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    Mixed Identity
    Author: Durhelediel
    Rating: PG
    Disclaimer: All recognizable Star Wars characters and planets belong to George Lucas and not me. Jennifer belongs to me, and Lauren belongs to Layren, so if anyone wants to borrow them, please ask first. Thanks!
    Word from the author: Well, I wrote Crossed Signals for Layren's birthday, so since mine is fast approaching, I decided to write one for myself. Lol Bare with it--it's a little slow at first, but it'll get better--trust me. :}

    Jennifer coughed into her hand. She noticed that the cough had deepened, worming its way into her chest. Whatever it was that she had caught a week ago, it did not want to let go of her.

    Probably just a cold.

    She smiled, feeling how her eyes hurt and her head was buzzing. Hopefully not the flu, but definitely a cold bug.

    "Are you listening?"

    The blonde-haired, blue-eyed twenty-year-old young woman turned at the sound of her friend's voice. Lauren had come to visit her in the dorm room since she had missed quite a few days of college work. For her to miss even one day's work was abnormal, so her being gone four days had alarmed her close friend.

    Lauren stared at her with her large, green eyes. Her shoulder-length brown hair was pulled back from her face so she could see better. Her face was full of concern. "I asked how long you've been feeling like this?"

    Jennifer cleared her raspy throat and blinked slowly as she thought. Her mind seemed to be all jumbled and confused lately. "Oh, well, maybe a week, I think?"

    Lauren frowned. "You've been this bad for a week? Have you gone to the doctor?"

    Jennifer shook her head. "Haven't felt like it. Besides, why spend all that money for him to tell me what I already know--that I have a cold?"

    Lauren wasn't convinced. "Well, just call me if you get feeling any worse, okay?"

    "You bet," Jennifer promised.


    Lauren's phone rang around midnight. Groggy from sleep, she slurred into the receiver, "Hello?"

    The voice on the other end was barely recognizable as Jennifer's. "Lauren?come?quick?"

    There was a thump, and then silence.

    Lauren was immediately wide awake. "Jennifer? Jennifer!" She threw on a long overcoat and raced out the door.


    "What's wrong with her?" Lauren anxiously asked the doctor in the hospital.

    The older man shook his head slightly. "Well, she definitely has a cold, but her appendix is inflamed. If she hadn't called you when she did?" He trailed off. "Well, she's here now. I'm going into immediate surgery to take that rascal out." He tried to give Lauren a reassuring smile.

    She didn't buy it. Placing her hands on her hips, she demanded, "What else?"

    He scratched his head. "Well, she might not exactly have a cold?"

    Lauren rolled her eyes. "So what is it?"
    The doctor glanced over at her in concern. "A plague."

    "A WHAT?"

    "You need to be quarantined. Both of you. We'll place you in the same room that she is after her surgery. We don't exactly know what it is yet, but we'll work on it." He turned and walked away, leaving a nurse to guide a confused Lauren into the hospital proper.


    Some hours later, Jennifer was wheeled in and placed gently on the bed next to Lauren's. Jennifer was still asleep from her surgery so Lauren sighed and picked up a book to read. She didn't see why she had to be here. She didn?t feel sick in the slightest.

    "When's Jennifer supposed to wake up?" She asked a passing nurse.

    The woman glanced at her, kindness and sympathy in her eyes. "Well, honey, she was already supposed to be awake. We can't get her to wake up."

    Lauren felt like hitting someone. Schooling her tone, she asked, "And why not? Did you give her too much anesthesia?"

    The nurse scowled at her. "No. She just?won't wake up. Someone will be back later to check on you and her."


    Jennifer floated in a sea of black. Voices floated to her ears and she struggled to wake.

    A young voice entered her hearing. "Sh, rest. I'm wat
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    cool. you stole my dream. waking up with obi-wan beside you, what a dream. :D when you're done with obi send him my way. [face_love] :) lol can't wait for the next part.

