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    Morrowind: The Coming of the Second Great War

    Story Line- The Houses have been just about broken down into one Great House, The vampires have joined in a permanent alliance and there are very few werewolves anymore until Dagoth Ur, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil have been resurrected but out of those three Dagoth Ur and Almalexia became evil (well Dagoth was already evil but became more evil) and Sotha Sil ran from them and went to Vivec. Vivec barely believing it himself doesn?t understand how he was resurrected. Until one of his priests came to him with a book bearing a more ominous prophesy. ?The four of great history who has fallen will rise on a certain day of a certain month of a certain year by an awakening darkness that remained hidden since the dawn of time. They will lead the sleeping army of the dead and the living, outlander and ashlander, Vampire and Werewolf alike into The Second Great War against a more powerful force, a war that will shake the very foundations of The Three. Only the Neravarines and ?others who follow? can hold fast against the ?Deadly Trials? and save the world.? Viviec looks at the priests and asks ?The four? But only three were resurrected right?? The priests answer hastily and say ?Yes but there have been reports of a strange figure walking around Vivec?s Foreign Quarter sir. He has been said to look like the Neravarine? Vivec turns to them and exclaims ?but he is running the Tribunal in, The City of light, city of magic, Mournhold.? The priests turn to him and say ?sir not that Neravarine?
    Race-Whatever race from anywhere except star wars (morrowind races posted up as well)

    Weapons -have few restrictions just can?t be futuristic but it can be mythical. I.E.-Excalibur (yes you can use that)

    Armor- same with weapons can?t be futuristic but can be mythical I.E.-Soul carrying armor (not soul eating armor if that?s to be used it should be used in the prisons and there only)

    Jobs- Custom(like warrior thief and all that stuff. Just say what your best at as a job description)

    Birth Place-(from anywhere in the world like Camealot or something like that)

    Landing Place on Vvardenfell- We will all be landing in seyda neen no matter what (we all meet on the boat there)

    History/Bio: (make it a brief one I don?t want to have to end up reading a essay about your characters life from birth to present but also don?t forget to include a reason for going to Vvardenfell)
    Note for History/Bio: (don?t be afraid to have characters that are siblings between each other.)

    Spells/Magicka-(yes there will be magick in this and in this rp its spelt like that) (custom magicka)
    Note for Magicka- ( EVERYONE WILL HAVE ONE SPELL EVEN IF IT?S A SUMMON) (custom summon)

    Age: (doesn?t matter youngest age is 17 even by appearance)

    You can be a person on the side with Dagoth Ur and them if you want to but Dagoth Ur and Almalexia are not to be played as by others besides GM and Co-gm(s)

    Send CS to me by PM if no response in 1 day then post it in the RP.
    Follow TOS (obviously)
    No spamming
    No Flaming show some respect for others ok. So if criticism is necessary be constructive about it.
    Even though we eventually will be given the power of ?gods? we are not invincible and the only creation we can do is summoning and we are eventually given god like items
    Have fun
    No Killing off other Role Players unless given permission by both me and the current controller of the character

    Rules in the towns Vvardenfell:
    No Stealing
    No killing
    No summoning
    No attacking

    If any of the rules are broken it results in a immediate fine or if lack of funds an arrest (if it gets bad enough then you?ll be condemned to the death penalty and are to be attacked and killed on sight.)

    Map of Vvardenfell:

    Map of Solstheim (look at the annotated ones)

    Map of Mournhold
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    OOC: actually i changed my mind go ahead and just post yall Character Sheets dont send them in to me.

    Name: Folwin Hidgra
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragona (a dragon like race that can fly with wings and are good with dual blade combat also resistant to fire and )
    Weapons: 2 daedric broadswords and a daedric dagger
    Armor: Full Set of Daedric Armor
    Job: Dragon Warrior
    Birth Place: Lovria,Kinsn
    Spells/Magicka- summon golden dragon Saint
    History/Bio: He was exiled from his home for supposed crimes against the town and heard about Vvardenfell and got on a ship there. Along the way there what he didnt know was that the boat was making multiple trips so he meets many other people from other lands that he would have never known about.
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    Name: Adrin Kempor
    Age: 3000
    Gender: Male
    Race: Istari(Wizard, LOTR race)He looks as young as Legolas however.
    Weapons: One staff, two short swords.
    Armor: Mithril plate armor
    Job: Mage
    Birth Place: Mournhold
    Spells/Magicka- Summon, Thunder bird, storm bringer, most elemental based magicka.
    History/Bio: Born several millenia ago in Mornhold, to an elf-maiden and a mage, he journeyed for ages searching for more like him, beings of intense magical prowess. He spent the last 2000 years studying the history of all the lands, now on the verge of a new part of history he awaits his turn to add a page to it. With the pieces being set, he waits to join the fray.
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    GM Approved (I sent it before he said that) and Im a Co-Gm now.


