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    Author: NYCitygurl
    Title: Fifty Nifty United
    Fandom: Multiple
    Summary: Each sentence tells its own story, but 50 sentences tells epics.
    Notes: Wrtten for the [link=[url]]2012[/url] Fifty Sentences Challenge[/link]. And yes, I did pull the title from the States song. It seemed to fit :p

    January 2012: Star Trek
    February 2012: How I Met Your Mother and The Age of Five
    March 2012: Arrow
    January 2013: Gilmore Girls
    February 2013: Lord of the Rings
    March 2013: The Wheel of TIme

    JANUARY: Star Trek 2009

    01. Acceptance

    Winona had long since accepted that her younger son was a troublemaker, but she refused to accept any suggestion that he might spend the rest of his life slumming around – because she saw George in him and knew that Jim Kirk could be as great a man as his father someday.

    02. Arrange

    Pike had seen to everything, Kirk realized, arranged the rest of his life the way Starfleet wanted it, but Kirk had no plans for his life, so why not join up?

    03. Askance

    Kirk was pretty sure the doctor had chosen the wrong profession, if he couldn’t stand flying, but he was happy enough to make a new friend – and was happier still in the days to come when Bones really did become his best friend.

    04. Accoutrement

    Red had never been his favorite color – it stuck out too much – but Kirk allowed them to deck him out in Academy trappings – why not, since he had let them convince him to sign up?

    05. Appropriate

    It was not, Bones assured him, in any way appropriate for him to sneak into her room for a little “afternoon nookie,” as the doctor called it, but Jim saw no problem with a little fun.

    06. Appeal

    Bones could see why Uhura was appealing – she was tall, pretty, and brainy – but he thought the thing that attracted Jim most was that the cadet refused to give him the time of day.

    07. Almighty

    Jim did not enjoy being dragged in front of the almighty high command for what he’d pulled with the Kobiashi Maru, but he enjoyed even less the smug look on that Vulcan bastard’s face.

    08. Abject

    Jim felt a moment of abject terror and realized that he didn’t fear an attack or fear dying in a fight – he feared being left behind.

    09. Abstruse

    The language was obscure, but of course, Uhura knew it, and her confirmation of Jim’s worst fears turned his blood cold.

    10. Archetypal

    Jim had never wanted to be a hero, hadn’t set out to be the farmboy who grew up to save the world, but Pike saw great things ahead of the Iowa boy (even though he was smart enough to keep those things to himself).

    11. Bashful

    Jim wasn’t shy (not ever), but he couldn’t follow his friend’s advice to stay hidden for a while; he recognized that signal … and lives were at stake.

    12. Behoove

    It would behoove Pike to listen to Kirk, he thought, even though the young man was most definitely NOT supposed to be here; Pike had done his research and knew Kirk was telling the truth.

    13. Because

    And it wasn’t just that – despite the boy’s youth and inexperience (not to mention the disaster with the Kobiyashi Maru), something in him trusted James Kirk.

    14. Bizarre

    Kirk wasn’t sure why Pike made him second – though Kirk had given the warning about the Romulans – but he accepted it; hey, a promotion was a lot better than being tossed in the brig.

    15. Bearing

    Spock tried to keep himself professional, but he definitely did not trust Kirk, and he couldn’t believe Pike was according the young human an honor instead of locking him up.

    16. Blight

    The Romulans – these particular Romulans, Nero and his crew – had been a blight on the universe for decades; it was time to take them out, and Pike – knowing what had happened before, knowing what would likely happen to him – was willing to be the distraction.

    17. Beatific

    Nero seemed, oddly, pleased to see him and addressed him by his first name; Pike held his ground, determined to give the boys as much time as he could to stop Nero from tearing the planet apart.

    18. Bolster

    Sulu looked sick; Kirk tried to instill confidence in him, but given the pilot’s earlier mistake and the fact that his hand-to-hand combat knowledge didn’t seem sufficient, Kirk was also trying to convince himself.

    19. Bulwark

    Spock was, for a Vulcan, losing composure; his hands gripped the seat’s handrests as he watched, waiting for word that his planet was safe.

    20. Bastion

    Vulcan had only minutes, and Spock was determined to save as much of his heritage as possible … and his parents, who would, thankfully, be with the elders.

    21. Conceptual

    Spock couldn’t imagine a galaxy with his mother gone, so he treated her loss the best way he could; he took the old Earth motto “Keep calm and carry on” to heart and kept working.

    22. Countenance

    The man looked familiar, so familiar … but it was only after the mind meld that Kirk realized exactly why.

    23. Conniption

    Spock almost had a fit when he saw Kirk – and the Iowa boy was determined to provoke him into a real fit of anger, one that would allow him to remove the acting captain from duty and assume the position himself.

    24. Contend

    Bones had been having a hard day – war, death, and the threat of more of both – but the straw that almost broke the doctor’s sanity was the idea of his crazy friend as acting captain.

    25. Chagrin

    Nyota was less than pleased about the new chain of command, but she was forced to grin and bear it; it was what Spock wanted and the only way to save them all.

    26. Cacoethes

    Nero was heading for Earth, and there was no way the Enterprise could take him on without an inside job; Kirk volunteered himself and was surprised that Spock was willing to come on the suicide mission with him.

    27. Cacophony

    The deck rang with the sound of gunfire, and Kirk and Spock ducked out of the way; this was not going as well as it could be.

    28. Culmination

    They had the red matter, finally; it was what they had been searching for, the only thing that could take down Nero … and they also had Pike, who was, miraculously, still alive.

    29. Coalesce

    The Enterprise headed back to Earth – actually, “limped” back to Earth was more like it, Kirk thought – and the senior crew and wounded were ferried down to the Academy and the waiting high command.

    30. Catharsis

    It would be cathartic, Spock said, but Kirk, sore and bruised, thought the workout was more likely the Vulcan’s revenge.

    31. Doughty

    Pike’s praise meant a lot to him, Kirk realized, and then decided that his feelings meant he was growing up.

    32. Dicey

    Kirk had been apprehensive about the high command’s reaction to his “escapades,” as they called it, but Sarek and Pike’s testimonies eased Kirk’s way out of trouble and into a promotion.

    33. Drape

    Kirk leaned back in the captain’s chair and draped his arms over the sides – it was good to be home.

    34. Distraction

    The brand-new title and comfy chair couldn’t distract Kirk from the knowledge that there was someone missing … until Spock walked onto the bridge and into the second-in-command position, and then things felt right.

    35. Diminutive

    Scotty had argued for his little friend to join the crew, and Kirk, who took a “why not?” stance about any new adventure, agreed (and, when his new crew member pranked Scotty, didn’t regret it).

    36. Devoir

    Spock tried to remain entirely respectful, but when Kirk got into the habit of egging him on until he exploded, he decided it was better to follow the captain’s demands and show a little emotion now and then.

    37. Drift

    Kirk was not content to drift through the stars aimlessly for long; they were on an adventure, and he wanted to explore as many new places as he could.

    38. Dispose

    The benefit of being a captain was that he got to hand-pick his crew (well, at least he could dispose of certain … cupcakes … he’d rather not have on board).

    39. Demeanor

    Kirk took his duties as captain seriously, but he swore he wouldn’t be a stick in the mud (he’d leave that to Spock); he brought a little levity to the bridge (despite protests from his senior officers).

    40. Distribute

    Kirk finished distributing cards, picked up his hand, and grinned, even though it was terrible (the better to fake the others out).

    41. Echelon

    Poker night had become a tradition for the senior officers and occasional guests (it was invite-only), and Kirk insisted upon keeping it going, if only as a way to bring the group together (and not, as Bones said, just to fleece his friends).

    32. Eschew

    He tended to eschew the captainly duty of sending regular reports back to Starfleet, but since he never received complaints about it, he assumed Spock had taken charge.

    43. Ensemble

    Kirk was the one in charge, but he knew he could never pull any of his crazy stunts off without Spock, Bones, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov.

    44. Edifice

    Nero’s ship, rising in front of the Enterprise’s viewport, haunted his nightmares for years, even after Kirk moved beyond the tragedy; some part of him knew that he would never truly escape it.

