finger painting with her and then just as long cleaning up afterward. Any chance he had, he took the opportunity to charm Aala as if they were courting. He flirted and offered help with every chore. He kissed her any time she was near - her hand, her temple, her cheek.

    And then he asked again during dinner after half a glass of wine, his hand brushing lightly over her thigh under the table. For a second, her eyes lowered to her plate and she took a breath. Then she smiled, her eyes lighting, crinkling with amusement.


    Each time he tried a different way of asking... Each time his answer was a sweet smile, and a soft spoken refusal. His good-natured coaxing accompanied by many extra kisses, was not only to stoke her affection for him as a way to sway her ultimate decision but to show her over and over with his actions the strength of the love he felt for her. Each time he was careful to read her expression, to be sure she wasn't bothered. But she seemed more than happy to play along, enjoying the extra bit of flirty attention and he was almost sure, judging by the smile she cast him at dinner and the way she paused to think about it, that she was getting closer to actually considering it.

    So, he asked again that night. When he came into the bedroom wearing only a thin pair of sleep pants low on his hips, he found Aala curled up on her side in bed reading. He noted she did not look up and for a moment he considered changing into the black shorts he knew she loved, but then he decided he would have to save those as a last resort. Though she might be acting disinterested, he wasn't discouraged.

    The bed dipped as he settled close to her, and Obi-Wan slid his arm around her waist, his fingers trailing across her torso over her shirt. "Aala," he started, dropping a kiss on her bare shoulder.

    "Hmm?" she murmured in response.

    "Will you marry me?"

    "Not right now," she answered, not even taking a moment to look up from her book.

    "But later?" The tone of his voice was quiet, and slowly, his mouth began the journey over her shoulder to her collarbone.

    Unaffected, Aala finally put her holobook down as he tilted his head up to look at her and turned onto her back. "Uhmmmmm..." she pursed her lips pretending to think about it.

    She was teasing, he knew, a coy smile lighting on her face, but he gave a dramatic sigh, as if he was deeply wounded by her indecision.

    At the sound, Aala's eyes sparkled with mirth as she spoke. "We could get matching tattoos," she offered, grinning as she turned on her side to face him. "That could be fun."

    "Oh, dear no," Obi-Wan sighed again, casting her a look of mock-concern. "I wouldn't want to do something so... permanent."

    Aala rolled her eyes and smacked him in the chest with her holobook, though she couldn't help but laugh. It was a lovely sound, he thought, one he wouldn't mind hearing every day for the rest of his life.

    Nothing else was said, but Obi-Wan held her close as they fell asleep, cherishing the moment as he always did.

    This time she had not actually said the word 'no' as she had every time before, and he smiled to himself thinking that it was certainly another step forward for his cause.



    Lyrics are from Give In To Me sung by Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund in 'Country Strong'
    Thank you so much for reading, and please leave a review :)
  4. Valairy Scot

    Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 16, 2005
    That's my Obi. And I would say yes if he asked. But he won't.
    Me, too (laugh). That was so cute.
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  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Sweet persistence is paying off. I love how he conveys his love in little tender gestures and playful teasing. His thoughtfulness and genuine devotion are endearing to Aala and to the rest of us. :D :) The song is lovely & perfect for the post. =D= I also appreciate how he was able to get his composure back after that first brief moment - shows his groundedness & maturity. [face_thinking] Anakin didn't know how to handle that kind of setback properly I think. [face_thinking] Looking forward to her giving in. ;) It's only a matter of time. [face_love]
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  6. Gkilkenny

    Gkilkenny Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2004
    He's wearing her down, of course I would have said yes immediately, but its a sad fact that he didn't ask me.:_|She is achieving her goal though. He is chasing her and showing her some powerful attention. So sweet and drool worthy.=P~
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  7. laloga

    laloga Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 28, 2011
    So happy to read this again! :) Obi's gentle persistence strikes the perfect balance; he shows Aala how much he cares and wants to marry her without bothering her or seeming needy. In the end, the fact that they love each other is what truly matters, and I love that he recognizes this.True love is not possessive, but accepting, and Obi-Wan illustrates that so well in this chapter. =D=

    Plus it's just too much fun reading about him and Aala "courting!" [face_love] Sigh. I'm spoken for in the husband department, but I'd take an Obi-massage while I do the dishes... ;)

    Wonderful update! I look forward to more! :D
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  8. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    I love seeing Obi-Wan's negotiating skills at work here--and I hope that Aala says yes sooner rather than later. I'm impatient with Obi-Wan too. But I'll take some Obi-Wan courting in the interim. Great update!
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  9. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Valairy Scot It's a balance, figuring out this au Obi who can allow a little room for what he 'wants' from a more sentimental life, but still keeping in what I think are the foundations of his character - steadfast acceptance and peace, here. I'm glad he still seems like your Obi :D And I'm glad you enjoyed his humor here as well. Thank you for the review! @};-

    Jade_eyes I agree, Obi has a solid foundation and a trust in things working out the way they are supposed to, and even accepting them when it's not the way you would've hoped. But he's also lovely and charming and sexy! And you're long can Aala possibly hold out against that? ;) Thanks for taking the time to review!! [face_love]

    Gkilkenny I would've said yes in a heartbeat as well!! But then Aala's knows she can get Obi when she wants. Mostly :) She has some honest reasons she needs to work out herself, but he's impossible to resist for long. I'm so glad you're liking this, thanks for reviewing! @};-

    laloga Obi-massage! Yes! You're right, true, true love that lasts has to be accepting above all else, and I think they both have practice in this and will continue to practice it together ;) Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot [face_love]

    Luna_Nightshade I had someone comment on a chapter of Fallen once that Obi-Wan was a fine bedroom negotiator :D I guess that shows here as well! Obi-Wan courting is a fine way to pass the time, but they won't hold back for long, I promise [face_love]

    Here it is! Next chapter! I'm sorry I fell a little behind in my posting, but I have a lot coming, and I will continue to do my best to post something every two weeks. Thank you so much for reading, and please leave a comment! :)

    A Thousand Years 2

    Time stands still
    Beauty in all she is
    I will be brave
    I will not let anything take away
    What's standing in front of me
    Every breath
    Every hour has come to this

    One step closer

    And all along I believed I would find you
    Time has brought your heart to me
    I have loved you for a thousand years
    I'll love you for a thousand more


    "He asked me to marry him..."

