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    "Get Paid To Watch Movies. Get paid to watch movies at the theatre with friends and family or to rent movies at your local

    video store."

    Movie Watchers Needed!

    Get Hired Today. Read below and submit application today.

    We have many positions available for Movie Renters and Movie Watchers.
    You must be the kind of person that has Friends or Relatives or both.
    You must have a valid email address.
    You Must have a Video Store membership(either Blockbuster video store, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery or other video

    Your must have a movie theatre in your local city.

    What are the incentives?
    You get paid to rent movies or watch movies at the theatre with your friends or relatives.
    Flexible hours
    Steady employment
    Upside potential
    Make easy money just by renting movies and having your friends and relatives do the same. You get Royalty payments each

    time you rent a movie and each time someone you tell to rent a movie does so as well.

    Apply today by copying and pasting this link:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.