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Orlando, FL Missing in Action - Sandy's August Rant

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Sandy, Aug 12, 2002.

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  1. Sandy

    Sandy Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 16, 2002
    I decided to bang on the pots a bit more today, partially because I'm feeling a bit stressed and think everyone else should suffer and partially because I'd like to probe for some feedback from the less active members.

    This last weekend, I got to the meeting and found Darryl and Stef a bit surprised that anyone showed up since they'd been waiting for a short time for anyone to arrive. To be fair, traffic was especially heavy and the lunch crowd was delayed by slow service at Chilis. Ia and her friend and Mayo, Dad, and friend made it a bit later and we declared the meeting a go. Noticably absent were Jay and Katie, who were out of their respective towns and Art who had a conflicting obligation. All three informed everyone in advance that they wouldn't be able to attend. Buzz wasn't there due to an unusual accident that we also knew about. The only true mystery was Ken, who has said he has a hard time getting board information since he doesn't check at home and his work locks the TFN sites out from him.

    I enoyed the meeting and enjoyed the company of everyone who was there. However, I was a bit disappointed to see that once again, Ia led the ENTIRE UCF crowd. Reading the posts, there are several others I would have liked to have seen/met at the meeting, not the least of which are SulinKoSai, DestinySkywalker, RebelCommando, Chewbacca1138, StickmanLT, and Obligatory SW Reference. Some people can't make every meeting but others seem to make it every month despite having to drive a couple of hours each way and reschedule other things in their lives. For those that want to be board only participants, that's fine, but ... and here is the core of my rant ...

    I get a bit fired up when someone apparently does nothing but sit on the sidelines and complain about how they were left out of certain activities. I take it for granted that everyone reading this has at least a moderate interest in this group. Otherwise, you wouldn't waste your time checking the boards. Despite this, in the past few months, the people I've seen keeping the group running have figuratively been hit in the face time and again for either leaving out potential members who want to participate or for forming secret insider clubs that actually run everything while maintaining a "show" performance at the meetings. This is a bit aggrivating because I've known the Orlando officers to make great efforts to help the entire group only to be insulted for it.

    I can assure everyone, the new Orlando FanForce officers are making good efforts to be all inclusive and provide worthwhile events for those who show up. Furthermore, Ia and Darryl are putting together a web site to provide yet another avenue of information so nobody will be confused as to what the group is doing and what events are planned. They've planned a BBQ next month and actively solicited ideas for what everyone else might want to do.

    Now to name names:

    UCF'ers -- where are you? UCF members pop up on the boards and seemingly want to participate but never make it to the once a month meetings.

    SW Reference -- shakey start with me but I've wanted to meet you. I'm sure we could use your collaboration on the fanfilms currently in production. You've got a Full Sail education that would undoubtedly prove invaluable and I think you'd enjoy everyone's company. Are you looking to attend any function? I'd like to see you at at least some of them.

    StickmanLT - Saber Fight Club is a good idea. Please come to the next meeting and explain the idea in person. Time permitting, I might jump in on this one, if for no other reason to allow Katie and Stef to bet on whether Buzz or I will be the first one to become permanently crippled by a wild saber blow.

    Chewbacca1138 - Band idea is also good. Again, we missed you at the meeting for the same reasons.

    RebelCommando - You and your brother are definitely welcome at all of the functions. As I recall, when I last talked to you guys on the phone you'd mentioned a couple of other ideas like a scratch model building group.
  2. LordGoldenArrow

    LordGoldenArrow Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 13, 2002
    Wait?!?! This doesn't SUCK my soul and all my time?!? What? Did someone forget to inform my demon of this?

    Anyhow, just FYI but Ken had to work Saturday so he couldn't make it.

  3. SeaTrooper

    SeaTrooper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 21, 2001
    I think I mentioned this at the very first meeting we ever had.....
    The beauty of our group is we have this really incredible talent pool. Every one of us involved in a plethora of different projects and activities.
    The only way that all of us can take advantage of everything we all have to offer is...
    1- We meet in real life. The boards are fun and all but it ain't the whole enchilada.
    and ...
    2- You play with others. If I help Sandy with his movies, he helps me get the gators out of his lake. If I help Thumper make a 1:1 scale X-Wing she helps me blow it up.
    It's give and take. You reap what you sow. Be cool to your school.... blaise... blaise....
    Three rules people!!!!!
    1-Have fun
    2-Be the best
    3-Take care of each other.
    Buzz in a more lucid moment.
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