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Beyond - Legends Moments Within a Family of Rogues (OC Short Story)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth_Elu, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've written anything, so I wrote this to get back into writing and I liked the characters. I've always loved trying to make the most interesting alien Jedi, so I toyed around with possibilities here. lol

    Feedback would be extremely helpful and also please tell me if you're interested in any more tales with this group. Thank you. :)


    Moments Within a Family of Rogues

    The sun shined brightly upon the city, its smooth stones making the ground and the people bustling here and there on the streets, going in and out of buildings, and going up and down steps and turbolifts. Life as usual, not as hectic as the Core, not as lazy as the Outer Rim. Sometimes exciting like the Unknown Regions...sometimes not so much. To think that here, on Onderon, they could make a living was interesting. Why Onderon? Why not Kuat? Or Eriadu? Or even Tatooine for that matter? But Onderon?

    Nothing was wrong with Onderon, in fact, it was preferred over somewhere like Tatooine. But still....why Onderon? Didn?t matter though, not really. Why? Because we are a family. An odd family? Sure. But a family nonetheless. And when one decides to go somewhere, especially when considered the leader, the others will follow out of loyalty and that really weird placed love. Why? A family thing, hard to really grab a hold of and explain. But, perhaps I?m getting a bit ahead of myself.

    My name is Sharela, Sharela Shoma in fact. I am a human girl of eleven years of age with brown shoulder length hair and olive green eyes, and am evidently now a young citizen of the planet of Onderon. It?s an awkward thing for me, citizenry, because I?ve been a lone traveler for so long. A explorer, adventurer, traveler, stowaway, mischievous child, foolish pest; a rogue. I don?t really mind what term you put me under, because it doesn?t really matter. I am who I am: a rogue, and damn proud of it too. So are the rest of my family. I?m probably getting ahead of myself again there though too, you surely don?t understand. Let me explain.

    My family, the Shomas apparently, were once from the planet of Hapes and then moved inwards to Chandrila. After a few years of living there, my parents and brother were murdered. So, I did the usual thing one would do in that situation. Became a rogue, lived for myself and only myself...well, occasionally helped someone when I could. Just my nature. But I truly lived for myself. When one day I saw a freighter being loaded...I snuck aboard and that?s when my adventures began. Since then, at the early age of five, I?ve been across the galaxy on many ships, seen and experienced it all and matured very very early as my family likes to say. Well, that?s what Puje says, he also says the others agree with him. I believe him, he?s no fool.

    Anyway, one time at the age of eight on the planet of Rodia, I ran into a bit of trouble. Of course, I wasn?t the only one who had done so. There had been an argument going on in a cantina that I had snuck into for the fun of it and I wanted to get closer to hear what was going on. Evidently, some bodyguards that were around thought I was some trained spy of the person their boss was talking to and next thing you know there was silence and then a firefight erupted within the cantina: everybody punching, kicking, bashing, swinging, shooting. It was a madness I had not seen before and with them thinking I was a spy of some sort, I was also a target! Through some dumb luck, I managed to escape some blows and blaster bolts and hide behind the barkeep(the bartender was already dead by that point, poor rodian) and I squeezed my eyes shut tight and curled up into a little ball. Pathetic I know, but I was eight and I was never in a fight before! Let alone was a target!

    I heard these snap-hiss sounds after some more yelling going on, but I wasn?t really paying attention too much to listen beyond that. Next thing I knew though, I had this gray hand in front of me. I blinked at it a moment and next thing I know, the gray hand stood me
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