MSU/ATB for October 8

Discussion in 'Communications' started by Dingo, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Dingo Jedi Grand Master

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    Moderator News

    - halibut and NYCitygurl are both back and moderating at full capacity again.
    - GrandAdmiralJello, JoinTheSchwarz and Gry Sarth are all likely to be missing for part of the end of the week and/or weekend.
    - The selection for a new mod for Games has wrapped up. We welcome zacparis back to the Mod Squad.

    The Old Republic Forum

    - Discussion on where to continue with this project is taking place, as we are taking stock of what has already been done, finding out what needs to be covered and working out what jobs are requiring attention.


    - The Pirate Day icons have been taken down.
    - Icons for the Baseball teams in contention for the World Series are now up.
    - The process has begun for the uploading of all the Halloween icons.

    Problem Users

    - Problematic users were discussed. All users are reminded that any posting with a sock while banned is against the rules and will result in an automatic doubling of the current ban length.

    Around The Boards


    - The JCC is still looking for banners. Any banners, even Halloween Banners.

    Classic Trilogy

    - [link=]Signups[/link] for Classic Trilogy Trivia Game 57 have started.

    Fan Fiction

    - National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) takes place during the month of November. If you are thinking of taking part, come join the discussion and get your name on the list [link=]here[/link] in SW Fan Fiction Resource. Icons for the event will be loaded during October.

    Live Action, Clone Wars and Cartoon

    - LACWAC has finally moved into full swing with the premiere of The Clone Wars 2nd Season - Rise of the Bounty Hunters! Be sure to watch both [link=]Holocron Heist[/link] and [link=]Cargo of Doom[/link] (which are now available in the Official Site for U.S. viewers) and comment in the discussion threads. While the new episodes have sparked all manner of discussion, from the properties of [link=]Force Sense[/link] to [link=]Canon[/link] discussions, we're already looking forward the this weeks episode: [link=]Children of the Force[/link].
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    Also, this just in: there's a new [link=]Banner Open Call[/link] thread in Fan Design, and SFF: Books and Comics is first up with a great, desperate need for a banner for the new Wheel of Time book. We'd be forever grateful if someone wanted to make it [face_batting]

    Oh, and we're offering colors :D
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    Nothing about the ten year NJO celebrations in Lit?
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