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    Cool! I read the story you did for your friend's birthday and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read this one! Great beginning.
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    Unfortunately, ya'll will have to wait the weekend. I will be gone to visit my co-author in the hospital. I'll be back Sunday night and will get another part up as soon as I can. Have good weekends!!
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    W00t! This is cooool! *snrk* waking up to Obi like that! Make a girl swoon! Even better with Qui there! Ummm all alone with 2 handsome men... *jealous!* hehehe
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    *Waves away dust and cobwebs*

    Wow. It's been a while. UP!
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    Sorry about the long wait, everyone. I am finishing a novel to be--hopefully--published, and made that a priority. Since it is mostly ready to be sent off, I'll try my best to update all current fics as much as possible.

    Thanks for waiting!!

    Xeana, you crack me up!! :}

    Chapter Two
    Jennifer silently followed the two Jedi as they walked through an endless sea of sand dunes. It was extremely hot on this planet. She had thought that Georgia was miserable in the summer but her home state had nothing on this planet!

    Finally, she touched Obi-Wan's sleeve. "Is it always this hot here?" She asked, wiping sweat from her brow.

    Obi-Wan smiled at her, amused. "No, this is the cool season."

    Her eyes widened. "The cool season! Oh my?"

    She was dressed like a Jedi, though without the cloak, and she wondered if a bathing suit would be cooler garb on this planet. Probably not, she finally decided. And she'd end up blistered as well, with sun sickness. Not a good combination.


    Eighteen year old Obi-Wan Kenobi followed his master to the large metal door of Jabba the Hutt's hideout. "Well, he sure isn't big on hiding, is he, Master?" He remarked dryly, gazing at the size of the building in the middle of nowhere on this hot planet. The strange human girl behind him chuckled, as did his Master.

    "When you are a full-sized hutt, Padawan, you do not need to hide?you need to make sure you are protected," Qui-Gon Jinn told him. "We must be cautious. Hutts can be extremely easy to anger, and they are not susceptible to mind control."

    Obi-Wan nodded, then gestured for the young woman to come alongside him. He wanted her near him in case she had to be protected. When he had found her, he had felt the Force strong in her, though he did not recognize her from the Jedi Temple. Again, he wondered where she was from. She herself didn't seem to remember much.

    A single eye shot out from the wall?Jabba's security system. It jabbered at them in Huttesse.

    Qui-Gon folded his arms into his sleeves. "We are representatives of the Republic and are here to speak with the Mighty Jabba the Hutt. Can you please inform him of our arrival?"

    The eye swiveled to take in Obi-Wan, who stood calmly, and then the human girl standing quietly behind them. The eye lingered on her a moment, then finally turned back to Qui-Gon and jabbered again before it went back into where it had been hiding and the door started to pull upward to let them in.

    "That was too easy, even for representatives of the Republic," Qui-Gon frowned. "Be on your guard. I feel that there is something more here."

    Obi-Wan nodded.

    The three of them swiftly entered the building, and felt a drastic difference in the temperature. The human girl, Jennifer, sighed in near-quiet relief. Her face had started to burn already from the sun. Obi-Wan had never seen someone which such fair and flawless skin. Even without colored skin enhancers she was very pretty.

    Now she was peering around with large, blue eyes. She followed them without tagging behind, but she also gathered in everything without missing much. Obi-Wan could tell that she was highly interested in where she found herself.

    Finally, the Jedi were taken to a large room where Jabba's domo, a Twi'lek with pale yellow skin almost the color of human flesh, met them.

    "Jabba et istu camohsen," he said, raising a taloned finger.

    Qui-Gon bowed toward a huge shadow in a corner of the room. "Greetings, Mighty Jabba," he said pleasantly, ignoring the domo's warning to speak quickly and leave. "I am Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and this is my padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi. We are here on behalf of the Republic to investigate your hostile takeover of this planet."

    Jabba's large form slid into sight. His large golden eyes observed them for a moment, then he pointed a huge, ringed finger at the woman behind them. "Isknte stidne lumak crade sun?"

    "But why do you bring my prized possession back to me without a word?" His translator droid droned from the
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    Uh oh! I truly hope they can help her! Poor thing... and what does Jabba want with her... ummm questions start to arise! :D Great work! Glad to see ya back! And good luck on your story being published! Do tell what it is and when it'll be released! :D I truly love your writings!
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    Oooh updates :D Yes I decided to up the thread for you ;)

    The three of them swiftly entered the building, and felt a drastic difference in the temperature. The human girl, Jennifer, sighed in near-quiet relief. Her face had started to burn already from the sun. Obi-Wan had never seen someone which such fair and flawless skin. Even without colored skin enhancers she was very pretty.