    45. Eccentric

    Kirk admitted that he could be a bit eccentric, but Bones said no, eccentric was for rich people; he was just damn crazy.

    46. Ephemeral

    She followed him into his dreams, strong, beautiful, and just out of reach … for now; in the waking world, Kirk found, he could touch her, and it was wonderful.

    47. Essence

    Pike long ago saw that Kirk was, in essence, a good man, just a little rough around the edges; some of those edges never smoothed, but Kirk always remained a good man.

    48. Entirely

    Kirk loved the Enterprise in its entirely, every single part, even the parts that tended to break down; she was his ship.

    49. Expect

    Kirk had expected the challenges of their five-year mission, but he had also expected the camaraderie and adventure, and that was why he accepted the promotion.

    50. Extent

    Kirk never went to the farthest extents of the universe – because who could really travel there? – but he tried his hardest, had adventures on more far-away planets than he could name – and never looked back.
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    *punches air*

    I am so glad to see you doing these - and for Star Trek, no less! :D

    Appeal: And that's the truth. [face_laugh]

    Abject: Oh! [:D] Perfectly heartbreaking, but a lovely character insight.

    Bulwark: Another great character moment - I loved the 'little details' that always speak so much more about him.

    Contend: [face_laugh] Mind boggling, indeed. :p

    Catharsis: Probably my favorite of the set. [face_laugh]

    Devior: Their bromance, for the win! [face_love]

    Eschew: They truly do complete each other. :p

    Eccentric: [face_laugh] As always, Bones has a way with words. :p

    Entirely: 'even the parts that tended to break down' -----> Brilliant! [face_laugh]

    Extent: The perfect end. =D=

    Awesome job with these! I can't wait to see where your muse goes this year. :D


    ~MJ @};-
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    Mira: (A year later :p ) Thanks! I"m glad you like them :) I'll just continue 2012 AND 2013 in this thread--I like the name too much to give it up so fast :p

    So, for January 2013, the Gilmore Girls! I definitely stretched the bounds of proper grammar--as I feel that do on a regular basis :p

    1. Wall
    It was like hitting her head against the wall sometimes, trying to get coffee out of Luke—she was a paying customer; why was he withholding his precious caffeine, which she desperately needed to get through her day?

    2. Bridge
    They were dancing, Rory fumed, to save the bridge, not for entertainment or sport—though just days previously, before her mother, in desperation, had asked her to be her dance partner because her other partner fell through—Rory had seen it as entertainment and had planned to sit in the bleachers with Dean and giggle at the townspeople’s antics.

    3. Architect
    Lorelei, 17 and single with oppressive parents and a little girl, had decided that she was the architect of her own future and no one would decide it for her—so she took Rory and left, finding a safe haven and her own way.

    4. Different
    Rory was different than the other students at Chilton—she was not rich or involved in Hartford society, and she preferred to keep to herself with her nose in a book—but she stood out nonetheless, and not always in a bad way.

    5. Alike
    They were, on the surface, different—Lorelei was outgoing and entrepreneurial and loud and crazy and not very bookish at all, and Rory was quiet and smart and had her feet, as Luke said, slightly more solidly on the ground—but they were, in so many ways, so much alike—and they were best friends.

    6. Catch
    Rory wasn’t what most boys would consider a catch, though she was happy—ridiculously, over-the-moon happy—to be caught by Dean; she didn’t understand Tristan’s behavior or antics, not really comprehending that he wanted her, too (not as more than a challenge, not at first, but feelings and something akin to friendship grew—the former only on his side).

    7. Tale
    Rory, more than anything, loved words: She always had a book (or seven) with her, and she wanted to be a journalist—to travel the world, yes, but also to tell people what was happening in it, whether on camera or in a newspaper (and for all that Christiane Amanpour was her idol, she was really more comfortable putting words to paper than stepping in front of a camera).

    8. Telling
    Lorelei was good at telling people what to do—though she preferred to wile her way through a situation than to order people about; she saw what her mother’s insane demands on her maids did (there was a new one each week, it seemed), and she wanted to part of that.

    9. Hidden
    Luke thought he hid his feelings for Lorelei well—he could be loud about other things (his constant annoyance with Taylor, for example), but he didn’t tell a soul about Lorelei—but it was obvious, especially to Sookie, in the way that he treated her; only Lorelei was clueless.

    10. Claim
    Christopher claimed, again and again, that he was going to do this or come there, and he never failed to disappoint Rory, so Lorelei was shocked when he finally (after 17 years!) showed up when he said he was going to and supported her at Emily’s ridiculous DAR coming out ball.

    11. Blank
    Rory wanted to wipe the slate clean, to start over with Dean (or, really, to pick up where they’d left off two years before), but things had changed; he had a job and a responsibility and a (very) newly ex-wife, and she was away and Yale; he saw what she refused to: It was never going to work for them.

    12. Empty
    Lorelei hadn’t had a serious boyfriend (except Max) since Christopher, but she had Rory, and her life never felt empty … but even so, she wanted, sometimes (especially now, with Rory at Yale and the house so empty) someone to, as Dylan said, lean on; she didn’t realize that she already had someone: Luke.

    13. Full
    It was like the eating Olympics: four Thanksgiving dinners in one day … and even though they’d eaten three (skipping the rolls), after the mess at the Gilmore house cancelled dinner number four, their stomachs still weren’t too full to go back for those rolls.

    14. Far
    Yale was only a 30-minute drive from Stars Hollow, close enough to Rory to pop home any time she desired (and there was nothing keeping her from showing up in the middle of the day, which she did as she pleased), but she was at school at night, and the house was empty, and it seemed to Lorelei that she was far away, indeed.

    15. Beyond
    Emily was not beyond taking matters into her own hands, as Lorelei already knew and Rory learned with dismay when Emily invited her whole class (and too many adults to count) to her sixteenth birthday party—people Rory didn’t know or like or care to spend time with, especially not today.

    16. Heal
    Rory’s wrist healed and the cast came off after a few weeks, but her heart was still in turmoil about her feelings for Jess—and so was Lorelei’s, though hers were more of the hatred toward the boy who hurt her girl and anger at his uncle, who hadn’t done enough to stop it.

    17. Steady
    Rory would never use the term “going steady” with anymore—because it was silly and archaic, not because she never did—but what she had with Jess seemed like the opposite of steady, regardless of the fact that he had willingly become her boyfriend; had, in fact, chased her and desired her enough to make her break it off with Dean.

    18. Aid
    Lorelei hadn’t asked her parents for anything since she’d fled their house when Rory was a baby—but this was for Rory, for her tuition to Chilton, the amazing school that would help her get into an amazing college and do amazing things—and there was no other way, so she strapped a little mental steel to her backbone and rang the doorbell.

    19. Kinship
    In all the years Lorelei was growing up, she never felt a kinship to her mother (frustration, anger, resentment—those, she felt in full), so it was nice that Emily had asked her to help pick out a present for Rory and was actually listening to her suggestions.

    20. Falter
    A small piece of Rory wondered what would happen if she sent Dean away and followed Jess off into the night—but he had hurt her too many times already, and she had gotten a little wiser; it was over between them.

    21. Heart
    Lorelei wanted to follow her heart into Max’s waiting arms and live happily ever after with a ring around her finger and a man in her house … but that wasn’t where her heart was, not with Max, and Lorelei couldn’t make herself walk down the aisle when she didn’t really, truly believe that this was right.

    22. Soul
    Paris would have sold her soul to get into Harvard and hadn’t made it; Rory, with far fewer extracurriculars and not as high a position on the student paper (or on anything else she and Paris did together), didn’t understand how Paris had been rejected while she’d made it into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

    23. Truth
    Dean said he wanted to be with her, that it was over with Lindsay, and Rory wanted to believe, had to believe, that it was the truth, no matter what Dean did or Lorelei said … no matter Lindsay’s voice on the other end of the line as she sleepily answered Dean’s phone when Rory called.

    24. Hope
    Lorelei hoped that Rory would get into Harvard and have a fabulous future; she wanted it so badly that she was willing, after all these years, to go to the Gilmore house when it wasn’t a holiday and beg her parents for money for Chilton.

