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    When it comes to our signature events, this is a year of change for the Arizona Chapter. We have scheduled our next MS "Walk on the Wild Side" for:

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    For those of you who participated in April, you know what a great time it was!

    This is the last time we will have two Phoenix MS Walks so close together. The change is designed to provide a cooler experience and a less crowded charity walk calendar for Papago Park, the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden.

    Think how much cooler it will be to walk in the fall and for the MS Bike Riders to train for their ride in the Spring rather than the HOT summer.

    We are counting on you to make this a successful year!

    Thank you for supporting our changes as we grow our chapter! YOU will make the difference!

    **The Tucson MSWalk will remain in the spring?March 15, 2008.
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    This is a pleasant change :)
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