    The thought of Obi-Wan's offer of marriage - multiple offers - had just come to mind; and the words had slipped out to her sister before Aala could stop herself. The afternoon had been quiet and peaceful thus far, and they were sitting together at the kitchen table in Sola's home, an oversized holopic book spread out between them.

    The events of the past few days with Obi-Wan had begun to play unhindered in her head as she uploaded a picture to the holobook of him looking overjoyed while he held Mira with one arm, the other wrapped tightly around Aala, about a week or two after he had brought Mira home.

    Their relationship, their bond was important to her, and these thoughts of him had been foremost in Aala's mind since he'd first asked, but she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about it.

    After she'd spoken, though, she realized the admission to Sola had come out sort of offhandedly, as if she was only commenting on the weather, but then she hadn't really meant to say anything at all.

    Sola's reply, however, was delighted, innocent of her sister's inner turmoil. "Aala! That's wonderful," the dark-haired woman grinned.

    "It is wonderful," Aala agreed, her voice quiet. And it was. Still, there were so many things she was unsure about. For a minute Aala sat and watched as Sola sorted through holopics; the two of them were taking turns adding to the book from their combined collection, organizing and editing the pictures.

    The holopic book had been a present Sola had given Aala for 'successfully surviving the first year,' she told her. Aala laughed, but she was touched and excited to have a place for all the holopics and memories of Mira's first year of life. Already it seemed she was growing up too fast.

    And being a parent - it did make her rethink her plans... things she had never considered a possibility before, like marrying the man she loved.

    Through the glass pane window, Aala could see the girls playing outside, Obi-Wan and Darred stood to the side watching them and chatting. Aala took a long sip of tea before she spoke again.

    "I said 'no'."

    As expected, Sola frowned and she looked up to consider her sister. "But why, Aala?"

    Caught in her older sister's watchful gaze, Aala took a moment to think, lost in the depths of her tea. Finally, she glanced up at Sola again. It was obvious, even though her question had been serious, the corner of Sola's mouth was now quirking as if she were trying to hide a smile and Aala sighed. Sola knew her so well. "I don't know. I mean what's the point? It doesn't change anything - how we feel, and now, in these times... everything is so complicated anyway, and dangerous..." Aala sighed again. "I don't know."

    Sola gave a quiet laugh and reached across the table to squeeze her hand. "'In these times, isn't love more important than ever? Marriage is like... a declaration of love, a promise that you'll hold it in the highest regard, a true bond. You should think about it, Aala. This man loves you so much, he's willing to forgo everything he's known."

    "That's a lot of pressure, you know," Aala cast a half-smile at her sister. "I love him, and I know I could never love anyone else, but I just never thought this would be an option for us. Besides, why change something that works just fine?"

    Sola smiled warmly, but Aala was surprised by the answer that followed. "It is a lot. A marriage is an important commitment." Sola's dark eyes lit as she inclined her head toward Aala, as if she was telling her something in confidence. "I was nervous, you know. The night before my wedding."

    "Really?" Aala asked. Sola and Darred had always seemed so solid, so confident in their relationship, for as long as she could remember. And the day of the wedding they had both been so excited and happy, Aala never suspected Sola's nerves.

    "Yes," Sola nodded as she went back to organizing pictures in the holobook. "It is a little scary, to change your life in that way, but it's worth it in the end. "

    "Does it feel different?" Aala asked.

    Sola nodded again."I wasn't sure what to expect, but yes, it does," she paused, thinking. "It feels like a true connection to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with." She smiled, "It's lovely, actually."

    Aala gave a quiet, thoughtful sigh as Sola returned to their work. Her Obi-Wan... he'd reached out to her, his heart in his hands and she'd flat out rejected him. Turned him down cold. Five times.

    "I've messed up again, haven't I?"

    Sola's mouth quirked, though she didn't look up from the holobook. "I'm sure he'll forgive you again as well."

    Aala nearly sighed again, but she resisted, smiling instead. Indeed, he would.

    But this was his fault, she thought to herself as she went back to sorting through her collection of pictures. It sounded cross in her head, but she didn't really mean it that way. The flirting and affection in his attempt at winning a yes, was at least amusing...

    In truth, she was flattered, and she loved this side of Obi-Wan, playful and a bit mischievous. Despite the state of the galaxy, it seemed to surface more often now that they had a daughter, a family. When he was able to come home to them, she knew, it made him happier than he'd ever been before. The strength he was able to draw from their family, and the quiet moments they were afforded together were invaluable.

    Sola added another picture of the three of them: Aala, Obi-Wan and Mira, taken before the last time he had left, and she was struck by the image, how happy they were. At once it seemed clear to her what he was asking - the bonds the three of them had begun to forge together out of love, it could only bring more light to their lives to strengthen those bonds in any way they could.

    Still, he should have given her time to think about it; he shouldn't have sprung it on her like he did. But then Miracle had been quite the surprise from him as well, and that had turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened in her life.

    For a moment Aala was lost to thought once again, her eyes lowering to the ring he had given to her. The light blue crystals inlaid in the silver band around her finger seemed to catch the light no matter how she moved, and her gaze was drawn to her hand, again and again.

    Rarely had she ever worn jewelry, and gifts were something she certainly never expected from Obi-Wan. When she was young, after the accident when she'd decided she would never be married or have a family, she thought that wedding rings were ridiculously constricting and nothing more than an old fashioned mark of possession. But the gesture from Obi-Wan had been entirely unexpected.

    Besides the offer of marriage, the ring was beautiful, and the crystal connected the three of them together. It touched her deeply and was a physical reminder that Obi-Wan's love for her and Mir would remain a constant, no matter what. More than anything else, it was comforting to have the ring catch her eye and to think of Obi-Wan, knowing it was his promise to always be there.

    Married. Husband. The only way she could really decide if it felt different was if she gave it a shot.

    Aala grinned as she looked back to Sola. "Do you think Padme was nervous?"

    Sola gave a soft smile, but she shook her head. "Whatever she did, she did wholeheartedly and she never looked back."

    They shared a look, and the next words they spoke together. "No fear."

    Aala was quiet for a few long moments before she spoke again. "I was so angry with her when I found out, for doing something so brash, I didn't understand. But she loved him so much. Even after everything he'd done she still had hope. And it brought him back." She swallowed, her gaze fixated again on the ring. Padme had never gotten the chance to wear a ring. "It wasn't enough," her voice was so quiet she was almost whispering, "to change what happened. But I admired her so much, for not giving up. For loving so fiercely, without regret. Perhaps I should take a page from her book."