    25. Faith
    Lorelei was willing to give Luke once last chance to get his act together and marry her already, but she didn’t have high hopes that he would move past his issues with being a father; she had lost faith that she was going to be Mrs. Luke Daines.

    26. Depth
    On first meeting (and second, and third …), Rory thought Tristan had absolutely no depth beyond being a rich, too-handsome party boy; it wasn’t until after Dean dumped her and Rory was free to get to know Tristan a little better that she learned that he was a good boy—when he wanted to be.

    27. Lovely
    Rory looked lovely in her dress for the dance, and everyone said so, even Emily; Lorelei, with a secret little smile, decided she’d wait a little while to tell her mother that she had made the dress.

    28. Distract
    Lorelei was distracted by the million things to do at the newly reopened Dragonfly Inn, so distracted that she had fallen asleep at her desk more than once (though, and Sookie had pointed out, only once on top of her stapler); in truth, she distracted herself with work while she wondered and worried about Rory.

    29. Bearing
    Sookie had always wanted to be a mom, but she had never, from the first time Jackson suggested it, wanted four in four; in fact, she had specifically sent him for a vasectomy so this situation wouldn’t happen again.

    30. Troublesome
    Jess rolled into town with the word “trouble” practically stamped across his forehead, and he was the type of boy Rory usually avoided at all costs, but he was book-smart, too, and she was attracted to him—and every girl fell for a bad boy at least once, right?

    31. Weave
    Lorelei looked at the girl’s long, curly hair, her glasses, her enthusiasm … and for a moment was so shocked that she couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe—and couldn’t, really, do anything but stare as the pattern of her future fell to pieces across the diner’s floor.

    32. Fray
    The quad was a mess of freshmen, getting their IDs and being told that RAs wouldn’t hold their heads after too many drinks; with a stab of pain so real she almost felt it, she was reminded of her own first day at Yale, when she never could have imagined that her life would turn into this.

    33. Friend
    Lorelei and Rory were mother and daughter, and they were also best friends; but even though Lorelei rarely, especially as Rory grew older, played the mom card, she always had it stashed away in the back of her mind, just in case.

    34. Brother
    Lorelei was not the least bit interested in Jackson’s brother, or cousin, or anyone in the family, as she repeatedly told Sookie, but someone, every time the clan came to town, she was besieged by them.

    35. Comrade
    Luke was Lorelei’s comrade in arms as long as he could stand: He gave her a loan, he poured her coffee, he gave her advice … but there came a point when being her friend wasn’t enough; he wanted more.

    36. Spouse
    Lorelei married Christopher, just like it was always supposed to be (with or without the baby), but they had grown up and grown apart, and she had never gotten over Luke—but even if she had, she realized, they were no longer meant to be.

    37. Child
    Lorelei cradled the baby in her arms alone—Christopher was nowhere to be seen, and the Gilmores were still in the waiting room—and she thought that she and the baby were alone, it was just them, so she named her after herself, so there could be two Lorelei Gilmores—together.

    38. Ever
    It was ever the same, Lorelei thought again and again, with the Gilmores—pain and anger and not much forgiveness—but after seven years, sharing her life with them had become natural again, so when she had the chance to walk away again, she decided, this time, to not take it.

    39. Never
    It was now or never, Logan had said, and as much and Rory loved him, she was still young; she couldn’t commit to a forever with him, so she wouldn’t marry him, and he walked away.

    40. Scorn
    Many of her parents’ friends—hell, her parents, too—scorned Lorelei’s choice to remain unwed and to leave town with a baby, but Lorelei saw starting over somewhere else as the only chance she and Rory had to live their lives and find their own way.

    41. Betrayal
    Emily had never really thought Luke was good enough for her daughter, and though she had never really thought Christopher was good enough, either, he was Rory’s father; it should have been them, and Emily would do everything she could to make it so.

    42. Potency
    Miss Patty’s Founders’ Day punch packed quite a kick, especially for those who weren’t used to it; Rory should have known better, after enough of Lorelei’s experiences, so Lorelei was dismayed to see her lying on the bathroom floor after too many cups, crying about a boy.

    43. Limit
    Lorelei had issues with her parents, and those issues were never going away—she couldn’t bring herself to tell them that she and Jason were dating for months, after all—but there was a limit to how far she could push; when Jason told her he was suing Richard, she had to walk away.

    44. Anchor
    Whenever Lorelei thought she was going to float away, Rory was the anchor that kept her steady; she was surprised, after all these years, to learn one night as she cried into his shoulder that Luke could be her anchor, too.

    45. Harbor
    Lorelei had never heard of Stars Hollow until she found herself there, wandering around with a baby in tow, looking for safe harbor; it didn’t take her long to realize that Stars Hollow was it, and she spent decades more convincing those she loved that it always would be.

    46. Adrift
    Rory was so upset she couldn’t think—how could Mitchum say she wasn’t cut out for this?—which is why she decided to do something so totally out of character as stealing a boat and dragging Logan along for the ride.

    47. Greetings
    Lane came up to Rory on the first day of school, and shy Rory made her first friend—a lifetime friend, through boyfriends and drama and college and babies, though everything—and she was almost as honored as her mother when Lane asked her to be the twins’ Lorelei.

    48. Goodbye
    Rory wasn’t sure why she’d come to Philadelphia, except that she was really proud of Jess—and she was mad, still so mad, at Logan—but she still loved Logan, and she no longer had feelings for Jess, so when he tried to rekindle something other than a very long-distance friendship, she said goodbye and walked away.

    49. Fleeting
    For a fleeting moment, it seemed, Lorelei’s life was finally coming together: She had a grown daughter, a successful inn, a wonderful fiancée … she should have known it couldn’t last.

    50. Eternal
    Nothing stayed the same forever—Rory moved away for her new job; Lorelei moved ahead with her business and her new life with Luke—but the Gilmore girls were still eternal.
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    I let out such a squee when I saw that you wrote for this fandom. Just . . . just perfect! (And that is some mighty fine grammar slaughtering. It died for a noble cause, and I can't complain the loss. :p)

    Really, there were bits and pieces that I loved in all of these, but here are some particulars:

    Wall: I think that that is everything I love about Luke/Lorelai in a nutshell. And Lorelai's caffeine addiction is shared and adored here. [face_laugh]

    Hidden: The shipper soul in me adored that to pieces. [face_love]

    Aid: I liked the 'strapping metal to her backbone'. It was such a Lorelai phase.

    Bearing: [face_laugh] Oh, I love Sookie and her brood. :p

    Ever: I loved the growth of her relationship with her parents, and this was just perfect. :)

    Anchor: Just . . . everything I love about the dynamics on this show. That was lovely. [face_love]

    Harbor: I loved the feeling that this sentence packed, with Lorelai finding where she belongs. :)

    Greeting: Just so adorable. I loved the longevity of their friendship. [face_love]

    Eternal: This was the perfect way to cap this sentence off. Just wonderful. =D=

    Wonderful sentences, all, Nat! [:D]
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    Mira: Thanks! I love the Gilmore Girls :D

    In my quest/NY resolution to finish all the challenges I started, here's a table from last February starring the one and only Barney Stinson.

    1. Facetious
    This is, at the very beginning, what you need to know: It is the core of his very essence (or, at least, what he has chosen to cloak his core in; in layers so thick that it takes years to penetrate just the slightest).

    2. Fardel
    He seemed, at first, a burden, and also oblivious to the fact that his friends treated him as such; but at some point, friendship, lasting friendship, grew out of Barney’s obnoxious, never-take-no attitude.

    3. Full
    His life was full—full of women, women whose names he didn’t remember beyond sneaking out of their beds before they awoke.

    4. Fancy
    But for all the womanizing, he always wore a suit; he treated them as if they were his children and mourned at their passing.

    5. Felicity
    And know this, too, that the womanizing never (until the end, at least) made him unhappy; he steadfastly refused to settle down.

    6. Facilitate
    He was happy to help his friends “get laid,” and he was happier still the few times they helped him.

    7. Frivolous
    And despite their disapproval—and they did not at all hesitate to express it—he was careless and frivolous and an over-grown man-child (with women and without).

