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    Possible picture of a Thunderbird:
    On 01-09-2006 at about 4:20pm, I saw this jet laying a trail. It was partly cloudy and I decided to take some photos of the jet. I was having to take the pics in the clear areas of the sky as the jet was coming over the clouds. As the jet was coming over another cloud into clear sky, I started zooming in on him with my camera when I noticed a bird in the view finder coming over the cloud the jet was going to pass over. The tops of the clouds were at least several thousand feet up and the jets usually fly around 15,000 feet up and higher.

    The bird is somewhere between the cloud and the jet as you can see. I was on 12x optical zoom when I took the photos. If it hadn't been for the trail the jet was laying, I probably would not have seen the jet and most definitely not the bird. I think this is a very large bird-- I've tried to look it up on the net but haven't identified it yet. I've cropped and enlarged the photo (two pics) and I am sending the original photo also. I am not a birder, but love to take outside photos and I thought this was amazing!

    Kaufman, Texas
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    Chinese What-Is-It

    There is a May 30, 2006, news item that is one of those tidbits that have you scratching your head.

    It is running in the China Daily under the headline "Bizarre Creature Puzzles Thousands."

    The entire article (note: it sometimes becomes a deadlink, having mysteriously vanished 12 hours after it was first published) reads:

    Thousands of residents of Tianmen, Hubei Province, have flocked to see a rare turtle-like creature caught by an elderly man in a nearby reservoir. Some think that the animal, weighing in at 8.3 kilograms, looks like an alligator. It has three rows of horns on its shell, a pair of eyes like an owl, and a tail measuring over 30 centimetres. It is currently being taken care of by local experts, who are trying to determine what exactly it is.

    An animal weighing 8.3 kilograms is 18.3 pounds. A tail that is 30 centimeters long, of course, translates into something that is only a foot, that?s 12 inches, in length.

    But is it a turtle, with a shell? Or an alligator? Alligators don?t have "rows of horns" on a shell. Could there be something lost in translation here?

    There are two species of alligators; one is in China, the other in America. Chinese alligators (Alligator sinensis) live in a small area of northeastern China, in the provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui, but not Hubei. They are sometimes called Yangzi alligators because of where they are found, near the Yangzi River. Only about 150-200 exist in the wild, in scattered ponds, although the zoo captive population is said to be over 10,000 animals, throughout China.

    This mystery Chinese reptile may be an out-of-place alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii), which is the largest freshwater turtle in North America. One of the differences between the common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina serpentina) and the alligator snapping turtle is the three distinct ridges on the carapace of Macrochelys, whereas the common snapper has a smoother shell.
    The "three rows of horns" on the shell of this mystery Chinese turtle does make it sound like an American alligator snapping turtle. Perhaps it is nothing more than an out-of-place pet, or more unlikely a new undiscovered species? What is the pet trade like for alligator snapping turtles among the Chinese?

    It is the kind of story that comes my way where I wonder if I will ever hear about an outcome. Maybe someone in China will read this, and let us know if a firm identification is ever made.

    Edit: My 700th post!
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    Perhaps Bigfoot is an Alien? Ok, laugh. I did too when I heard that. But then I watched the segment about it on Creepy Canada, and it made me think differently. Here you go:

    This is a story so bizarre that Creepy Canada almost discounted it completely: Bigfoot creatures traveling to earth in UFO?s, a cover-up by mysterious men in black? All you need is an Elvis sighting to complete the picture! But when respected UFO investigator Stan Gordon laid out the story and presented the evidence it changed our mind, and it may change yours. An amazing, and very compelling document of just what happened for one year in the 1970?s when hundreds of UFO sightings merged with an incredible outbreak of Sasquatch encounters.

    UFO sightings began at Greensburg, Pennsylvania in the 1970's. Shortly after, many Bigfoot sightings began around the same area. These creatures were seen investigating and checking everything out at a trailer park. But the sightings also took place in the woods. A farmer saw two Bigfoot creatures going towards his barn, so he shot at them and they ran into the darkness. The man was later visited by a man from the Government and a Military Officer. They hypnotized him, and got as much information as they could from him.