    The expression Sola cast her was encouraging, but still cautious. "People will ask questions," Sola added carefully.

    "I know," Aala sighed, "He's a wanted man..."

    "You could have a more... religious ceremony, instead of a civil one," Sola offered. "Perhaps the Pontifex will perform the ceremony, since he married Padme and Anakin, as well. That way it could be kept a secret, or at least it wouldn't be public record that you were married to Obi-Wan Kenobi."

    Aala smiled, "I would like that. It kind of honors Padme in a way, I think." Emulating what Anakin and Padme had done would make it special, in Aala's mind, as a way to validate the decisions based on love that Padme made. Truthfully, she was in much the same situation now as her sister had been before. Having a more spiritual ceremony meant a great deal more to her, and this way public knowledge of who she was actually married to would be private and protected.

    "I think it could be a good thing..." Sola looked to her again, a hesitant question in her eyes, and Aala couldn't deny she had a point. Eventually Mira would be in school, and she couldn't be expected to keep her father a secret.

    "I can't hide Mira forever," Aala conceded. "And I can't really explain the truth." Aala caught her lower lip in her teeth, wondering how that would sound. 'Yes it's true I can't have children. My daughter was engineered by the Kaminoans and brought to me by my fugitive Jedi General lover... ' No, that wouldn't work. The fact was that he would be around, hopefully as often as possible, and it was best to let people assume they were an ordinary husband and wife that had adopted.

    "I suppose he could take my last name like you and Darred and he would just be Ben Naberrie in public. At least I would be able to say my husband is working away when he's gone, and people would leave it at that."

    "So does that mean you're going to tell him yes?" Sola asked.

    "No," Aala said, but she hadn't meant it to come out so quickly. "I'll think about it," she amended. "I guess."

    A knowing look came upon Sola's face then, but Aala ignored it, trying not to smile. For a minute they were quiet, looking through holopics when Aala came across one of Obi-Wan making a silly face in an attempt at making Mira giggle. It was so adorable, she couldn't help but laugh herself. Sola glanced over, following her gaze, and gave a quiet chuckle, sharing a grin with Aala.

    In that moment, she knew.



    Obi-Wan tried not to smile as he questioned her, but Aala had been staring at him for at least the past five minutes, a bit of a dreamy look in her blue eyes.

    After they'd had a late dinner, he offered to clean up while Aala had put Mir was to bed. Now, she sat at the kitchen table, sipping wine and watching him. She shook her head at his bantering question, though he wasn't sure if it was to say no or if it was to shake herself out of her own musings.

    "What what?" she countered.

    "You've been glancing my way all night." The grin that stole across his face was inevitable as he teased her. "Looking at me, watching."

    Aala shrugged, but a coy smile softened her expression. "You're nice to look at."

    A deep chuckle escaped him at the remark, and he considered her for a second. "Come on," he beckoned, tossing the dish towel aside. Slipping her hand into his, he led her to the living room and as he sat down, he pulled her to the couch with him, cuddling her close.

    Seemingly content in his arms, she leaned against him and after a few minutes she started to fiddle with her ring.

    The thought struck him again, though, with her in his arms, that no matter how long it took her to say yes, whatever she wanted, it didn't matter. Everything about being with Aala, sharing a home and a life with her, was more than he ever would have hoped for.

    They stayed that way for awhile, quiet while he waited for her to gather her thoughts. Finally she slid the ring off, holding it between them. "Ask me again?"

    The beat of his heart skipped in his chest as he felt an uncharacteristic leap of excitement at her request. But he kept his breath even, kept his cool and carefully he took the ring from between her fingers and pulled her as close as he could, brushing his fingers across her cheek.

    "Aala Naberrie," he murmured, so close he could see each fleck of blue in the irises of her eyes, "the love of my life, the mother of my child, the best one night stand -"

    "- two -"

    He smiled. "The best two night stand I ever had -"

    "Wait - how many have you had?" She stopped him, pulling back to study his face.

    "Not many darling, not to worry," he grinned.

    Aala rolled her eyes but he kissed her then, just a simple brush of his lips against hers and his expression turned serious again. Cupping her jaw in his hand, his thumb stroked the delicate skin of her cheek while he gazed deep into her eyes.

    "Aala, will you marry me?"

    She could not hold back the smile she felt bubbling up within. "Yes."


    The ceremony was short and simple, and beautiful. Family included, they sat on the verandah at the Lake Retreat as the sun began to dip towards the mountains on the other side of the lake. Strands of little white lights were strung along the low stone wall, wrapped around the trunk and up into the branches of the old tree at the corner of the portico. The twinkling lights cast a soft romantic atmosphere to the outdoor space. There were no decorations, but the columns of the arches that led to the verandah were encircled with tangled green vines, and each pedestal along the weathered stone that made up the railings was filled with fresh roses of blush and scarlet, all adding to the ambiance of the setting.

    Ceremony was not something Aala usually held in high regard but this... it was absolutely breathtaking. The place, the people and the man she was with, everything was perfect.

    Since the events of Padme's passing, it had become something very important to Aala to honor Padme and the decisions she'd made, so she had followed suit down to the letter - having the wedding at Varykino, and asking Maxiron Agolerga, the same holyman, to perform the ceremony. He had been a family friend for many years, and Aala had spoken to him when Padme had told her everything. The difference now was that Aala had invited her family, and she was so glad in the end to have them there to share this.

    Blonde hair loose and tumbling down her back, she wore a simple white dress, soft and silky, that bared her shoulders and dipped into a little v at the neckline. There were no embellishments but it fit her perfectly, and she loved the way Obi-Wan kept brushing his fingers over her waist. Each time he lingered, or slid his fingers up and back down, she knew he was doing so as much because he liked the natural curve of her form as he did the supple feeling of the silk slipping between his skin and hers.

    He reached for her again and again, more than usual, his hand at her waist, and her sides, up her arms and down her spine, over the curve of her lower back. At first she'd been nervous, and his touch was comforting. In all honesty, as happy as she was that her family was here to share in this, she was aware of little else besides Obi-Wan, even as they stood before everyone.

    The vows they said to each other were simple, traditional words spoken in hushed tones, their hands clasped to each other's in the space between them.