    8. Foil
    He seemed the perfect foil—the man who was scared of commitment and the one who sought it.

    9. Fantasy
    Was it a dream life, a fantasy—yes, both because it seemed unattainable to the common man and because, for him, it shattered as easily as glass when the time came.

    10. Felicitation
    You wouldn’t, knowing him for years, expect him to feel that way, act that way—but a time came when he took a leap and never looked back, and he was happy.

    11. Graceful
    But that’s the end of our story, and to really tell it with some manner of grace and straightforwardness (as straightforward as any narrator can be), we have to start at the beginning.

    12. Gerstort
    He was … messed up, you might say; he certainly wouldn’t, but we learned later that being cruelly spurned by the woman he wanted to spend his life with turned him into a suit-wearing philanderer.

    13. Gnash
    Which, by the way, didn’t actually make him easier to tolerate.

    14. Gristly
    Why, I remember one time—and so many to choose from!—that we actually turned his stalker into a March Madness game because he’d messed with so many women that he couldn’t figure out who, among hundreds (or at least the top 64) could have it out for him so much.

    15. Gangly
    He was, and still is, a good-looking man (despite a youthful awkward stage that involved long hair and a hippie lifestyle).

    16. Ghastly
    And he was never above a practical joke—even dressing as a penguin one Halloween to try to prove a point (or so he said; I think he was just trying to prove how funny he thought he was).

    17. Gratify
    And how many times have I, in the last three decades, given him a high-five?

    18. Gore
    Or taken him to the hospital after he began feeling the effects that so often came after the words “Challenge accepted”?

    19. Gossamer
    Or was a (willing or not) prop in his thinly veiled attempt to get some poor woman into bed?

    20. Genuine
    Too many to count—but for all of that (and despite a certain memorable incident that ended with him being hit by a bus), he was, and still is, one of my very best friends.

    21. Hickory
    He was tough; no matter the challenge, he always accepted and never backed down.

    22. Harlot
    Especially if that challenge involved using crazy methods to get a woman (and it usually did).

    23. Hush
    And he was never, ever quiet—he always found some way (usually a loud and obnoxious way) to fill the silence—but you already knew that.

    24. Hindrance
    The first time we met, he pretended I was his deaf brother to score a chick—unfortunately for him, she knew sign language and so did I; I signed for her to give him a fake number.

    25. Hourly
    He said “Ted, I’m going to teach you how to live” and then proceeded to do so, every day, every hour, it seemed, until I finally gave in—and learned a little something myself.

    26. However
    But despite everything—the challenges, the womanizing, the suits and brandy and cigars and laser tag and living—there was a woman.

    27. Haughty
    A woman who, at the beginning, didn’t want either of us—that, by the way, was Robin.

    28. Half
    My relationship with her was supposed to be the story—but it was only half.

    29. Hostile
    After we broke up and decided, through the awkwardness, to remain friends, he slept with her—and even though I had moved on with someone else, it took him getting hit by a bus for me to forgive him for that.

    30. Hallucination
    I moved on, but he didn’t—the idea of her was there like a dream for an entire year (much the same as she was for me).

    31. Indeed
    Indeed, he fell for her, hard—the first time since his suitification that he’d really wanted a woman for more than just a night.

    32. Intrinsic
    It seemed, for a few wonderful weeks, that she was going to be an intrinsic part of his life.

    33. Impede
    It didn’t work out—not then, anyway—impeded by both their senses of independence and fear of commitment.

    34. Intrench
    He was once again intrenched in his womanizing life.

    35. Invidious
    But that core that had been opened didn’t shut, and he slowly became jealous of the idea of a stable relationship.

    36. Indigent
    He wouldn’t admit it, even to himself, but he wanted a relationship, a future with someone.

    37. Indefinite
    Enter Nora—and then, as quickly as she came, exit, because despite his attempts at a relationship with her, he was still in love with Robin.

    38. Infect
    It was as though she had infected him with relationship-it is, and he wanted her—but she was not free to want him in return.

    39. Intangible
    She became to him as intangible as a dream, but he did not stop wanting her.

    40. Interject
    Enter Quinn.

    41. Jussive
    He was used to being in charge, but she somehow managed to sweep him off his feet—all while refusing to commit to anything longer than a lap dance.

    42. Jabber
    His persistence won her; he convinced her to give him a shot.

    43. Jibe
    And his persistence led to a career change for her, but she couldn’t get him to give up something for her: Robin.

    44. Judicial
    And exit Quinn.

    45. Jaunt
    Robin still wasn’t free, but after some thought (and a confession of feelings), he knew what he had to do.

    46. Jangled
    He shoved his relationship—a “real” relationship—in her face.

    47. Jealousy
    Her jealousy forced her to reveal her feelings.

    48. Joust
    She went to fight for him and learned that she’d already won him.

    49. Juxtapose
    And it was her dressed in white at his wedding.

    50. Join
    Kids, this is the story of your uncle Barney.
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    Oh that was an awesome set Nat! I love the structure for this one and everything is so right about Barney.
  7. Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape

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    I absolutely love it when you write for this fandom. You have these characters down pat. :cool:=D= I love how you wound this together as one whole, cohesive story - hard to do, especially with a couple of words in this set. 8-}

    Hourly and Gore jumped out at me and made me giggle, and the 'enter Quinn' and 'exit Quinn' was just great storytelling - but the real icing on the cake was the last few here. Just the perfect way to wrap these up. [face_love]
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    Master_Jaina: Thanks! I've done so many of these that I wanted to mess around a little and see what I could make :D I'm glad you like Barney!

    Mira: Aww, thank you! I really enjoy these characters; I always worry that I don't make the guys funny enough 8-} I particularly enjoyed the enter/exit Quinn ones, too :D

    For this February's challenge: Lord of the Rings. The prompts just spoke to me :p I can't say I did these nearly as well as the others I've read and enjoyed, but it certainly was fun :)

    1. Journey

    It would be a long journey, Gandalf feared, and he sighed unhappily; he had never meant to drag Frodo this far, and he feared that the young Hobbit would never be the same.

    2. Guide

    Sam wasn’t so sure about this Strider at first, but after the ranger saved them from the Ringwraiths, he decided they had no choice but to follow him; besides, Strider seemed to know where they were going.

    3. Guardian

    Tom Bombadil was the guardian of the forest and the creatures in it; for all that the ring could destroy it, Tom knew that his duty was to remain here, where he had always been.

    4. Endeavor

    It was a mighty task, to take the ring to Mount Doom—but someone had to do it, Frodo reasoned, and it seemed to … call … to him.

    5. Hospitality

    Galadriel’s hospitality was only paralleled by that of Elrond, and after their narrow escape in the mines and the loss of Gandalf, the company could use a rest.

    6. Breakfast

    Breakfast was one of the most important meals of the day, Pippin reasoned—nearly as important as second breakfast.

    7. Lunch

    It was to be Elven bread again, and for all that it was better than any bread Frodo had ever tasted, even it was beginning to wear on him.

    8. Dinner

    Merry figured the Uruk-hai had orders to take them to Saruman, but not all of them seemed to feel the need to obey the white wizard; they needed to get out of there before they ended up being orc dinner.

    9. Snack

    Denethor’s idea of a “snack” set Pippin’s mouth watering, but he sang on, trying to keep his oath and remain oblivious, despite the gnawing hunger pains.

    10. Tea

    A cup of tea would warm them up, yes, and some sausages—but what they didn’t realize was that the fire on Weathertop would be visible from miles away—visible to those who were hunting them.

    11. Wine

    Sam didn’t like to drink more than a little, and he really didn’t like the look of the size of those pints; too much alcohol could cloud their judgment when they needed their wits.

    12. Memory

    The Shire seemed only to exist in Frodo’s memory—the green valleys, the rolling hills, the quiet woods … and after everything, when he returned and it was still there, unchanged, he learned that the reality of his new world would never stand up to the thoughts of his old.

    13. Comfort

    Sam brought Frodo more comfort than he could say; a true friend who came after him again and again, willing to follow him to the very gates of hell.

    14. Owning

    The ring, though born by others, only belonged to Sauron the Deceiver; those who thought otherwise quickly learned their error.

    15. Rampant

    The horse reared, throwing its rider, and raced back across Pelenor field, leaving only the dead behind.