    Later on, the man from the Government visited a lady at the trailerpark who had hair samples of thse creatures. As he was lookinbg at them, a man came up to him who had pictures of the bigfoot creatures. They then showed him the footprint. He immediently stepped on it and kicked it, until it wasn't there. He ran to his vehicle with the pictures and hair samples.

    If it was a hoax, why were the Government and Military so worried about destroying the evidence?

    It makes me think differently now, I do believe Bigfoot could be a creature from another planet.
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    I work for a newspaper and shot this photo of (what I think is) the devil himself riding the flames and spitting out more flames. This was just a grab shot as I saw the flames between the buildings.

    --Lee C.


    *X-Files music in backround*
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    The Patterson Bigfoot footage is real. And I will tell you why. Look at the two creatures. The left one is from 1967, the other from 1998. How could a rancher make a Bigfoot suit better than a rich TV station? On "Is It Real?", they slowed the footage down and zoomed in on the face of the Bigfoot. One frame, you can see an eyebrow raise up. Ona another, you can see what appears to be a scar on the head. WAY to hard to fake in a suit made from a dead horse.

    There are no written sources whatsoever suggesting Patterson admitted to a hoax on his deathbed. No one in his family has ever claimed that Roger admitted to a hoax before his death. All of the assertions in that regard began circulating after the Loch Ness story came out.

    This mixup story has become an urban legend.
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    It is an auction on E-Bay. Only two specimans are known to exist of this Spider, the Centi-Spider of Burman.
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    A remarkable photographic image has been snapped on the morning of June 13, 2006, in a woman?s backyard in the Midwestern state of Nebraska. KETV-7 in Omaha broadcast the picture on June 14, and it appears to be an animal unlike any most people have seen locally.

    An expert at the Henry Doorly Zoo is examining the pictures. He thinks it could be a feral cat.

    What are we to make of the hint of striping on the back? The long canid-like legs? And long thin tail?

    A werewolf, perhaps? I?m mildly joking, but that moniker has been used in reports before, as we know from the work of Linda Godfrey, northeast of Nebraska, in Wisconsin.

    Or how about something else from the upper Mountain States? The image does have an cryptid canid or hynea-like appearance, reminding me of the Shunka Warak?in mystery taxidermy mount from the 1880s, seen and recorded from the Yellowstone area, as pictured below, and discussed in Cryptozoology A to Z.

    Here is the picture enhanced:

    What do you think?
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    This is a creepy illustration of the Mothman:

    This photographic "proof" of aliens was sent in by a C2C listener who wishes to remain anonymous. About the incident the witness says, "I can tell you more about this photo when the hype dies down here. Needless to say, 'They're here.'"
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    Now here is a segment of Creepy Canada I am dissapointed I missed:

    Sasquatch Canada ? Camp Alexo, Alberta
    The foothills of the Canadian Rockies are said to be home to the legendary Sasquatch, or, as it is sometimes known Bigfoot. Hikers and hunters have long reported encounters with this massive hairy creature, and in the most famous incident a prospector was kidnapped and held prisoner in a cave for six days by a family of these mysterious creatures. Canadian Sasquatch researchers share their research as we search for this elusive crypto-creature.

    But, never fear, for I know this encounter like the back of my hand! The name of the prospector I am not certain of, so I will call him the guy.

    The guy was wanting to go into some mountains to search for gold. His Indian guide who took him there said that there was a strange hairy beast in the woods, and not to deal with it. The guy thought the tale was rubbish. He woke up after his firtst sleep, and found some of his food ripped open and some missing. This happened a second night. The third night, he decided to stay awake and shoot the creature that was doing this. Despite his efforts, he fell asleep. He was awaken by the sensation of being pulled up in the air. He was being carried! He looked to see the legendary Sasquatch carrying him. After a while of traveling, he put onto the ground somewhere in the woods. There were two large Sasquatch's, and three smaller ones. Everytime the guy tried to escape, he would be stopped by the biggest of the Sasquatches. Finally he got an idea. He opened a can of beans and showed it to the Sasquatch that kept him prisoner. The creature took it and drank, and almost immediently fell over, holding it's stomach. The guy made his run. He knew that the Sasquatches were right on his tail. He ran for almost two days, before he came to a logging camp.