    I think you've had too much fun working on this :D Isn't that every girl's dream *evil grin*
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    Obi-Wan glanced up at his master, concerned deeply. //I felt nothing but the truth from her, Master.//

    Qui-Gon nodded, indicating that he had done the same.

    And I agree!

    Jabba, meanwhile, was laughing off her cries.

    "She is spirited. Always a good joker,? the droid informed them.

    Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes. Something here was not as it seemed.

    I'll bet. Wonder how much of a joker Jabba would think she was is when she uses her chain to choke him?
    Oh what, that was Leia.

    Durhelediel: 8-} You write a good, entertaining story, and I make you laugh. Sounds like a fair deal to me! [face-grin]
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    Xeana, you're going to spoil me until I'm useless. lol

    Kynstar, it's a vampire novel about love and ultimate redemption. I send it off in about a week or less. Should I not lose my nerve. lol

    Chapter Three
    Jennifer sobbed into a soft pillow. She had been thrust into a large, open room that held lots of young women like her, from all over the galaxy. They all wore very skimpy clothing and had tons of makeup, or skin enhancers, on their faces. The women were kind to her and left her mostly alone, especially since they noticed that she was in chains. A Twi'lek had come in with four Gamorreans and ordered her to change into a bright blue outfit that hardly covered anything. She had resentfully obeyed only when the Twi'lek threatened to change her clothes for her. Now she lay, her long blonde hair in a high ponytail, makeup caked on her face, on a grouping of large pillows and refused to move.

    Feet with brightly painted toenails entered her line of sight. "You have to eat something," a kindly voice urged.

    Jennifer glanced up to see whom she took as the 'mother' of the girls, a large woman with six breasts. The woman held out a tray of some kind of sweet-smelling food on it.

    "I don't trust it," Jennifer choked out, though her stomach growled at the smell. "He'll try to drug me or something." She dug her face into the pillow to try to rid herself of the appetizing smells.

    The woman considered for a moment. "If I take a bite and nothing happens, will you eat? You must keep up your strength."

    Jennifer paused, considering. She really didn't know what time it was or how long she had gone now without food. She was starving.

    Slowly, she brought her head up and nodded.

    Promptly, the woman plopped a big morsel into her mouth and chewed. Jennifer watched her intently for a few moments.

    Nothing happened.

    She tore into the food, gobbling it down.

    Once she had finished, the woman tilted her head to the side and asked, "He wants you to dance tonight after his dinner. Will you?"

    Jennifer started shaking again. "No. I can't, I told you already. He thinks I'm someone else. I can't dance. I don't know how!"

    The woman glanced away, biting her bottom lip. Finally, she said, "He'll feed you to the rancor. If you want, I can teach you enough to please him to buy yourself?and the Jedi you said are here?another day to get you out of here."

    Jennifer wanted to immediately dismiss the woman's offer, yet something inside of her told her that the woman spoke only the truth. She would die tonight if she did not dance for Jabba.

    She sighed. "Sure. Teach me."


    Qui-Gon was surprised to find that they had been invited to join Jabba for after-dinner entertainment. The Hutt had, thankfully, spared them from dining with him, but had extended the invitation shortly after they had finished eating.

    "Are we going to go?" Obi-Wan asked him, his youthful face questioning.

    Qui-Gon thought for a moment. He felt a subtle prodding through the Force?

    "Yes," he finally said. When it seemed as though Obi-Wan was going to protest, he raised a hand and mildly pointed out, "It will give us opportunity to investigate those closest to him."

    Obi-Wan sighed. "What about Jennifer?"

    Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow at his padawan.

    "I mean, didn't Jabba in a way kidnap her from us?" He hastily added. "Shouldn't we investigate his claims to her as well?"

    Qui-Gon hid a smile. "Yes, we will do that as well. But in that, I sense we will have to be extremely cautious. Jabba is not one to anger lightly, and he can do many things to the girl before we could get to her."