    16. Home

    Merry and Pippin were no longer content to stay in one unadventurous place, and Frodo was too haunted to remain; but Sam settled down, and the Shire was, for a long time more, his home.

    17. Afar

    Valinor was across the sea—far enough, Frodo thought, for him to run from the invisible scars the ring had left on his soul.

    18. Once

    The stories all started with “once upon a time,” but what they left out, Frodo decided, was the part where the hero thought he might never make it to the “happily ever after.”

    19. Double

    Merry and Pippin together were double the trouble (and double the fun, some might say, but “some” wasn’t Gandalf, who, he thought again and again, never should have let them come).

    20. Triple

    Three Elven lords were given rings, but those three rings together, powerful as they were, couldn’t hold a candle to the might of the One Ring.

    21. Wonder

    Lothlorien was a place of wonder and enchantment so amazing that even Gimli couldn’t help but be swayed by the forest and its mistress.

    22. Order

    It was the natural order of things for children to lose their parents; it was unnatural, Theodin thought, that he should bury his son.

    23. Eventual

    History became legend, legend became myth, and the ring faded out of memory, awaiting its return to its master.

    24. Capacity

    Aragorn’s capacity for patience was large; Bornheld was much quicker to anger, and to laughter, and the Hobbits thought they rather preferred the ranger.

    25. Talent

    Galadriel had a talent for Seeing, but even she could not see everything; only what might be.

    26. Attention

    Gandalf tried to cross the mountains out of fear of drawing the attention of the creature that lay in the depths, but for all his careful planning—and even more careful travelling—he could not avoid the Balrog.

    27. Volume

    The sound of the armor rolling down the well was deafening in the silence—and alerted to their located those who Gandalf hoped to avoid.

    28. Racket

    The din was incredible, echoing off the vaulted ceilings of Moria, as the Orcs chased the company through the mines.

    29. Swift

    Gandalf rode swiftly, hoping to reach the Rhohirrim in time to save those at Helm’s Deep.

    30. Untouchable

    The Witch-King of Agmar felt untouchable as he glided through the carnage of Pellinor Field, swinging his deadly blade—but “no man” left so much room for a death the Nazghul was too arrogant to acknowledge.

    31. Sneak

    Gandalf was aware of Gollum sneaking behind the company, but he laid in wait; the creature still had a part to play.

    32. Storm

    Rain wasn’t the ideal condition for battle, but Aragorn knew it could only help them now—the orcs’ torches could be doused and the ground they moved on turned to mud.

    33. Line

    The line gave way for a large orc bearing a torch—one the defenders of Helm’s Deep couldn’t stop him using to blow an entrance into the wall for his comrades to pour through.

    34. Cross

    They had to cross the marshes somehow, and Gollum had warned them not to follow the lights, but Frodo found them so … seductive …

    35. Point

    Boromir drew his sword and pointed it at Frodo, who promptly disappeared—he had known it would come to this and was disappointed, though not surprised; he had to do this alone.

    36. Turmoil

    The remaining ranks of the army of Gondor were in turmoil, waiting for Denethor to step off the throne that wasn’t his and save them.

    37. Strength

    All strength fled as Denethor looked upon the body of his second son, and he only saw one thing left—to join his boys in the afterlife.

    38. Practice

    Boromir didn’t see the harm in giving the Hobbits a little practice with the sword; on this journey, they would surely need it.

    39. Acquire

    Bilbo had acquired the ring through less than honest means, but that didn’t mean Frodo was willing to trust Gollum with it; the opposite, in fact.

    40. Scent

    Legolas followed the band of Uruk-hai through track and through scent—but they arrived too late.

    41. Defense
    The defenders of Helm’s Deep were men who had seen too many winters and boys who had seen too few; Aragorn doubted they could be saved, but he was determined to fight and die alongside them as one of them.

    42. Shimmer

    Frodo saw the Shire burner, and then the water shimmered and it was gone, only a fragment of what might be, not what had already come to pass—but a fragment that haunted his nightmares.

    43. Sworn

    Pippin had sworn his service to Denethor as payment for Boromir’s sacrifice; Gandalf thought it was foolishness, but it was the only way Pippin could assuage his conscious in the face of the Steward’s grief.

    44. Secret

    The back passage to Mordor than ran past Minas Morghul was a secret known only to a few; Gollum was one of them, but he neglected to mention that he chose the way because of a horror other than the Witch-King—and that was Gollum’s secret.

    45. Tale

    Frodo had not really thought they would tell his tale, but into the Fourth Age, children across Middle earth were told the story of the Destroyer of the Ring—even if they got a few parts wrong.

    46. Willing

    Sam was willing to follow Frodo anywhere; it was that steadfast loyalty that saved Frodo more times than he could count—and it was up to Sam, really, that the ring was destroyed—Sam and Gollum.

    47. Simply

    Nothing was ever simple, but there were enough complications on this particular journey to give Gandalf a rather nasty headache.

    48. Pursuit

    The Hobbits ran through the woods, trying to avoid the dark riders who only wanted one thing: the ring.

    49. Yearn

    Sam yearned for the Shire; Frodo could barely remember it.

    50. Entry

    The company—what remained of it—entered Frodo’s room, one by one, and for the first time in months, Frodo knew real joy.
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    I have been looking forward to reading these all day! Hooray for the Tolkien fic! [face_dancing]

    And what marvelous sentences they were, at that. :D Some particulars I liked . . .

    Endeavor: A very telling sentence.
    Memory: A bitter sentence. Poor Frodo, to so save everyone at the cost of himself. :(
    Owning: A simple sentence, but powerful. And chilling. =D=
    Double: [face_laugh] I love how Gandalf, Nienna's own disciple, has his patience tried by a pair of hobbits. A great sentence. :p
    Order: Poor Théoden. :( War is unkind to many families, and every time I hear him say that line, I get choked up.
    Talent: A great look at Galadriel. :)
    Untouchable: I liked the 'no man' line. :p A perfect prompt for the Witch-King. :)
    Tale: This one I liked. Already history is becoming legend, an we all know how that story goes. :p

    Excellent work, once again. =D=
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    Mira: Thanks! (Again, almost a year later 8-} )

    But I am determined not to give up on these, so ...

    MARCH 2013: The Wheel of Time (books 1 and 2)

    01. Meet

    The first time Rand al’Thor met Min Farshaw, he was a scared farmboy running from horrors he’d thought were just stories, and she was a mysterious young woman—but he only had eyes for Egwene, and he never thought he’d see her again.

    02. Part

    Going into Shadar Logoth—the dead, haunted remains of once-great Aridhol—had been their only choice, Moiraine said, but in running from the ancient spirit that had ruined the city, their group was parted.

    03. Interpret

    They were alive, Moiraine said, all three boys, though only one had kept her special coin on him; but the others had been with Thom Merrilin in Whitebridge, and she would have known if they hadn’t escaped the attack there.

    04. Tether

    Lan was tethered to Moiraine by a bond Nynaeve didn’t truly understand, but she was determined to figure out how to win him to her.

    05. Majority

    The majority of men who could channel, Moiraine said, went insane—and the rest were stilled, had the power stripped from them, she added, gazing at them serenely, ignoring their shudders of horror.

    06. Self

    Mat Cauthon had no interest in getting himself entangled in Moiraine’s schemes—a pair of dice and a pretty wench, that’s all he wanted—but Rand was sick, sicker than Mat had ever seen anyone, so he followed orders to head for Caemlyn, dragging his friend along.

    07. Near

    Moiraine could tell the boys were near; she headed unswervingly in the direction of their inn.

    08. Scold

    Nynaeve was one for scolding, but Moiraine was old enough to know not to waste her energy; the boys were all alive, and that was the only thing that mattered now.

    09. Scorch

    Rand’s hands and knees were red and burning—what fool farmboy would fall out of a tree?—but they were nothing to the red of his face when he realized that the pretty red-haired girl who found him was none other than Daughter-Heir Elayne Trankand.

    10. Forseen

    Elaida do’Avriny a’Roihan—Elaida Aes Sedai, to most—had the power of Foretelling, and she could See that this young farmboy—this Rand al’Thor—was more important than he seemed; he still had a part to play, and Elaida was determined to figure out what it would be.