    That encounter is arguably the best of all time.

    Creepy Canada Season 3 has ended, and no thanks to OLN, I missed most of the episodes.

    *Curses OLN*
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    5 different Alien Species:

    (1) "The Grays": Short, only about 3.5 feet tall. Their skin is a whitish-gray color. They have enormous black eyes on their large bald heads. They have a narrow jaw, no nose but nostril holes, and thin, lipless, mouths. They have 3 fingers on each hand, and each finger has a claw.

    (2) "Nordics": These Aliens resemble humans. They are definitely the nicest of Aliens, good looking, pleasant, and kind. They have a tall stature, blue eyes, and blond hair. When Travis Walton was abducted, he saw both Nordics and Grays.

    (3) "Praying Mantis"; Long, narrow faces, upward slanting eyes, thin limbs, crooked arms with a sharp bend at the joint, and a crouched stance. They resemble the Praying Mantis insect.

    (4) These Aliens do not have a name. They have scales, yellowish-green eyes, and a snout like face that gives them the appearance of a reptile. They are tall and powerful, technologically advanced, and worst of all, very hostile.

    (5) "Men In Black"; Aliens or Government agents? Most abducties, and witnesses that see a lot, are usually visited by MIB. The people are told to forget what happened. The MIB are completely hairless, wearing black suits and ties against white shirts. The MIB are threatening as well.

    My 800th post! w00t W00t!

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    Listen to this everyone.......
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    Some people call me Spooky.......

    Some people call me Spooky.........
    An Alien on my room, with a Colorado Avalanche jersey on.

    My books on Aliens, UFOs, and Ghosts.

    My clay Ogopogo I made last night. :p

    An Ogopogo mini on top of my computer.
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    UFO From a Plane
    These pics were taken from an airplane back on Dec 7th, 2005 around 0930. The plane was heading east from Calif. The object stayed with the plane for an hr and it was going north. I did not take these photos; the person that did is a real good friend of about 20 yrs.

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    Weird Contrails
    Just after sunset, on December 22, 2005 about 4:45pm, I was getting ready to let the dogs out into the backyard and noticed the strange contrail formation in the sky. My location is Severn Maryland, and the formation appears to be over I-295 (Baltimore-Washington Parkway), near Ft. Meade. I grabbed my camera. Didn?t know if it would turn out, since it was so dark.

    I recently got my film developed and (on CD) opened up the file ? the original is dark, the modified (just did an "auto-brighten") is eerie. We live near the flight patterns for BWI Airport and there is often traffic in the patterns. So this could not have been some sort of aerial demonstration. Nor did I hear anything unusual. Strangest of all, there is a TV weather camera nearby, and there was NOTHING on the evening news about the strange clouds. I have seen many strange things in my life; this is one of the weirdest ever!!!

    -Sandra M.

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    Goatman ? Prince George?s County Maryland
    Local residents claim a half man, half goat creature haunts the rural roads and Lovers? Lane of Prince George?s county Maryland, causing the disappearance of family pets and even some unlucky human beings. Is this a supernatural entity or an Urban Legend? You decide.

    I haven't seen the Creepy Canada segment on it yet, but I am hoping to very soon, as OLN are re-running all of the Season 3 episodes.
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    December 12, 1964, French photographer Robert Serrec was vacationing in Queensland, Australia. He was out off the coast in small row boats with his family and friends. They were in less than 6 feet of water when they noticed a giant snake like creature laying on the oceanbottom. They describe it as a grayish tadpole like creature with a snake like head, approximately 75-80 feet long. There appeared to be a large wound on the creatures back. They took pictures of the creature before it became bothered and swam off.
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    Here is a map with all Sasquatch sightings in Alberta:
    The closet sighting to me is near Cold Lake, and the closet to you guys at Edmonton is a sighting near Wetaskwin.
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    Desert Craft
    7/15/06-- My Dad took these pictures this past week during a trip to the Painted Desert (in Arizona). He has been an avid listener of the show for years and believes very strongly that what he saw was a UFO. Before he showed me these pictures, I didn't really believe him, but now I'll admit that I do. According to him, my Mom pointed these things in the sky out to him and he managed to snap 2 quick shots before they were gone. The objects seem to be traveling at an extremely high rate of speed according to the pictures. I managed to blow up one of the images, which really does look amazing.

