Mod Squad Update/Around the Boards for the week of January 6th 2010

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    In light of recent events involving those scheduling wizards over at NBC, the nighttime landscape has been turned upside down and pitted talk show host against talk show host....

    Mod Squad Update
    It's been another slow news week. Maybe that's a good thing...

    Comings and Goings
    Havac was away. Grimby was kind of here. Sey's computer went on strike again. Jello returned from Down Under with an evil strain of some primitive disease.


    Serious Bizniss
    An official decision on the "WT*" rule will be announced as soon as we hear back from Philip.

    Problem users: Authorities blame post-holiday boredom as the cause of the latest outbreak of naughtiness. Topics of problem user discussion included trolling and sock misuse.


    Around the Boards

    Bounty Hunters Needed!

    You might have heard about those sneaky rebels we had to deal with over in FFC lately. Now some of them escaped and we got a trace to one of them, but we need your help. The help of real Bounty Hunters! Your troubles won't be for free of course. You'll get more information when you come to our meeting at [link=]Coruscant[/link].

    NFL Playoff icons are up!

    After two years of waiting, the [link=]JC Hogwarts House Cup[/link] is back!! Pick a team and sign up now!

    The Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Tournament continues - come vote for your favorites!

    Come discuss the NFL playoffs [link=]in the Arena[/link], or join one of the games based on it!

    <img src="" />
    The debate continues over whose ratings are worse, but one thing's for sure: Carson Daly might want to track down Joe Firstman before this whole thing blows up.../>
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Not open for further replies.