    11. Prior

    Moiraine had had enough run-ins with Elaida to want to avoid her; even if she hadn’t had other urgent reasons to get the boys out of the city, that would have spurred her to leave as quickly as possible.

    12. Later

    She gave enough information to get her young followers going, but she left a few things for later, when it was too late to turn back from their quest to the Eye of the World.

    13. Latter

    She watched Perrin, Mat, and Rand carefully; it was the latter, she was sure, she had been looking for, but they were all ta’veren, all important—otherwise, why would the Dark One’s minions be chasing them all?

    14. Majesty

    Egwene sniffed and refused to believe Rand’s claims of meeting Queen Morgase and her children; Rand decided to keep his mouth shut, wondering if he’d accidentally hurt his friend with his description of the beautiful Elayne.

    15. Harmony

    Once, Moiraine explained, there had been male and female Aes Sedai who worked together—before the Dark One, as he has sealed into the Pit of Doom by Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions—corrupted the male half of the One Power and sent the make Aes Sedai mad.

    16. Spin

    Aes Sedai were sworn to tell only the true, and theirs Oaths bound them to it, but Nynaeve knew they had a way of sliding around words to make listeners hear one thing when they said another.

    17. Detail

    Nynaeve loved Lan—Rand didn’t know how (or why—the Warder was silent and stoic, not exactly the romantic type), and he would never have picked up on that little detail if he hadn’t overheard their conversation.

    18. Sweat

    They broke free of winter when they entered the territory of the Green Man, and Rand’s face broke out with a light sheen of sweat—one he was grateful for after camping in the chill air.

    19. Sweet

    The air here was sweet—it was the heart of all living things, and Rand felt like he’d finally (after a journey longer and more dangerous than he would ever have imagined) come home.

    20. Heritage

    But they were not long for resting before the Eye of the World was attacked by two of the Forsaken, and Rand had to pick up a sword and fight the Dark One himself in yet another round of a war that had spanned all the ages.

    21. Curse

    Nynaeve cursed (silently; she didn’t tolerate those words out loud from the boys, after all) her inability to take on the Forsaken as she would have liked.

    22. Affair

    What Moiraine did was her own affair, but as Rand fought a battle against two powerful, experienced wielders of the One Power, Nynaeve cursed again the day that the Aes Sedai had appeared and changed all their lives forever.

    23. Warrant

    This battle alone didn’t warrant the Borderlanders’ march to Tarwin’s Gap, but Rand was determined to save them anyway—even though he wasn’t quite sure how he’d ended up there, so far from the Eye of the World.

    24. Explore

    After the release of power, Rand came to slowly, his fingers gently exploring the wounds he’d sustained as he marveled that he had battled the Dark One and won.

    25. Explain

    Moiraine didn’t explain then—not who he was, not why he’d been able to unleash that power, not who he had really fought that day—there would be time enough later, when they were safe and well in a Borderland stronghold.

    26. Urge

    Mat didn’t hide his urge to run—softening his options was not his style—but Rand kept his mouth shut about his own urges—like the one to seize the tainted male half of the One Power.

    27. Drawn

    Rand would have liked to flee, but when Padan Fain fled and left butchering Trollocs in his wake, he had no choice but to fight—and then to follow the Darkfriend who had stolen the Horn of Valere.

    28. Account

    Rand had expected Perrin and Mat to call him into account for his horrid behavior, but he didn’t expect his two best friends to turn away from his so completely.

    29. Circular

    They were going in circles, chasing Fain and the Horn and the dagger he carried—the one from Shadar Logoth that would heal Mat or end his life—and Rand worried that they wouldn’t find him until it was too late.

    30. Allowance

    The lady in white was willing to make allowances for Rand’s youth … but he was obviously a great hero, she said; she wouldn’t wait forever.

    31. Give

    Rand needed help, especially from a man as loyal and trustworthy as Thom, but the gleeman wanted as far away from the Aes Sedai and their machinations and possible, and Rand didn’t blame him.

    32. Take

    It was a Darkfriend who changed Thom’s mind—the one who slaughtered his young lover to retrieve the dagger and the Horn of Valere.

    33. Blessing

    It was, perhaps, a blessing that Rand sent them into the future when he moved them to the Almoth Plain—Mat wouldn’t have survived a months-long chase across Tarabon without the dagger to sustain him.

    34. Resolve

    Mat might not believe in him—might not trust him, even—but Rand would do anything to save his friend, and he was determined to stop Fain.

    35. Moderate

    It was moderately easy to sneak into Falme, but it wouldn’t be nearly as easy to get out of Seanchan-held territory with the Horn.

    36. Vendor

    Falme was in chaos—guards were running toward the attacking army; street vendors were packing up—the citizens were nowhere to be found.

    37. Phrase

    The Seanchan general was a blademaster, and Rand knew he was not, despite the heron-marked sword he carried—but by the end of the fight, the general was dead and the young man had earned his title.

    38. Record

    The records later spoke of two men fighting in the sky, but all Rand knew was Ba’alzamon … and fire.

    39. Cherish

    After the fight, it was the girls who found Rand and kept him alive, despite a festering wound that refused to heal, but it was Min, not Egwene, who curled up against him to keep him warm.

    40. Consolation

    When Egwene found them, Min just stared her down, and Egwene turned and walked away, her only consolation that she had known, even if she hadn’t wanted to admit, that Rand was not her future.

    41. Linger

    Elayne was worried about moving Rand too quickly, but none of them wanted to linger in Falme with the Seanchan, even as the warriors Mat had summoned with the Horn of Valere beat the overseas warriors back.

    42. Current

    Bayle Domon saw the Seanchan being defeated and hurried toward the dock, relieved to be free and determined to stay that way as he let the currents carry his boat away to find safe harbor.

    43. Bygone

    They were the heroes of bygone ages—Birgitte Silverbow and Artur Hawkwing and too many other to name—and as they faded after the battle, Mat stared after them, unable to believe that they had come to answer his call.

    44. Nowadays

    There was no time to linger in wonder, though; even after the Seanchan defeat, Moiraine wanted her young charges away from Falme as quickly as possible, especially with Rand so grievously wounded.

    45. Together

    Together, they left the Almoth Plain, the group that had, nearly a year before, fled the Two Rivers with Trollocs in pursuit—though now they had a few more friends to help them.

    46. Apart

    The togetherness wasn’t to last; Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene had to return to the White Tower to continue their studies, and Moiraine wanted to hide in the mountains until Rand healed.

    47. Continue

    Moiraine was sure this wasn’t the last she would see of the girls; she had no powers of Foretelling, but she knew that they were tied tightly to Rand’s future, even without Min’s viewings.

    48. Solitude

    But though he was surrounded by friends and followers, Rand still left alone, apart, because of his power—and who he was.

    49. Infinity

    The battles ahead were his to fight, even as they had been Lews Therin Telamon’s three thousand years before.

    50. Forever

    Let the Dragon ride again on the Winds of time!
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    Yes! More sentences!! I am so happy to see these up and going again. (And, that said, I too have a table or ten to finish. :oops::p)

    I have not yet read the Wheel of Time - it's another book on my too-read list - but these were awesome. Epic and sweeping and just fun to read, even without knowing much about the characters. =D=

    I can't wait to see what you come up with next. =D=

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    Mira: I have mixed feelings about the series as a whole (it's quite a slog--and I haven't finished the last of the 14 books!), but I feel like every fantasy fan should at least give them a try! They're iconic. I'm glad you enjoyed them anyway!

    This next set is from February 2012. I started it pre-move, then when we got back, I totally forgot about it and did another fandom for that month. But then I found these and couldn't resist--I love The Age of Five! (By Trudi Canavan, if anyone's interested in checking them out.)

    01. Facetious

    Mirar was very serious when he needed to be—and after a thousand years of life, he was smart enough to know when to behave—but sometimes, Emerahl thought he was too silly, trying to bring levity to situations that needed careful thought.

    02. Fardel

    The package didn’t hold much, but mementos of Auraya’s former life—letters from an old lover, gifts from her parents—were to be treasured, since she would live long after everyone she knew was gone.

