MSU/ATB - 28th July (ish)

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    MSU Items:

    LAJ_FETT noticed that traffic and posts have been increasing on the boards lately. We think it's because of the slew of activity in the [link=]FanForce Celebration V Forum[/link], making it one of the most active boards on the JC as of late.

    MS is gearing up for the week of Celebration V, as many mods will be going green to attend the event.

    Miana Kenobi NEEDS YOUR VOICE!
    What I need is people to record a short verse about the boards as a family in general, and what a death in the community means for you. Snippets of these will then be taken out to provide a background VO for our project.
    Everyone is encouraged to participate! Please send in your audio clips by Tuesday August 3rd. [link=]Click here for more info![/link]

    The JC anniversary came to an end and looked upon fondly. The fake mod overload is over for another year

    Problem users were discussed ad nauseum. Word to the wise: If you're banned and you create a new account and start posting with it, chances are we're going to ban you again. Don't pretend you're somebody else, because we know it's you! And please please come up with some more original excuses!

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    There are a lot of Celebration V updates to mention, including:

    TFN Party

    Confirmed Celebrity Guests:
    - Dave Filoni: Director of The Clone Wars
    - Meagan Finnerty: Executive Assistant to Supervising Director Dave Filoni
    - Chris Muncke: from A New Hope who is also signing for Official Pix during con hours
    - Kyle Newman: the director of Fanboys
    - Sarah Wilkinson: one of the featured artists in Artist's Alley

    - Caricature artist Darryl Woods
    - Live performance by Star Wars fan band [link=]Sex Wing Starfighter[/link] - they're 50% Sex Pistols, 50% Star Wars, and 100% awesome!
    - Kristin Sirota (aka Benae Quee) of [link=]Hooplyn Hoops[/link] performing and teaching hooping

    And more to come! Stay up to date on TFN and [link=]TFN on Twitter[/link].

    And last but not least, anyone unable to attend the party will be able to watch our LIVE broadcast on! Stay tuned for more details.

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    Also, if you're wondering about the great art on the main banner, it's from Joe Hogan and is exclusive to us for Celebration V! Check out the [link=]thread[/link] in the CV forum!
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