    "Woman," Obi-Wan corrected softly, then said, "How will we do that?"

    "Very carefully," was the answer.


    Obi-Wan sat down on a divan that Jabba had stashed near the door to the large room he used as an audience room. He wondered what sort of entertainment he had planned, and what Jennifer was going through right now.

    The big Hutt chuckled, a sound that echoed through
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    Vampire novel?? Ohhhhhh I love them types! As well as werewolves! :D Sweeeeeeeeet this I must keep in mind. Make sure you let me know the title once published :D Def gonna be a buying one! :D :D
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    What is the name of your story and what name did you write it under? I'd love to check it out when the book comes out.

    Awww, Obi-Wan watched him with envy. His new friend was captured and made to do who knew what else and here his master was, sleeping.
    [face_laugh] Go Qui-Gon!
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    The working title at the moment is Vampire's Apprentice. I will not yet send my name out over the thread...not my real one, which is what I'm planning on publishing it under. If it does get published, I will, but not yet.

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback on it everyone, and not even knowing exactly what its about! Wow, I'm feeling very appreciated and ...well, it's great to help me actually force myself into writing my sypnosis. Yes, I still haven't done it. lol One of those "can't write under pressure" things...and the pressure is knowing that this sypnosis can make, or BREAK, my book from being published. Lots of work has been put into it...over two years in the writing, after six months of really getting a working plot going, and now about six months of editing. I believe it is now as ready as it will EVER least until a professional editor (should the publisher want me to have one) gets ahold of it. Then there might be blood, sweat and tears (all mine), or I'll be in jail for murder. lol I don't take negative critism well if its on something I've worked extremely hard on.

    Goodness, I intended this to be a short reply but its a book in itself.

    Another chapter will be up soon! If all goes well...which hardly ever does...I should have it up tomorrow night.

    Thanks for being so kind, especially with regards to my upcoming novel publication. I'm extremely nervous about it. :}

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    Okay, so it's a little past that week. lol I got busy with going back to college for the summer and etc, but here is the next chapter. I hope it's okay since I wrote it on the fly inbetween tests.

    Chapter Four
    Four Gamorreans entered the women's sleep quarters. Jennifer was in a light doze and snapped immediately awake as one of the huge pig-like guards grabbed onto her wrist.

    "What's going on?" She asked, her eyes wide as the Twi'lek from last night hooked chains onto her legs and attached them to his belt. She had not been allowed to change out of her outfit from the dance and had shivered herself to a fitful sleep.

    The Twi'lek did not answer her and so she looked to the 'mother' for guidance. The woman gave her a faint smile. "You have been requested for a private?dance," she said, tactfully. She turned her eyes away.

    Jennifer knew the implications in the woman's tone and immediately dug her bare heels into the ground. "No! Please, don?t!" she cried.

    The Twi'lek and the guards ignored her as they pulled her out of the room with the women. She kicked and fought all the way down the small corridor that the women were kept in a room off of, guarded closely by more Gamorreans. The Twi'lek made a gesture after she began to attract attention and one of the pigs near her hit her so hard on the head that she staggered. Blood dripped down her face and she blinked to try to focus her sight as she was led into the guest section of Jabba's palace.

    The Twi'lek palmed the door open and threw her into the room, where she stumbled and fell to the floor, still dazed. He unlocked her chains and muttered what sounded like "Be careful with the new pet: she's very active" before he and the guards left.

    Jennifer stayed where she was, trembling, wondering who had requested her for a private audience and what would happen to her. Her ears rang from the blow the Gamorrean had given her so she couldn't recognize the voice at first as two shapes knelt beside her.

    She glanced up through her curtain of hair?and saw Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi's kind faces gazing at her. With a sob, she threw her arms around Obi-Wan and buried her face into his tunic. Only after he wrapped his arms around her shaking body did she feel safe enough to finally calm down.

    "Is your head wound the only place you are hurt?" Qui-Gon asked again, patiently. He had seen many beings fake things before to escape being brought to justice, but he knew for a certainty now that Jennifer was not one of them.

    She shook her head and tried to smile. "Just my pride, I guess," she managed to joke.

    Obi-Wan held her out at arm's length to inspect her head wound, but did not let go of her yet. "A little help from the Force and that should be good as new," he assured her, smiling at her.