    --Donald Ivan

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    Photo in the News: New Dino-Era Sea Predator Discovered
    [link=http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/07/060711-dinosaur.html]National Geographic[/link] reports that scientists have discovered a prehistoric reptile who swam the shallow waters of an inland sea in Australia, about 115 million years ago.
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    My Granddad and I were on a Princess Cruise to Alaska. We had left the day before. It was probably around 8:00 or 9:00 at night (6/19/06) and the scenery was amazing! (the Inside Passage, Alaska, south of Ketchikan) I did not see these objects when I took he picture with my Nikon Coolpix 5900 digital camera. I noticed the objects when I loaded them on to my computer. I have no explanation for what they are. All I know is that I have finally taken a picture of a real UFO! (Unidentified Flying Object).

    Please note that the objects are in the top right hand corner of the picture. The second image shows the UFOs enlarged, but nothing has been changed and I have not tampered with any of the colors. I would welcome your theories and replies.


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    I have located a sea shell on Mars (Gusev Crate) that is almost identical to a whelk shell. This is one of hundreds of Mars fossils that I have located over the last 2 and a half years. The original image is on the NASA/JPL web site at this address. The shell is slightly below dead center in the image, along with other sea shells. Many other fossils are on my site at: xenotechresearch.com.

    --Sir Charles W. Shults III

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    Two amazing paintings of a Lake Monster and a Se serpent.
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    I hate Spiders. And I fear them. But I couldn't help but read this article at Cryptomundo this evening.

    Giant Spiders
    Camel spiders found during the Iraq war. They are real. What do I mean by real? But that?s only the beginning of the story. More on that later, but first a look at today?s news....

    Jeremy Miller was hunting black widow spiders in a Madagascar forest last winter when he came upon a curious fist-size web made of leaves, branches and debris woven together with thin, tough strands of spider silk. No black widow ever made such a web, but when Miller examined the tiny creatures inside, he realized he?d discovered a new species of ?spitting spider.?

    Thus begins the article in the San Francisco Chronicle of July 22, 2006, on the exciting find of a new animal, a spitting spider, Scytodes specialis.

    Pictured above is the new species? relative, another spitting spider, Scytodes thoracia.

    Of course, finding new insects and spiders happens all the time. But my internal definition of cryptid, especially as captured in Cryptozoology A to Z, is that cryptids are big enough to visually have an impact on humans. Thus, when I read about new little spiders, it makes me wonder?what stories are out there about truly giant spiders?

    Bizarrely, the war in Iraq is generating such stories. It seems soldiers have been seeing and killing ?spiders? they call ?camel spiders.? At the top of this posting is a photograph of two camel spiders that has been circulated a great deal on the internet.

    Here?s what is being posted across cyberspace about these giant Iraqi camel spiders, so-called because they are said to jump on camels? stomachs and lay their eggs inside for hatching:

    Some facts about those giant spiders: They run 10 mph, jump three feet, are a nocturnal spider, so only come out at night unless they are in shade. When they bite you, you are injected with Novocain so you go numb instantly. You don?t even know you are bitten when you are sleeping, so you wake up with part of your leg or arm missing because it has been gnawing on it all night long. If you are walking around and you bump something that is casting a shadow over it, and the sun makes contact with it, you better run. It will instantly run for your shadow, and scream the whole time it is chasing you. PS. These are Spiders found daily in Iraq by troops. Imagine waking up and seeing one of these in your tent!! Spread this to all your friends who have a family member in the army, and let them know what kind of daily life they live everyday! Hopefully someone high in our government will start thinking about our troops? lives, and they?ll be back home safe real soon!

    Facts? Nope. Eggs in camels? stomachs? Never.

    The above camel spider factoids are myth, mixed in with one real photograph of two real arachnids (at the very top of this posting) and a few hoaxed ones (directly above). These animals are technically what are called solifugids, but are more commonly known as wind or sun scorpions or camel spiders. The eight-legged solifugids have no venom glands, and the largest species is no more than 6 inches long with its legs outstretched. Apparently, some people even keep them as pets.

