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Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by MerlynNY, May 17, 2004.

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  1. MerlynNY

    MerlynNY Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 27, 2002
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to thank all of you who participated in the New York Aidswalk! Below you'll find the note I posted to the 501st Legion Boards.

    This was a great outing for ALL the local SW clubs. The 501st, the Rebel Legion, and Fanforce members all joined together to help out a good cause. I hope this is a sign to everyone that our groups CAN and WILL work together!

    Below you'll also find (in the 501st post) the link to my pictures from the walk.

    Great Job guys!


    Hey Troops,

    Just wanted to report that the New York Aidswalk was a great success. This was our second year doing the walk and being involved in such a great cause... Raising the money to find a cure for AIDS.

    I'm proud to say we had members from the Northeast Remnant, the Empire City Garrison, The Rebel Legion, MEPA, and the NJO on my team this year. It was wonderful to have representatives from every SW fan group on hand and working together!

    Unfortunately due to the very quirky and HOT weather most of the team members did not suit up in costume. (Couldn't blame them, neither did I). But we did have some valliant troopers by the name of Roger Olson, Christian Botagnio (sp?) and George Metz suit up in
    armor! These guys were on hand to help an injured aidswalker who tripped over a curb and injurered him/herself. Roger, Christian and George surrounded the injured person on the floor and kept the
    mass of people flooding over the starting line from trampling the injured walker. Everyone should give kudos to these three troopers! Not to mention they completed the ENTIRE 6.2 miles in armor and finished the walk. None of us even got that far!

    All in all it was a great event. This will become an annual event for the Northeast Remnant and an open invite will always be extended towards all the local garrisons that wish to take part.

    I do hope this event successfully proves that the local garrisons can finally put the past behind them and move foward in working together again!

    Just want to personally thank everyone who contributed and joined the team for the New York Aidswalk!

    Pictures can be found at:;jsessionid=n

    TK/TD/DZ 1217
    NER XO
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