    Jennifer felt her heart threaten to stop with his smile. She grinned back, feeling stronger already. "Thank you," she said shyly.

    Qui-Gon cleared his throat. "Should you two be done staring at each other," he remarked good-naturedly, "we have a rescue to do."

    Jennifer felt her spirit soar. "You believe me?"

    "I did all the time," Obi-Wan assured her, ignoring his master's cautious look. He helped Jennifer to her feet, supporting her as her head swam and she nearly fell over. He then took her over to the couch and took a rag from his master to wipe the blood from her blonde hair and the side of her face.

    Jennifer frowned. "Wait?you two ordered private entertainment?with me?"

    Qui-Gon chuckled as he came back into her line of sight. "We thought that it might be the easiest way to get to you since we do not know the layout of Jabba's palace. It was worth a try to see if it would succeed."

    "And it did," Obi-Wan added, successfully cleaning away all the blood. He revealed a large cut on the side of Jennifer's head and then bandaged it to stop the flow of blood. "There, that should hold for now. Let's get you out of here, shall we?"

    Jennifer nodded eagerly. "Please do."

    Qui-Gon handed her some clothes. "
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    Great update!!! NO problem on the waiting! Well worth it!! They're almost free! Yipee!! :D :D

    Hehehehe love the slight rebuke from Qui to Obi on keeping his mind on the 'here and now' hehehehe

    Excellent job!! :D Can't wait for more!
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    Yeah! They made it out!

    Awwww! Obi-Wan is always so cute when he's falling in love [face_love] !
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    Okay, I was watching The Last Samurai for the fortieth time so some of that may shine through in Qui-Gon's words. lol Do stick around for the epilouge...

    Chapter Five
    "There we go, all patched," the creature said as she gently patted a bacta patch onto Jennifer's side.

    Jennifer smiled uncertainly, seeing the pale coral color the female's skin and the widesetness of her eyes. She had been taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and was trying to hide her astonishment at all the beings she saw.

    "You did well, Obi-Wan," the younger female teased. "You seem to be picking up this healing thing quite nicely."

    Obi-Wan laughed and blushed a little. "Thanks, Bant." He had concentrated on healing as much of Jennifer's blaster wound as he could on the two day journey to Coruscant to keep it from becoming infected.

    Jennifer jumped lightly off of the soft table, and hissed slightly in pain as her landing jarred her wound. She would have to remind herself to take it easy in the next few days. "Thank you," she said to the female, Bant.

    Bant gave Obi-Wan a wink as Jennifer turned and left the room. "You like her," the Calamarian girl said to her friend, smiling. "I can feel it, though you've tried to hide it. Why?"

    Obi-Wan sighed. "I have had dreams?that she is not from this?universe and will leave again. It is hard to explain."

    Bant frowned. "The Force has told you this?"

    Obi-Wan nodded, his face smoothing over. Bant knew it as a sure sign that he was fighting against his emotions. She lay a webbed hand on his shoulder. "If the Force brought you together, then it will not allow you to be parted for long. Have faith in its guidance."

    Obi-Wan shot her a troubled smile, then left.


    Jennifer was restless. She tossed and turned on the portable sleepcouch the Jedi had given her to sleep on in their living room, muttering in her sleep. Dreams that were vague and unformed swam in her mind of her life on Earth: she saw her friends and family weeping for her, her cats being buried, her life over. Was she dead? Was she alive? Was she dreaming? Was she awake?

    Troubled, she got up in the soft, flowing tunic nightdress that Bant had sent over for her to wear, promising that they would get proper clothing in the morning. Jennifer crossed to the balcony and silently buried her face in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks. She could not banish her parents' faces from her mind, nor Lauren's, as they wept for her. If she were in a parallel universe of some kind, was that what they were doing now? Did they think she was dead?

    "Can't sleep?"

    Jennifer gave a little gasp and turned to see Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn standing behind her. She gave a little bow out of respect, then returned to gazing out at the lines of colored lights that were fast moving speeders and transports. "I'm?finding sleep difficult," she answered, propped her chin on her hand.