    Classically, the most exotic Giant Spider sightings have come from Africa. Various Mokele-mbembe expedition members have brought back tales from the Congo of Giant African Spiders, known among the Baka pygmies, and said to be at least 10 inches across. Some are vague tales of missionaries knowing about porters being killed by giant spiders. Others tell of the giant spiders being reported under tents, crossing trails, and running through campsites. For everyone that was thinking about going on a Mokele-mbembe trek soon, they didn?t tell you about that, did they?

    Perhaps mos
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    feel free to come look at all the giant spiders around my house :p
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    The Berkeley Square Thing

    As told by Tom Slemen

    Long before Mayfair's Berkeley Square was synonymous with nightingales (thanks to Eric Maschwitz's song), the place was invariably associated with a rather nasty ghost that was alleged to inhabit number 50, a four-storey townhouse that dated back to the 1740s. It was once the London home of Prime minister George Canning (1770-1827), but it seems very unlikely that the well-documented supernatural goings-on at number 50 are anything to do with his spirit, as Canning died at Chiswick. No one seems to know just what haunted number 50, because few who encountered it lived to tell the tale, and those who did survive were always left insane by the supernatural confrontation.
    All we can do is piece together the fragments of anecdotes and accounts that concern the Berkeley Square entity.

    In 1840, the 20-year-old dandy and notorious rake Sir Robert Warboys heard the eerie rumours about the Berkeley Square Thing in a Holborn tavern one night, and laughingly dismissed the tales as 'unadulterated poppycock'.

    Sir Robert's friends disagreed with him, and dared him to spend a night in the haunted second-floor room in Berkeley Square.

    Warboys raised his flagon of ale in the air and announced: 'I wholeheartedly accept your preposterous harebrained challenge!'

    That same night, Sir Robert visited the haunted premises to arrange an all-night vigil with the landlord. The landlord tried to talk Sir Robert out of the dare, but the young man refused to listen, and demanded to be put up for the night in the haunted room. The landlord finally gave in to Sir Robert's demands, but stipulated two conditions; if the young man saw anything 'unearthly' he was to pull a cord that would ring a bell in the landlord's room below. Secondly, Sir Robert would have to be armed with a pistol throughout the vigil. The young libertine thought the conditions were absurd, but agreed to them just to get the landlord out of his hair.

    The landlord handed Warboys a pistol and left as a clock in the room chimed the hour of midnight. Sir Robert sat at a table in the candlelit room and waited for the 'Thing' to put in an appearance.

    Forty-five minutes after midnight, the landlord was startled out of his sleep by the violent jangling of the bell. A single gunshot in the room above echoed through the house. The landlord raced upstairs and found Sir Robert sitting on the floor in the corner of the room with a smoking pistol in his hand. The young man had evidently died from traumatic shock, for his eyes were bulged, and his lips were curled from his clenched teeth. The landlord followed the line of sight from the dead man's terrible gaze and traced it to a single bullet hole in the opposite wall. He quickly deduced that Warboys had fired at the 'Thing', to no avail.

    Three years after Warboys' death, Edward Blunden and Robert Martin, two sailors from Portsmouth, wandered into Berkeley Square in a drunken state and noticed the 'To Let' sign at number 50. They had squandered most of their wages on drink and couldn't afford lodgings, so they broke into number 50. Finding the lower floors too damp, the sailors staggered upstairs and finally settled down on the floor of the infamous room.

    It proved to be a serious mistake. Blunden told his friend he felt nervous in the room, and felt a 'presence', but Martin told his shipmate he'd been at sea too long, and was soon snoring.

    A little over an hour later, the door of the room burst open, and the enormous shadowy figure of a man floated towards the sailors. Martin woke up and found himself unable to move. He was paralysed with fear. Blunden tried to get to his feet, but the entity seized him by the throat with its cold, misty-looking hands and started to choke him.

    Martin suddenly gained enough courage to enable him to spring to his feet. He tried to confront the apparition, but was so horrified by its deformed face and body, he found himself fleeing from the house. He encountered a policeman in the square outside and told him of the vapoury
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