    Staring into Obi-Wan's eyes and pledging her love to him brought forth a wealth of emotion, and the immensity of the experience made her eyes tear. Looking at him, she could swear that his own eyes held more of a glimmer than usual as well.

    In the back of her awareness, she could feel the support of her family for the two of them. Her parents, her grandparents and her nieces sat a space away, Sola, holding little Mir, and Darred were at the front. As always Mir was a strong presence in her heart but for this moment, Obi-Wan was the focus of her attention.

    In the instant that they said I do, him and the bond of love being formed between them was all that existed. And then he kissed her. The press of his mouth was stirring and warm against hers. For an instant, he caught her lower lip between his own, a loving caress, a hint of more, later, and then he pulled away. Aala was not hesitant to admit how very, very happy she truly was.

    Together they stayed, gathered after on the verandah. There was plenty of wine and everyone was glad to be there. Aala was almost giddy with happiness. Perhaps it hadn't been real until this very moment - this man loved her, and only her. Forever. He had pledged himself to her and promised to give everything he possibly could for the rest of his life.

    It was empowering and humbling, all at once. And it lit something new, deep inside her.

    At some point, not long after the ceremony was over, they'd found themselves with a moment alone.

    The night air was warm, with a pleasant cool breeze and everyone had stayed outside. On the lake, the reflection of the twin moons shimmered off the water and more of the outside lighting had been turned on as the sun had begun to set. Most of her family was gathered around the table, talking and laughing, but Obi-Wan had taken her hand, leading her to the railing, away from the group.

    While his touch before had been soothing, as soon as the anxiousness began to fade with the end of the ceremony, it took on a whole new cause. Now, his hand was drifting idly, gently stroking her waist and it slipped around her as he caught her eye, over the curve of her back and lower. The look he gave her then was full of promise, a playful glint sparking within his blue gaze and this in turn lit something very familiar.

    It wasn't even that late yet, however, and even as she stepped closer to him, Sola was calling her name and she could hear Mira laughing as she played with Jobal.

    He gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and they rejoined their family. His touches did not stop though. It didn't seem intentional, he was drawn to her, and honestly she felt the same, just wanting to be as near to him as possible.

    But slowly, with each sweep of his hand on her body he was stoking a flame inside of her. She was painfully reminded that they had not been together in some time - with Mira's birthday, and then planning the wedding and the normal fatigue that came with having a toddler, she'd had little thought beyond sleeping at the end of the day. The nights had passed with alacrity and had quickly slipped away.

    As Obi-Wan pulled her close once more his hand caressing her hip, Aala couldn't help but think that perhaps she'd let Sola keep Mira for a couple nights. It was their honeymoon after all.

    She found now, she was looking forward to it more than she had anything in a long time.


    They said their goodnights not long after the sun went down, though it was beautiful, twinkling lights shimmering off the reflection in the lake, everyone was getting tired and Obi-Wan and Aala had other things on their mind. They both kissed Mir goodnight though Aala held back a second longer, brushing her fingers over her forehead and giving her one more kiss. She was almost asleep in Sola's arms, and Aala was struck by her as she always was, but she would see her again first thing in the morning before Sola took her home.

    Looking up, Sola caught Aala's attention before they parted with a knowing look. "Does it feel different?" she asked, smiling.

    Aala couldn't help herself, turning to look across the verandah and meet her husband's warm, smiling gaze.

    It felt so good, and she knew from this night on, no matter what, his love would be constant. Turning back to Sola's impatiently questioning look, Aala laughed. "Yes," she sighed. "It does."
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    Oh dear why couldn't it have been me!:rolleyes: She is so lucky. Finally she gave in. Beautiful.^:)^
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    Ashley, squee! squee! squee! Yumsy! The whole update is gorgeous, the setting, the emotions. :) :) And that opening song :gasp: exquisite! [:D] !!!!!
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    Very romantic, how she eventually came around to the proposal. And yes, you do feel something totally different and special as soon as the jitters from the wedding have worn off, and you did a very good job of explaining that elusive feeling. I agree that Mira should stay with Sola for a little while, too! Beautiful update.
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    Oh, sigh. Just love this chapter. Every time I read it, I love it more. [face_love]

    It's natural for Aala to take time to consider her answer to Obi, especially given what happened to Padme. She would naturally be wary of marriage, if such a negative example was so close at hand. It's also in her nature to be thoughtful and cautious about something like this, as she should be. Marriage is not something that should be entered into lightly, or on the spur-of-the-moment, even for a long-term couple, because it *does* change things between you and your partner.

    I loved seeing her discuss it with Sola; they have such different perspectives, but they mesh really well, and it was good for Aala to hear about marriage from someone who has had a successful one.The holopic book was a wonderful way to illustrate (I feel like there's a bad pun in there :p) her thoughts on Obi, Mir and their family, and I *loved* the moment when she looked up and saw Obi making a funny face at Mir, and how that was the moment she changed her mind! [face_love]

    Oh...the wedding. @};-@};-@};-It's simple, but beautiful, and so perfect for them. Your descriptions are incredible; they put me right in the moment and let me experience the wedding like I'm there. Amazing writing. [face_love]
    I can't tell you how much this touches me because it's just such a *real* sentiment. Weddings are meant to be shared by family and friends, and I'm so glad that Aala and Obi were able to do so with her family. It really makes the whole ceremony that much more special. I also love the idea that Aala wants to honor Padme in this way; it's a lovely way to carry on the memory of her sister, in her heart. :)

    Love how Obi keeps touching her. He can't keep his hands off of her, and I imagine they'll have quite a nice honeymoon! :D

    Perhaps my favorite thing about "Miracle" is the fact that you've created something that's so different than the Obi we're used to seeing, but it's so rewarding to read him like this. It takes a lot of guts and thoughtfulness to write an AU like this, to re-imagine canon in this way, but this is the essence of fanfic, and it's just lovely to read. I love seeing Obi as a daddy, love seeing him building a life with the woman he loves, and you present it all while keeping true to his character. [face_love] He deserves happiness, and I'm glad to see him getting it, here.

    Amazing work! [face_love]
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    Unlike canon, post-Order 66 Obi-Wan has a rich and fulfilling life (which he deserves). And with a woman he deserves and who deserves him.