    03. Full

    Auraya was fun and inquisitive and full of life, and even though age and duties had made her more thoughtful and serious, Leiard was glad to see the girl he’d known hadn’t been crushed by her duty to the gods—yet.

    04. Fancy

    It was just a fancy, Auraya thought, it would pass—but it didn’t, especially when she learned her feelings for Leiard were returned, and she couldn’t help but give in.

    05. Felicity

    For a few weeks—a few wonderful, blissful weeks—Auraya was happy.

    06. Facilitate

    The White had specially trained helpers to grow many of the rings, but Auraya had to grow this one itself for it to allow its wearer to connect with her, and to do that, she had to be in a good state of mind—or the wearer would go mad with grief.

    07. Frivolous

    Emerahl was not a frivolous woman; time and strife had taught her that very few things last, and there were many times when she just made do with what little she had.

    08. Foil

    Auraya still claimed devotion to the gods, but she remembered Huan’s anger when Auraya refused to kill Mirar, and she knew that the goddess would make her pay.

    09. Fantasy

    When they couldn’t be together, Leiard was Auraya’s fantasy lover; though she knew dream-linking had been forbidden by the gods she worshipped, she couldn’t help but link with her lover in their dreams.

    10. Felicitation

    Auraya did not send greetings or congratulations or advice to the White who replaced her; it was not her place anymore, and she did not was to seem presumptuous.

    11. Graceful

    The Siyee made flying look graceful, which Auraya still found tricky, but she was ecstatic that she could soar through the air as they could.

    12. Gerstort

    Rian trusted the gods’ judgment in all things, but sometimes he looked at Auraya and wondered if they had made a mistake.

    13. Gnash

    There was no point in gnashing his teeth and worrying about Auraya, but Mirar couldn’t help it; she was caught in enemy territory as surely as he was, and Nekuan had ample reason to want her dead.

    14. Auraya

    It was difficult for Auraya to accept that Leiard had betrayed her, and it was even harder to guess why, but when she saw the southern forces exit the mountains, all thoughts of her lover were replaced by worry for her own armies.

    15. Gangly

    Auraya was tall and slim, but she was no longer the gangly girl she’d been the last time Leiard had seen her; she had grown into a woman.


    The conditions in the dungeon were horrible, and day by day, Auraya felt her spirit breaking a little more.

    17. Gratify

    Imenja refused to gratify Nekuan by yelling at him for the way he treated Reivan—especially when she couldn’t do anything to punish him—but she vowed to protect her assistant from further harm.

    18. Gore

    It would be a long time before the ground soaked up all the blood that had been spilled this day, Auraya thought sadly as she helped usher the Circle’s troops away from their hard-earned victory.

    19. Gossamer

    Auraya watched, enthralled, as the Siyee’s gossamer wings allowed her to land gently atop the tower roof.

    20. Genuine

    Reivan grinned at Imenja, and Imenja smiled back, pleased at the unexpected—thought genuine—friendship she felt for the younger woman.

    21. Hickory

    The furniture was old but sturdy, just like everything else in Emerahl’s home—just like Emerahl herself.

    22. Harlot

    It would not be the first time Emerahl had turned to this trade to hide—from others or from her own memories—and she doubted it would be the last.

    23. Hush

    Auraya tried to calm herself, but she couldn’t stop her own tears at Leiard’s betrayal.

    24. Hindrance

    He wouldn’t stop these southern magicians, Mirar thought, as long as they left him and his Dreamweavers alone—he had learned his lesson about interfering.

    25. Hourly

    Auraya was checking the time every hour, she realized, and tried to force herself to stop, but her excitement at seeing Leiard was too great.

    26. However

    Leiard couldn’t stop loving Auraya, but he knew their union would bring noting but pain, so he allowed Mirar to take over and destroy the love he’d built with the young White.

    27. Haughty

    Emerahl thought Auraya was haughty, no better than the rest of the White—but at Mirar’s insistence, she got to know the woman who could—maybe, maybe—become one of them, and her feelings began to change.

    28. Half

    Half the gods didn’t like her, Auraya knew, but as long as she had Chaia, she was safe; she didn’t need Huan, but she knew to be careful of the vengeful goddess.

    29. Hostile

    Huan was outright hostile to Auraya, especially after the White refused to kill Mirar, and she was a dangerous enemy to have.

    30. Hallucination

    Leiard dreamed of the tower falling, and woke up in a cold sweat, as he had so many times before, not understanding what was causing his visions.

    31. Indeed

    Indeed, Leiard would never be able to understand—but Mirar could (with a little help).

    32. Intrinsic

    Auraya’s ability to become an Immortal was not a gift from the gods but an intrinsic part of her—one they could not take away.

    33. Impede

    None tried to stop her when she renounced her position as one of the White; in fact, Ruan was not the only one relieved to see her go.

    34. Intrench

    But that was, perhaps, a mistake, Juran thought later; he was not so sure that this new White could really replace Auraya.

    35. Invidious

    Huan was unpleasant and always had been, but she was one of them, and the others were not as willing to ignore her as Chaia, smitten with the Immortal, was.

    36. Indigent

    Ellareen, newest of the White, was one of the most indigent when Auraya and her friends orchestrated the deaths of the gods; she felt like her status had been snatched too quickly by her jealous predecessor.

    37. Indefinite

    Mirar wasn’t sure how long he wanted to remain in the hot countries of the south, but because he was welcomed here and hunted in the north, he decided to make his stay indefinite.

    38. Infect

    The disease spread rapidly among the Siyee, and Auraya and the Immortal could scarcely keep up.

    39. Intangible

    Auraya had no proof that Mirar wouldn’t cause harm to her or those she loved and protected, but something within her told her that if she let him go, he wouldn’t give her cause to regret it.

    40. Interject

    Huan was never present at a meeting of the gods without interjecting her own opinion—rather vocally.

    41. Jussive

    Huan was clear in her instructions to Auraya: Kill Mirar or suffer.

    42. Jabber

    Auraya had never been one to jabber on, but Nekuan was certainly willing to talk nonstop—a guise that Auraya did not let fool her.

    43. Jibe

    Auraya would not allow her former White to hurt her, whatever their scorn; in containing the gods, she had stopped a war that would have taken many lives.

    44. Judicial

    The Immortals were jury and judge—but Chaia himself was the executioner, and though Auraya hurt, she eventually saw that she had been right to save her people.

    45. Jaunt

    Mirar asked if she wanted to go back to the land bridge after the armies had left—the Immortals were still camped nearby—but Auraya couldn’t face it yet, maybe ever.

    46. Jangled

    The chess compartment make a noise, and then he found it—Auraya’s ring.

    47. Jealousy

    They were jealous, these gods, and the Dreamweavers refused to worship them—so they were destroyed.

    48. Joust

    Ruan was always willing to walk into a fight for the peace of the continent and the glory of the gods.

    49. Juxtapose

    North and south—they were not so different, Auraya thought—and why would they be, when they worshipped the same gods?

    50. Join

    Auraya joined the Immortals, and they became a band of six, roving the continents (and the ocean), apart from the world in many ways, but still a part of the world in a way the gods could never be.
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    Oooh, once again, I love how you delve into these books. You are always showing me a new world with your work. [face_thinking]

    Again, this is another book I have not read, but I enjoyed getting to know Auraya through these pieces, and getting a glimpse at the Immortals and Gods and everyone else, it seemed. I loved the sentences with the Siyee and the dream sharing. Just beautiful. =D=

    I can't wait to see what you come up with next, now. [:D]
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    Mira: You should absolutely read this trilogy! It's wonderful :p Of course, I spoil you about all of these books ... :p

    And for my next trick ... :p I recently finished the first season of Arrow, and these prompts just spoke to me :D

    01. Known

    Oliver Queen should have known better than to take Sarah—his girlfriend’s sister!—on the boat, but he was scared of falling too fast for Laurel, and this was the easiest out he could think of.

    02. Kindle

    He had kindled the flame of her love into hate, he was sure—running off with her sister, who didn’t survive the storm.

    03. Keep

    But Oliver still kept with him the small photo Laurel had folded into his hand before he left, and he looked at it often, regretting what he’d done.

    04. Knock

    The crash and the island—and the very dangerous men on it—had knocked Oliver around, quite literally, but he couldn’t let go of the hope that someday, he’d make it home—home to her.