    Name: Jantae Uay
    Age: 17 (appearance)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wavy, sohulder length dark brown hair, no extensive muscles shown, Itallian-type tan.
    Race: Etukoai (Accels in unarmed combat, they look like normal humans but have greatly increased strength, stamina and speed. Can also emit unbreakable blade sor spikes from their fists at any time, they have a natural blunt defence)
    Weapons: Natural Spikes, 1 inch long, sometimes shorter)
    Armor: [image=http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/images/Leather%20Arm%20Armour.jpg]http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/images/Leather%20Arm%20Armour.jpg
    Job: Master Unarmed Combatant
    Birth Place: Unknown
    Spells/Magicka- Toughen Skin (allows him to grip a sword blade firmly and not even bleed or cut)
    History/Bio: Jantae, being an Etukoai, was extremely srtong, although he grew up in a human society, he diddnt know he was an Etukoai until he was 10, where he was as strong as a 20 year old, Jantae worked out almost permernatly, but he had a great intelligance level aswell, being top of every class in his school. He left there at 14 and joined a Melee fighting ring, which fans adored him, not that he cared much, for him being able to take a hammer to the chest and rarely flinch. He became rich, giving it to people who needed it and for improving his armor, he still fights there today.

    (Edit) this is what my guy looks like now, those were just cos i could find them.

    (they may take some time to work...)
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    heres a link to the picture of the daedric armor my character wears:


    and for the helmet its the one on the right.

    and on my wepons this is the link


    its the second one on the picture for the broadswords and the fifth one one the picture for the dagger

    ill eventually switch out the broadswords for the Tanto(which is number three on the picture) and the wakizashi(which is the last one on the picture)
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    OOC: odd noo-ones joining, i know knowithing about morrowind, but i still joined...and the link works now, at least for me.
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    ooc:ehh oh well if no one else joins by wednsday then we will start on friday. if thats cool with yall
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    yey, a 3 man rp!! much more interaction, boc ones with lots everone goes and does their own thing.
  9. jedipassion Jedi Youngling

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    yea thats true but i personally would have liked it if more people joined but im happy enough that yall joined. i really want to thank yall for joining i really appreciated yall :)
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    OOC: No offense but I think that is overuse of the word yall. Any way let's try and keep this one alive at least once it starts. Talk to your friends, if they wish to join tell them how.
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    ok everyone we start today!

    obey the rules like useual
    try to post as often as you can and lets try to keep it alive.
    uh there is still a position open for Co-gm so if you want to be one just pm me and ill let you know.
    theres still room for more to join so dont send me your CS just post it.
    and also remember we all meet on the boat :)

    also post your posts (duh) in this kinda thing

    IC: "characters name"


    obviously so yea lets have some fun! ill start us off in my next post.
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    It was a sunny day perfect weather for sailing anywhere. The sails flapped joyously getting the right amount of wind and the sailors werent having any problems. "Captain!" ,says one of the sailors, "were coming upon port our first destination!" The captian who was a Emperial himself a rather medium sized man about five foot ten with full set of Imperial armor sent to represent the government of Vvardenfell turns to him with a grand smile from ear to tanned ear and exclaims "Alrighty boys put er' a port well pick up supplies and passengers! Enjoy yer selfs! Be back in three hours!" It was with this they other sailors left the ship and the captain stayed in front of the ship sending other errand boys to gather supplies.

    ooc:eek:k if yall want you can come in now or you can come in later its up to you.