    How very romantic a proposal - not! :rolleyes: Very Obi-Wan and Aala! :) But everything leading up to it was sweet and romantic and so very "them."
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    Ah, she finally gave in. I'm so happy for them.
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    Gkilkenny Thank you for reading and reviewing! I know… she is lucky. To have that man’s devotion and attention, mmmm… I’m glad you like! ;)

    Jade_eyes Thank you! [face_love] I loved writing this for them, and including all those little romantic things. And I love that song, it fit so well for all three of them, I’m so happy you like it! Thanks for reviewing!!

    Luna_Nightshade Aala was definitely a little unsure about marriage, even with how much she loves him, and I think she really had to come around to it in her own way, in her own time. In the end, I think it shows her strength and determination to get things right [face_love]But it is something special I think for a lot of people, and it was for me, so I wanted to show that between them. I’m so happy you thought it came through well! Time alone is important to heart Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I appreciate it :)

    laloga I agree, I think this AU world would be a lot for Aala, very, very much out of her entire comfort zone and she would take every step with as much caution and thought as she could. I almost feel bad for throwing her into all this domesticity! Not something she had ever had planned for herself, and she was very hard to convince. But I think she also loves to take on challenges with vigor, and in the end she has so much love for them, that’s all that matters.

    I’ve really, really loved getting the chance to write this for him, even though I had to be pushed there, so your kind words mean so much to me. It’s scary to write something so different, and I know a lot of people don’t like it or won’t give it a chance, but you guys are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough. @};-@};-

    But I will one more time, anyway. Thank you!!! [:D]

    Valairy Scot Thank you! He does deserve a chance to get to explore a little bliss, even with the same kinds of pressures and responsibilities and I’m really glad to write it and even more glad that some other people are enjoying it[face_love] They’ve been together so long, I don’t think they would be very traditional, they’re just to familiar with each other and comfortable. No…not romantic, but silly and Obi-Wan :p I think they’ve had to employ a lot of humor to get by. I’m really happy you think it’s them! Thank you so so much for the review! It means a lot!

    ZaraValinor Yay! I’m happy you’re happy :D She was bound to give in eventually heart Thank you!!

    AN: Honeymoon time! I think they should get a little time to themselves and get this marriage started right :) This is in two parts, so part one now, part two soon! Stay tuned. There is a longer, extended version of part one posted on fanfiction dot net under Sensations; I'd be more than happy to pm the link to anyone that wants it, just ask, I love hearing from all of you! :)

    One and Only

    You've been on my mind
    I grow fonder every day,
    Lose myself in time
    Just thinking of your face
    God only knows
    Why it's taken me so long
    To let my doubts go
    You're the only one that I want


    Obi-Wan held her hand, his own warm and familiar around hers, and led her toward the master bedroom at the villa on Varykino.

    In all her time here, mostly on school retreat, Aala had never stayed in the main suite. Earlier that day when they had arrived, they had taken their things to put away, and she had spent a moment in the room to just take it all in. Everything about the suite was bright and beautiful. And big - the open room, the windows, the bed, the 'fresher...

    But honestly, at the moment, Aala didn't care about anything other than the man leading her there.

    And that man, her husband now, stopped just at the wide double doors that made the entrance to the suite. Seeming to sense the enormity of what this meant to her, Obi-Wan paused to let her gather her thoughts, compose herself, as if crossing the threshold itself consummated the marriage, the final step on this path they chose.

    The hallway lights glowed softly around them, and almost reverently, he took both her hands in his own. With a gentle tug, he pulled her into the tight circle of his arms and pressed a kiss to her temple before she could move to look up at him. When she finally did meet his gaze he smiled, warm and promising.

    "You are so beautiful," he murmured, his blue-grey eyes alight with love and he nuzzled her forehead again. "You were so beautiful tonight."

    Aala couldn't help the smile that broke across her face then. Rarely had she seen him this overcome, this affected. "Thank you," she whispered back.

    Obi-Wan pulled her closer, and as they stood together in the hallway, Aala wrapped up in his arms, his hands started to make slow, caressing circles over her lower back. "Are you happy?"

    "Yes." Aala sighed, enjoying the motion of his hands and the accompanying feelings his touch always evoked. "More than I knew was possible. You are pretty amazing, you know?" she grinned, tilting her head back to look at him.

    An amused smile was his only answer, and he drew her close to his chest again. Despite the desire she knew they both felt rising higher and higher, more than ever before he seemed to want to move slow and Aala would always follow his lead.

    For several long minutes he simply held her, his hands rubbing her back in slow sweeps and Aala began to relax, everything peaceful around them.

    "Would you like a bath?" he finally asked, his voice quiet.

    Perhaps he had sensed her nerves, for he had not even taken her into the bedroom yet and the 'fresher did look amazing - a porcelain white bathtub big enough for them both and a marble and tiled shower with multiple water jets. She certainly wanted to take advantage of it, but not now.

    "No..." The corner of her lips turned up, her meaning clear, and that particular glint she knew well came to his eyes. "Later," she added.

    So they stayed another moment, his fingers still making gentle, deliberate circles over her back and she let herself get lost in the sensation of his touch. Up, to the middle of her spine and then oh-so-slow down again, one hand following the other to the small of her back.

    Too easily, they could rush through this moment, let it pass in a blur of passion, but more than ever she wanted it to last.

    Reaching up, she traced her fingertips over the arch of his cheekbones and pressed her palms to the sides of his face. He had shaven once or twice since the war, but she had never had the chance to see him so soon after. So for the first time in many, many years Aala was seeing Obi-Wan's face clean shaven. As much as she loved his beard, his smooth complexion was a reminder of him, of them, from so long ago and it made her think about how long he had loved her, how much they had come through together. She could never have dreamt up this occasion before. Now, his skin was soft and there was only the faintest trace of stubble rubbing on her sensitive palms.

    Fallen into a bit of a haze, Aala blinked and as she focused on him she saw his mouth had quirked, as if he could tell what she was thinking and he inclined his head toward her. The blue-grey depths of his eyes were almost too much. So greatly, she wanted to voice everything she saw reflected there - how much she loved him, how happy she was, how right he had been... but her throat caught. She had never imagined a connection like this to another person before Mir, and then she'd thought she would never experience it with anyone else, but here he had surprised her again.

    More than anything, she wanted to tell him she loved him over and over, and she swallowed to clear her throat, but then his face was tilting toward hers, and his lips were brushing over her cheek and then her mouth.

    His arm tightened around her waist and she moved one hand to splay across his jaw as he kissed her. It was all consuming, being here like this.

    With Obi-Wan, her husband.