    Qui-Gon nodded and stood beside her. They gazed out at the sights of Coruscant together in silence for a moment. Finally, his deep voice floated down to her ears. "I have found that sleep does not come when I have too many unresolved conflicts revolving in my mind. Sometimes it helps to talk of it to another."

    Jennifer didn't at immediately respond. Then, as if it just came tearing out of her, she said bitterly, "I don't know who I am. I have?dreams?memories?of another life, and it is real, but this is real to me, too. I don't know where I belong."

    Qui-Gon glanced down at her. "You belong to the moment. For now, that is here. The Force will decide where else you are to be." He glanced behind him, and a smile tugged at his lips. "Perhaps Obi-Wan can help, being closer to your age than an old man like me."

    Jennifer jerked her head up, a hot denial of his age on her lips, but she spotted Obi-Wan standing in only his trousers behind them and her words died, unsaid. As Obi-Wan came near her, Qui-Gon seemed to suddenly disappear from the balcony.

    "Are you okay? I hope you don't mind?I heard just now
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    Okay, here it is... the ending. Hope you have enjoyed it!

    Obi-Wan Kenobi sighed and gazed at his wrinkled reflection in the dim glass. It had been many, many years since he had thought of her and he wondered why his thoughts strayed to her now. He had been living on Tatooine now for a year, setting up a reputation with the locals as just a crazy old man so that they would leave him be to watch over Luke Skywalker in peace. Luke was just a helpless baby and so Obi-Wan did not have to do much at the moment except hide the child's Force signature. With that sole occupation, his days were long and empty, leaving him to doubt his past and have frequent talks with the walls.

    "Why do I think of her now?" He asked out loud.

    He pictured her in his mind of how he had known her: young, full of energy though scared, long blonde hair and eyes curiously mixed with green and blue. She had been in his life for such a short time, but he had found himself thinking of her on and off in his younger days?until his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, had been killed. Then his life had become a whirlwind, with only room for Anakin and not much thought could be spared for other things, other people, other loves.

    He was old now and hiding for his life. Why would his thoughts stray to her now?

    Obi-Wan sighed and tore his eyes from himself and his former glory days. He had to keep his thoughts on the here and now, as Qui-Gon would say. And as he did so, he sensed someone approaching.

    He hoped it wasn't local teens out for a prank. Most of them had learned their lessons by now to leave the cranky old man be, yet some of them were hardheaded. With the mood he was in right now, he was likely to hurt someone instead of just scaring them away.

    As he listened to the whine of the old speeder approaching, he focused and found to his surprise that there was only one person headed toward him. The only person who occasionally came to see him was Beru Lars, with questions about how to raise a Force-sensitive child without upsetting her husband, Owen. The two of them had come to an understanding that Luke was born how he was born and that to deny his abilities was inviting trouble, though Owen did not see it that way. Whenever her husband would be gone for a few days to salvage parts, Beru would visit Obi-Wan and sometimes she brought Luke along. He looked so much like his father and mother?

    Obi-Wan steered his thoughts back to the present as the speeder slowed down near his homestead. The driver sounded like she was having problems because she kept up a muttered dialogue as she parked it close to his own.

    He let a grin split his face. It had to be Beru.

    When he opened his door, he received one of the greatest shocks of his life.

    Jennifer stood there. Her blonde hair was now white with age but her eyes were still that intense green-blue. Laugh lines crossed her face as she smiled.

    "I hear there's an old crazy man named Ben here," she said in way of greeting. "Have I found him? I think I lost him long ago?"

    Obi-Wan felt tears on his cheeks as he held his arms out to her and she rushed into them. They melted into each other's embraces, feeling as if they had never been separated.
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    Ohhh that was such a sweet ending!!! Poor Obi! He won't be alone now!! ;) Great! Juz great! Sad that she had to leave.. but she's baaaaaack!!

    Great work :D :D
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    ::big grin:: Why, thank you! I thought it was rather sweet ending myself, though I am the author and have been accused of being biased once or twice or four or ten times. lol

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Now that I have Mixed Identity and Callista's Return finished, I think all I have left to put together is Exquisite Pain: Ghosts. Think thats the last one to hope my memory hasn't failed me on that or there will be a story floating unfinished somewhere. lol
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