    IC: Folwin Hidgra

    Folwin walks around the town with his full daedric armor gathering much attention from the locals he walks to the captain and asks " are you the captaint of the ship on round trip to Vvardenfell?" "aye i am you want aboard? 20 septims(or gold same currency)" Folwin reaches into his pouch and pulls out 20 septims and hands it to the captain seeing as how it was a fair price very reasonable for others. "See ya aboard captain" the captain turns to him as he was passing by him "see ya aboard mate and help your self to a cot in the passengers rooms!"

    Tag: All/Captain
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    GM Approved

    Name: Vandyl
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Weapons: 2 Mythril Swords
    Job: Dark Knight
    Birth Place: Unknown
    Spells/Magicka: Berzerk - Increases speed and power of his attacks.
    History/Bio: It was unknown where Vandyl was born, raised, or who his parents were. However, what is known about him is that he became a Dark Knight at the age of 18, when he was taken by a group of men. He later re-surfaced 7 years later, after killing the whole group. It took a while to hunt them down, but he was proud about what he had done. Even though he is a Dark Knight and his soul is darkened by death and destruction, but a small part of light still flickers within his heart.
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    IC: Jantae - Arena Outskirts

    Jantae walked thorugh the town, he was in a more secretive hood and cloak, many people wore this in the Town though, so it diddn't draw much attention. He noticed a messenger rush by, muttering something to the Head Guard about Ships being seen stopping and then heading for Vvardenfell. Jantae waited for a moment, thinknig aobut his future, but then he moved on and left the Town, heading back to his dorm in the Arena.

    Tag: any

    OOC: GM, can you say where u r in ur post, like i did, id say the Country or whatever, but i dont nkow it.
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    IC: Adrin Kempor

    "Hmm, I do wonder when we'll finally get to port, I need to replenish my medical herb supply." Adrin said as he waited at the bow of the ship. "Captain!" he shouted. "When are we going to finally get off this accursed thing?" he continued over the sound of surf and wind.

    TAG: Captain, whoever that is.
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    IC: Vandyl

    Vandyl, the relentless Dark Knight made his way to a ship that had stopped. Though a wealthy man, he never wanted to pay for anything, but rather use his power to gain control over things. During his private life, Vandyl had once used his power to take control over his uncle's best friend, and turned his against him in a fight to the death. Grinning, infiltrated the ship from the side, and climbed up, and stood at the deck.

    TAG: All
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    ooc:uhh sur ei give it a shot.


    Location: Ship docked at Port Sandu (hope that works for you but as for the island i guess blase island)

    Folwin walks down the hallways of the ship and turns left and opens a door to reveal a passengers cabin he looks around taking quick glances at the wooden ship held together at the seams by metal "hmm i hope this ship dosent get attacked on the way there. ive heard that there might be pirates only the route there." Folwin puts down his sack on the lower bunk of his bed and checks to see if he has everything. "i should probably take off my helmet now." he says as he slowly removes his daedric helmet to reveal a regular human face but with black burn marks on his forehead and cheeks and when he opened his eyes it revealed his yellow lizard like eyes "i really hope no one asks about my eyes too much..."

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    Hope its not to late to join. By the way, I could be a GM because I can check the site once of twice every day at least. Plus I'm devoted, I love Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls games!

    Name: Ral-Kalar "Blood Dragon"
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Argonian
    Weapons: Steel Bow with Iron Arrows, Iron Dagger, Steel Longsword
    Armor: Chainmail Gauntlets, Boots, Cuirass, Shield, Leather Greaves
    Job: Assasin, Mercanary, Trader (Anything that pays money or reward pretty much)
    Birth Place: Small Argonian Town in the Black Marsh
    Spells/Magicka- Fire Storm Spell, Bound Sword Summon (Daedric longsword summoning)
    History/Bio: Not much is known about the mysterious Ral-Kalar. He is known by the nickname of Blood Dragon because of his brutal history and his fire spell casting abilities. He works as an assassin, mercanary, trader and many other proffessions. He exists to make a living and protect his mate and his two children while enacting revenge on his enemies.
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    ooc: hm yea sure Rilas you can be a Co-GM
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    am i also 1? my memory is so bad...that or im Co-gm of a few...i think both lol
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    okay, thanks! I won't disappoint you!
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    Name: Xamire Mar
    Age: 28
    Gender: male
    Race: Troll (like from WOW)
    Weapons: Two mithral hand axes
    Armor: Shadow tiger-skin boots, one mechanical eye, a black vest, white undershirt, brown linnen shorts
    Job: assassin/theif
    Birth Place: unknown
    Spells/Magicka-(1 spell or 1 summon) none
    History/Bio: Xamire was kidnapped by a group orcs while wandering along a road at the age of 18. He was inducted into the tribe after grabbing one of their axe and killing 4 orcs before being punched out by cheiftain Orgar. He was secretly hated by orc shamans and they burned his eye out with a hot spike. He then grabbed the spike and killed both the shaman then made an eye patch out of wolf fur.
    two weeks later they were raiding a goblin city. Xamire invaded the inventors house and threatened to kill him. The inventor saw the eye paych and bribed him with a mechanical eye. He accepted and ran from the raid along with the Inventor into the mountains.
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    ooc: quick note for future players!