    The kiss broke after several long moments and the smile that flashed across his face as he looked at her was brilliant, her favorite one. Knowing, and promising. The perfect mix of affection and want, all masculine confidence, completely Obi-Wan.

    "What do you want?" he asked, a blazing azure glint in his eye that she had never been able to resist.

    Already though, he was leading her into the darkened bedroom as if he knew the answer and she followed. Just through the doorway he stopped in the middle of the room to draw her back into his arms, waiting for her answer and she complied.


    It was only one word, sighed in the darkness but it was more than enough to spur Obi-Wan into action.


    The first thing Aala became aware of as she woke up the next morning was the feel of Obi-Wan's arm snug about her waist.

    The blankets had fallen away in the night and were tangled about their hips, but with his body fully pressed against her own she was more than warm enough. Shifting a little as she woke, she yawned, her eyes blinking open, and his arm tightened around her for a moment, before relaxing again. So close - his arm was draped fully across her, his hand resting on the bed in front of her. She felt safe and warm and loved.

    With a gentle reverent touch, she ran her fingertips over his own slender, masculine fingers, brushing her thumb across his knuckles and then laying her smaller hand on top of his. Behind her she could feel the steady rise and fall of his chest with each deep breath as he continued to sleep soundly.

    Content, she stretched her tired muscles just a little and shifted again. As she ran her hand across the silky soft sheets, Aala couldn't help but marvel in everything about this moment, this place, her favorite in the galaxy, with this man. Eyes fluttering closed, she burrowed further into both the comfy pillows and Obi-Wan's arms. Memories of the night before flooded unbidden into her mind, and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

    The combination of Obi-Wan's passion and ardor, his love for her and his desire to please her, along with the fact that he was her husband had threatened to completely overwhelm her.

    It was silly, she thought, he was as wonderful and generous as he'd always been, but still it had seemed so much more than it had before. The rightness of being in his arms and the feeling of completeness she felt at being with him - it was all magnified a hundredfold now.

    And she was eager, as she presumed he was even as he clung to her in his sleep, to repeat the experience many more times before they inevitably had to return to the real world.

    Clear morning light had only just begun to peek in through curtains on the bedroom windows, but Aala knew that Mir would be up early, and Sola along with her.

    Aala was sure they would be ready to return home soon and Sola had kindly agreed to take care of Mir for as long as they liked. At first, Aala had said, without thinking that it would only be a night and Sola had given her a 'if you say so, but I'm the older sister, so I know better' look. Aala hadn't thought much of it at the time but she had underestimated how much this moment, with him, would mean to her.

    As dearly as she loved every minute they spent with Miracle, Sola had advised her, and she was inclined now to agree, that these days with Obi-Wan were important as well. Time alone to focus on their relationship would come rarely as parents, proven evident by the past few weeks. Both Aala and Obi-Wan had agreed, while they waited for the evening to end the night before, that they should take a couple days as they started this new phase of their lives and cherish the moments they had to be absolutely isolated at the lake retreat.

    It was a decision she was even more confident in this morning. Last night had not been nearly enough, not by half. And as much as she wanted to stay in bed now, curled up with Obi-Wan for the rest of the morning, she knew they should get up soon.

    So still a little bleary eyed, she stretched again and squirmed out of her husband's hold so she could turn and face him in the early morning light.

    Even as she settled on her other side, he was already instinctively reaching for her again, his arm snaking about her waist to draw her closer. Leaning forward, she kissed the tip of his nose and pulled back to look at him. Eyes closed, his breathing was even still, the peacefulness of sleep etched on his features.

    So she kissed him again, the softest brush of her lips over his chin, and swept the hair off his forehead but he stayed asleep still. At least she thought so for a moment, but then the corner of his lips quirked as he clearly fought a smile.

    Unable to help herself, Aala giggled and a full smile curved Obi-Wan's mouth as his eyes finally opened to greet her. "Good morning," he rumbled, his voice a bit rough.

    Aala's grin widened and she slipped her hand over his waist, scooting closer to his warm body. "Indeed," she agreed. "Did you sleep well?"

    "Mmmmm." The hum he gave was affirmative but more than that, content was obvious on his face and in his eyes. "You?" he asked.

    "The best." Even as she spoke, her hands were growing restless, one smoothing across the planes of his chest, while the other slipped from his side to skim across the firm muscles of his stomach.

    In response, he lifted one brow, his blue eyes lighting with an ardent glimmer. On the sensitive skin of her lower back, his fingers drew thoughtless patterns and the intimate touch made her shiver.

    Unable to help herself, she leaned forward, pressing her mouth to his. It was a lovely, simple kiss but Aala pulled back after only a moment, before it turned into something much more.

    "We should get up," she smiled.

    "Mmmm," he agreed. "Before you distract me any further..."

    As he spoke, the hand that had been at the small of her back slipped down to caress her and she gave a light laugh.

    "Me distract you?" she asked, her voice playfully incredulous.

    A gentle squeeze and a sexy grin were his answer, and she laughed again.

    "Irresistible," he told her. "You're irresistible. I can't help myself."

    Aala bit her lip, and shook her head with mirth. "Didn't they teach you self-restraint, will power, something, as a Jedi?"

    Obi-Wan chuckled and pulled her close for one more quick kiss. When they separated, she savored the taste of his lips as her tongue swept out to wet her own.

    "They did my dear, but when it comes to you, I find myself forgetting everything else."

    "That's sweet," Aala smiled, tracing the arch of his cheekbone with her fingers and caressing his jaw. "You can prove it to me - later."

    Before Obi-Wan could say anything else, she rolled over and slid out of bed. Aala didn't bother to cover herself as she took the short walk to the bathroom, and Obi-Wan gave a playful groan of frustration as he watched her cross the room.

    Aala couldn't help but put an extra little sway in her hips; there was nothing more fun than teasing him - and she knew she was really going to enjoy the next couple days.

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

    AN: More thanks to laloga than I could ever offer for all her help and support. Lyrics are from One and Only by Adele.

    Thank you for reading, and please review! :)
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    The combination of Obi-Wan's passion and ardor, his love for her and his desire to please her, along with the fact that he was her husband had threatened to completely overwhelm her.
    Lucky Girl!O:)
    Oh I'm so jealous.=((
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    Lovely! And I'm with them: that villa is the best place to stay post-weddings. :D
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    Oh, yum! The combination of passion, of savoring, of genuine love -- the tenderness and sizzleness is absolutively perfect. =D= =D= The time alone and each other at all: they deserve this blessing, this gift. [:D] !!! And in your amazing hands, Ash, this doesn't feel AU or different at all; it feels as it is and should always have been. ^:)^
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    I have to chime in and agree whole-heartedly with Jade_eyes! [face_love] It's so wonderful to see Obi-Wan and Aala have these moments to themselves after they've been through so much. Their love for one another - the pull they have towards each other - is palpable and a delight to read.