    05. Keen

    But first, he had to survive the island, and a man who was very keen on seeing him dead, though Oliver was not sure why—it was hardly like a spoiled playboy was a danger to anyone, after all.

    06. Kindred

    Slade was hardly the kindred spirit Oliver was hoping for when he learned he was stuck on the island with someone named Wilson—after all, the ASIS agent was as hard as Oliver was soft, a trained killer who couldn’t afford to have mercy—but he was the only ally Oliver had.

    07. Kindly

    And it wasn’t like Slade didn’t treat Oliver kindly, in his own way (after threatening to kill him a couple times).

    08. Keel

    Without him, Oliver would have keeled over dead of exhaustion and starvation—or worse, been caught again by the mercenaries who had almost tortured him to death.

    09. Knife

    Slade train him to use a sword and knife—but it was Shado who taught him to use the bow, and Oliver thought of her every time he picked one up.

    10. Kalon

    Shado was brave, beautiful, and strong, and despite their circumstances—trapped on an island and hunted by mercenaries—Oliver couldn’t help being attracted to Yao Fey’s daughter.

    11. Languid

    Oliver’s eyes opened slowly as he returned to the present from memories of his five years on the island and the people he’d hated—and loved—in Purgatory.

    12. Luscious

    Laurel—five years older and with a fiery purpose in her eyes—was even more beautiful than Olive remembered, but after all this time—and after what he’d done—Oliver didn’t except her to forgive him.

    13. Limb

    Oliver might be back in Starling City, but he wasn’t done fighting; his muscles bunched as he lifted the bar up, determined to maintain his strength.

    14. Lithic

    His muscles were as hard as stone—a shock, perhaps, to his friends and family, who remembered his lean physique—but they were also covered with scars, a testament to his ordeals on the island.

    15. Ludicrous

    His mother and sister wanted him to step back into his former personality, but that could never happen; Oliver had a job to do and his father’s mission to carry out.

    16. Liquid

    Oliver saw the tears well up in Thea’s eyes when she looked at him, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t grant her wish; he couldn’t give her her old brother back.

    17. Luminous

    The night was young and the party was filled with dancing, laughing, gorgeous people—but Oliver needed to take care of a few things before he could truly enjoy his welcome-home bash.

    18. Late

    Adam Hunt waited for the archer in green until the city grew dark, and he wasn’t disappointed—the mystery man appeared … armed with more than just skill.

    19. Latent

    Responsibility might have been a latent personality trait, but five years on the island had changed him.

    20. Lethargic

    If John Diggle had hoped to be charged with the safety of a lazy playboy who slept half the day away, he was sorely disappointed.

    21. Muster

    It wasn’t that Oliver mustered the courage to admit his secrets; rather, his bodyguard found him and saved his life … and wanted some answers.

    22. Mesmerized

    Oliver hadn’t, perhaps, expected Diggle to me mesmerized by the Hood’s secret mission, but he had hoped that the man wouldn’t turn away from him so completely.

    23. Mire

    But Diggle couldn’t stand by as Oliver dove into the mire and muck of the city’s worst; he needed to do everything he could to help—his brother would have.

    24. Mouth

    The only parts of Helena that were visible were her hair and her mouth, and it was the latter that Oliver traced with his eyes and then his tongue, ignoring the warning in the back of his mind—a warning that came in Diggle’s voice—that he should get out while he could.

    25. Majesty

    Helena had a beauty fit for a queen, but Oliver didn’t fancy that she wanted a long-term commitment with him.

    26. Malefic

    She wanted revenge for her fiancee’s murder, and she would stop at nothing—not even killing her own father—to have it.

    27. Meaning

    There was some meaning in this list of names, Felicity was sure of it—just as she was sure that the list was the reason Walter Steele had gone missing.

    28. Mate

    Despite knowing that her longtime friend Malcom had taken Walter and that he—unlike her previous husband—was safe, Moira still worried; she had already lost one husband, and she was determined not to lose another.

    29. Mourn

    Thea, watching her mother mourn another spouse, was determined to help—until she saw Moira with Malcom Merlyn and started to suspect that all was not right with the Queen matriarch.

    30. Manacle

    Determined to be free, Thea happily ingested the little pill they called Vertigo—and ended up captured more tightly than ever … and led away from the scene of her accident in cuffs.

    31. Nurture

    It was in Laurel’s nature to nurture—and that, she told herself again and again, was why she pushed Thea to do community service with her … not because Thea’s older brother had asked for help.

    32. Narcissist

    Thea wasn’t full of herself, despite the façade, but she was (newly) determined to have justice; whoever the purse-snatcher was, she would find him.

    33. Name

    Roy Harper, she thought, I have you now!

    34. Nimble

    Her purse-snatcher was quick, but not too quick to avoid a knife-wound … he received while saving Thea.

    35. Neutral

    Roy Harper was handsome, which she had seen from the first, but he was also heroic, whether he wanted recognition or not—and Thea’s heart started to hammer; she was quickly losing her neutral cool and starting to fall for this boy.

    36. Nocturnal

    Oliver’s nocturnal habits were disguised by his in-progress club; who better to run the joint than his best friend?

    37. Narrow

    It was a narrow line between mercy and murder, and though he killed people, Oliver convinced himself—and Diggle and Felicity—that intentions and a just cause maybe, just maybe, didn’t pave the road to hell.

    38. Need

    Oliver didn’t need Officer McKenna Hall—not the way he needed Laurel, like he couldn’t breathe if she didn’t—but he couldn’t have Laurel, and McKenna was great fun, even though they were both firmly grown-ups.

    39. Nisus

    But though he truly had feelings for McKenna, Oliver couldn’t let him get in the way of his goal to keep the city safe, and he left her hanging more times than he wanted to admit.

    40. Nuance

    There were no nuances in Helena’s game, just directness—and McKenna felt the same way; she wanted an honest break rather than painful lies.

    41. Obviate

    The look in Tommy’s eyes, the feel of Laurel’s arms—Oliver had a difficult decision to make, but his friends made it easier; if he went after the man who murdered Diggle’s brother, he could cost his friends their lives.

    42. Overlook

    Oliver hadn’t intended to overlook Diggle’s feelings, but when it came time to choose, he chose to help Laurel, and he couldn’t kid himself that he had moved beyond his feelings for her.

    43. Ours

    Oliver loved Laurel, but there were some secrets he could never share with her, and what was a life together with so any secrets to keep them apart?

    44. Ornate

    Oliver didn’t have an ornate plan; all he had was a desperate need to rescue the man he deemed a worthy stepfather.

    45. Omniscient

    Malcolm Merlyn wasn’t omniscient, and that saved Moira’s life; but he might as well have been, for all the secrets he knew and the power he wielded.

    46. Ornament

    Thea was determined to be no one’s pretty ornament; when push came to shove, she would fight for the ones she loved—including Roy.

    47. Obscure

    Malcolm had long obscured his fighting abilities—his last secret, the one that nearly cost Oliver his life—but in the end, they weren’t enough to defeat the Hood.

    48. Only

    Oliver and Tommy only had a few precious more moments together, so Oliver lied to bring the other man peace and begged forgiveness for the sins that had led to his best friend’s death.

    49. Oneiric

    Oliver walked out of a dream—a nightmare—and into the streets, so caught up in his own horror that he couldn’t comprehend the nightmare that was Starling City.

    50. Omnipotent

    Oliver didn’t know everything; in fact, he only knew one thing: he had to escape.
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    I am so behind on Arrow. :oops: I couldn't get into the first few episodes, but I have heard good reviews from a few whose opinions I absolutely trust, so I should give it another whirl in the future. [face_thinking] And yet, until then . . .

    Kindred: Slade! I need to catch up on this just for all of my DC references. :p I loved this sentence.

    Mouth: The flow and style of this was just beautifully written. She's a dangerous handful in any 'verse.

    Narrow: An excellent line for any vigilante really. I liked the emotional and moral implications of his work here. =D=

    Omnipotent: [face_laugh] The perfect spot to leave it! I liked the bite of humor with the urgency here. :p

    Great job, again! I can't wait to see what you do next. [:D]
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