    there are dwarves but they are an nearly extinct race and theres only one left so if you want to be a dwarf go a head but tell me how you survived.
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    Name:~Daunte Akton
    Birth Place:~Cyrodiil, Anvil.
    Weapons:~Sufferthorn, an old elven dagger.
    Armor:~Shrouded Hood and Shrouded Armor.
    Job:/Fraction:~Dark Brotherhood, Rank: Assasin.

    History/Bio:~Daunte was born in the costal town of Anvil, Cyrodiil. His family later moved to the Imperial City where his dad joined the Imperial Guard. Daunte was a middle child and often missed out on family matters he slowly difted apart from his family by traveling the surrounding of the Imperial City alone which he much enjoyed.

    At the age of 17 after storming out on his family he was confronted by an Orc, at that time Daunte still had a knife from dinner killed the Orc in cold blood.
    Later that night he was contacted by his 'true' family.
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    GM approved
    [The elven race I'm using is from World of Warcraft]

    Name: Aylla Suncry
    Birthplace: Eversong Woods, Quel'Thalas
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Blood Elf
    Weapon: The Blade of Misfortune
    Armor: http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s301/size29/WoWScrnShot_120807_020753.jpg
    Job/Fraction: Blood Knight, Champion
    Spells: Seal of Blood, Summon Skeletal Warhorse http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s301/size29/WoWScrnShot_120807_092331.jpg

    Bio: Aylla was born into a famous and rich family. She had no siblings, her mother was a delicate alchemist and her father was a Knight-Lord of the Blood Knight order. When Aylla was ten she was sent to the Blood Knight academy to learn of strategy, weapons, and spells. At fifteen she was sent to battle school, graduating from the academy at the rank of initiate with honors of third in the school. Battle school however, is where she showed her true prowess. Graduating as first in the school she was promoted to the rank of Champion, the rank below her father at age twenty. Aylla's father had retired and payed the greatest smiths in the Quel'Thalas to reforge his armor to fit her, a gift for becoming one of the most powerful in the next generation of the order.


    IC: Aylla - Silvermoon City, Magister's Quarter

    "Goodbye mother, father." Aylla said, she couldn't stand the sad look on her parent's faces. They protested her leaving, but Aylla called it a 'Sign From the Makers' that she leave.

    "You mustn't!" Her mother said immediately. "I'm sorry mother, but I am to old for you to decide that..." Aylla retorted. Her mother looked shocked. "Aylla, did you become a Blood Knight for nothing?" Her father asked "The promised land has been liberated, have you lost your senses? You must lead the Blood Knights to victory, Illidan has been slain but his evil lingers!" Aylla looked at the floor, then remembered her training; "There is nothing there for us, father." Aylla's father looked at her... his glowing eyes reflecting her own. He was angry because he knew he could do nothing.

    "Bring glory to the our order in this new land, Aylla." Lady Liadrin, Matriarch of the Blood Knights, had called. Aylla turned to salute Liadrin, and the conjurers began to say their incantations, and saw her parents once more. She smiled at them confidently "Not only honor to the Blood Knights, but honor to Suncry!" Her mother began to sway, her father caught her and set her in a chair before standing he gave Aylla a proud smile and saluted. A group of eager Blood Knights shouted "Glory to the Sin'dorei, glory to the house of Suncry!" and Aylla stepped through the portal.

    TAG: None
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