    So often marriage between two characters in fanfic is portrayed as the HEA or the culmination of a long and painful journey, but you've captured its essence, I think; a new beginning, a new phase in life between two people who love each other and who've chosen to take that love and build a life around it, which is not always easy. This is no "ending," but it's certainly happy. And smexy. And amazing. :D

    Loved how they lingered in the hallway, not wanting to rush in, but to savor the moment and stretch it out as long as they can. The mention of Sola taking Mir was a wonderfully realistic moment; it is important to revel in these first few days as newly-weds. (Makes me wish I'd gotten a honeymoon! :p)

    Fantastic work, as always. @};-
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    Very romantic night. You captured the "specialness" of just being married very well. Looking forward to more!
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    Nice that they get to have this happiness after the galaxy is so troubled. They've lost their siblings in different ways, and nothing is the way they would like it, but they're doing their best to find good. I love it.
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    Gentleness and sexy grin: yup, that's our Obi. And here, with a touch of amnesia. [face_laugh]
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    I just reread this and enjoyed it again. So sweet and romantic...I wish my honey moon had been more like this, but then we do tend to make these kind of scenes in FF more than real life is sometimes...I'm the same way in my writing.

    Very lovely though, and Yes, Obi-Wan does deserve this kind of happiness. Your detail is do put so much into the descriptions to make us feel and experience what they are ...very nicely done.
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    @Gkilkenny Thank you for the review! She is a lucky girl:) Don’t be jealous, live vicariously through her :p Thanks for reading!

    @taramidala I’m glad you like the setting! Too true, just made for romance :D Thank you so much! @};-

    @Jade_eyes Awww, thank you! It’s all I want for him, just what he deserves ;) It is how it should be at least in the end. I really appreciate the reviews! [:D]

    @laloga Thank you for all the comments! [:D] This is another journey for them, that they’ll take together as a family, as you say, and they’ll face the challenges and enjoy the gifts as best they can, with love. Thanks! [face_love]

    @Luna_Nightshade Thank you! It was important to me to show that this is important to both of them, despite what they’ve been through and what they will face. It’s worth it, and makes their love and bond stronger :) I so appreciate the review! @};-

    @ZaraValinor That is exactly it! They will continue to face challenges but will actively seek to create more good and love in the galaxy. @};- An important SW theme, I believe. It’s not easy, but vital. Thank you so, so much! :D

    @Valairy Scot :D Yep! Our Obi [face_love] He’s afforded ONE moment of amnesia on his honeymoon ;) Thank you! I really appreciate it

    @obimom Thank you so much for taking the time to reread and comment! It is an exceptionally special and romantic setting, but the true happiness comes from just being together. They could be in a swamp on Dagobah, and as long as they had someplace to cuddle together they would be just as happy. [face_love] They’re actively working to make this love together. I hope the feeling captures the romance, here, more than the lavish surroundings.
    I’ll have to come up with an idea for the worst possible circumstances and see if I can make it just as lovely :p Thank you again, so much for the review

    Sorry for the delay, I've been wrapped up in so many projects, including getting the next batch of Miracle ready to go on both sites, posting has fallen behind, but I will always get to it eventually :p If you're interested at all, I've also started a fic for Jack the Giant Slayer here: [Jack the Giant Slayer] Between Heaven and Earth *Updated 4/22 Thanks for reading!


    Aala took a quick shower, and Obi-Wan followed right after. Since she had not gotten any use out of it the night before, and she planned on going straight back to bed, Aala slipped on her nightgown and a robe and went to find Mira.

    As she'd thought, everyone else was wide awake and finishing breakfast on the verandah. Miracle squealed when she spotted her mama and called out for her, arms outstretched toward her. Beaming, Aala scooped Mir into her arms for a cuddle and a kiss, holding her tight. "Hello, my sweet baby girl," she said, her voice soft and loving.

    At the table, Aala sat the one-year-old on her lap so they were facing each other, and a bright smile lit her daughter's rounded face. "Hiii," Miracle cooed, a soft, high pitched greeting in response. She had only just recently learned the new word, and it still sounded a bit awkward but it was adorable and Aala repeated it back, encouraging her.

    Obi-Wan emerged only a minute later, dressed in a light tunic and linen pants and Mir had the same reaction she had given her mommy - ecstatic and joyous at his appearance.

    With a soft laugh, Aala obliged Mir and passed her to her father. Grinning, Obi-Wan lifted her high in the air as she squealed in delight, and then hugged her tight to his chest, smoothing his hand over her short, chestnut hair as he sat with her next to Aala.

    They played with her together for a few minutes, tickling her and making her giggle, encouraging her to try new words and talk until it was time for Sola and
    Darred to go.

    Aala blew a kiss on Mira's cheek and then wrapped her in a tight hug while she squirmed in her arms.

    "Be good for Aunt Sola, okay?" Aala told her and Mira gave a big grin, giggling as if it was a ridiculous request and gurgled a reply in her baby talk.

    Aala quirked her mouth. "I think that was a no."

    Sola's girls giggled and Obi-Wan smiled, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes that Aala just knew she would see duplicated in her daughter's as soon as she was a little bit older.

    Handing Mira to Obi-Wan, Aala gave a sidelong glance to Sola right after. "Good luck," she said with a broad smile.

    But Sola only chuckled. "She's always an angel."

    "If you say so." Aala teased, but she had no doubt Sola loved every moment she spent with her niece.

    Obi-Wan meanwhile was kissing Miracle goodbye while she patted his still somewhat smooth cheeks. "Dada!" She giggled again as he made a face and she tried to mimic him.

    Finally, Aala stood up to help Sola gather Mira's things, and Obi-Wan followed with Miracle in his arms.

    Aala gave her one more quick peck on the cheek but Obi-Wan was a little slower in letting go. After a long moment of more cuddles and kisses he handed her to Darred and the happy one-year-old waved merrily to her father.

    Aala gave Sola a quick hug and thanked her again for watching Mira. "No rush," Sola told her just before they left, a knowing smile on her face. "You deserve a few days to yourselves."

    "Okay, okay," Aala laughed. "I get it. I promise we'll thoroughly tire each other out before we come back."

    Sola smiled again, but said nothing more, the teasing sisterly expression on her face communicating everything Aala knew she was thinking.

    And when everyone was finally gone, Obi-Wan ushered Aala back to bed, promising to rejoin her in a minute. She stole a quick kiss, but complied, wondering what he was up to.

    She didn't have to wonder long.

    A large tray in his hands, Obi-Wan came in after only a few minutes. Having shed her robe, Aala was in her nightgown, the thin straps baring the pale skin of her neck and shoulders and she was sitting up in bed. The warm covers were pulled over her folded legs and she watched as Obi-Wan set the tray in the center of the bed. The temperature of the room was pleasant but Obi-Wan stripped off his tunic anyway. As he sat next to her, Aala was distracted by Obi-Wan's bare chest and arms, but only for a second.

    The rich aroma of the caf assaulted her senses before anything else, and her eyes were drawn to the mug, a curl of steam rising steadily from the hot liquid. It was a lovely chocolate brown color, and Aala smiled knowing Obi-Wan had taken the time to already add the spoonful of cream and sprinkle of sugar that she favored.

    There was a cup of tea for him as well, a small plate of sweet rolls and a bowl of fresh fruit, cut up in pieces. Next to the bowl was a smaller dish with a swirl of heavy whipped cream.

    For a moment, Aala took it all in and her stomach gave an answering rumble of approval.

    Obi-Wan chuckled. "Your welcome," he teased. "Not the most sensible breakfast, I suppose, but it's a special occasion. And I figured we could find some way to work off the extra calories."

    The promising sexy glint in his eyes might've made her laugh, or perhaps, pounce on him, had she not already popped a large piece of sweet roll in her mouth. Instead she gave him a quick smile.

    This particular treat was a weakness of hers, which Obi-Wan knew well, and she did not often indulge herself. But as he said, it was a special occasion, and she had every intention of keeping her strength up, among other things.

    Chewing slowly, Aala savored the sugary taste of the sticky glaze that coated the top of the roll and the spicy flavor of the cinnamon, suffused through the soft bread. Aala swallowed carefully and took another bite before she noticed Obi-Wan was still watching her as he waited for his tea to cool, the cup cradled in his hands.

    "Hm?" she inquired, making a face at him and he laughed softly, shaking his head.

    When she swallowed again, he leaned forward, and kissed the corner of her mouth. As he pulled back, he tasted his own lips with a quick dart of his tongue. "Mmmm," he grinned. "Sweet."

    "Me or the roll?" she asked with a coy look.

    "Both, but together is even better."

    Aala smiled as she lifted her mug to her lips, but otherwise tried to ignore his affectionate teasing. Breakfast first - quickly - then he could tease her to his heart's content.

    Tentatively, she took a sip. The coffee was hot, but not overly so, the perfect temperature, the perfect flavor - just a little creamy, just a little sweet, combined with the dark, rich flavor of the caf - and she thanked Obi-Wan with a grateful look over the rim of her cup as she took a longer drink. A deep sigh escaped her lungs after, and she felt her body relax even more so than before.

    This was right, perfect. Everything about this moment.

    Together they finished the decadent sweet rolls and each had a couple pieces of fruit dipped in cream. As Obi-Wan finished a bite of a particularly juicy piece of fruit, he licked the sweetness of the juice from his fingers and Aala couldn't help but get caught up for a moment in the natural sensuality of the motion as she watched him.

    Blue-grey eyes met and held hers - a shade lighter, a bit brighter and heat blossomed in the small space between them.

    As the night before, but maybe with more conviction now, there was an inherent desire to want to take things slow. Each moment felt like a priceless gift, just to be together like this and there was no need to rush to the finish. There was too much fun to be had on the journey there.

    Aala was sure that Obi-Wan felt the same. A spark of mischief in his gaze, he plucked another cut of fruit from the bowl, gathering a big dollop of whipped cream on the end of it before raising it toward Aala's lips.

    Obliging him, Aala opened her mouth, but he paused just short, his eyes narrowing as if deep in thought.

    "I wonder what you taste like with cream," he murmured, and before she knew, his hand shifted to brush the cream across her cheek. Instinctively, she flinched though, with a slight turn of her head and it ended up mostly on the edge of her jaw.

    "Obi-Wan," she laughed rolling her eyes, but he was undeterred. Bending closer, he gave her a knowing look and lowered his mouth to the cream covered spot near her chin.

    The feeling of his lips, his tongue, tasting her caused little flutters of anticipation in her belly, and she shifted a little. In response he draped an arm across her lap, resting his hand on her leg and he held it there as he continued his ministrations.

    Unbidden, her hand rose to caress his cheek, a little rougher now than last night, as he kissed her jaw, her chin... With eager, meticulous kisses he worked at removing every bit of the whipped cream, if perhaps leaving a trace of the sticky sweetness on her skin.

    "Mmmm," he hummed as he finally pulled back, and he grinned, his eyes dancing with mirth. "Would you like that bath now?" he asked, teasing. The firm hand at her thigh had started a gentle stroking motion, and she shifted into his touch.

    A murmur of appreciation left her as she considered his offer; a hot bath sounded heavenly.

    "Yes," she sighed. "You're coming with me, right?"

    "I wouldn't miss it," he grinned. Sitting forward, he pushed the tray aside, and Aala moved the covers away but as he turned back to her, his pointed gaze dropped to her chest.

    "What?" she asked, bemused.

    The corner of his mouth turned up, and he winked. "Missed a spot," he murmured.

    Indeed, a drop of cream had somehow made its way to the skin of her chest, just above the low cut neckline of her nightgown. How she missed the feeling of it, she'd never know but in the next instant, Obi-Wan was leaning toward her, and then his mouth was on her skin.

    "Oh," Aala sighed. She lifted her hand to catch the strands of auburn hair that fell across his forehead and then his lips were moving, down, leaving a trail of tingling sensitive skin in their wake.

    She had no idea if she had moved on her own, or if he had encouraged her, but somehow she was laying back against the pillows again and his hands begin a course over her hips, up her sides... He seemed remarkably adept at distracting her. Any and all coherent thought threatened to completely abandon her as, once more, they became entirely wrapped up in each other.

    For the moment, again, the bath was forgotten.
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