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Story [Multifandom] "Going Ever On", 50 Sentence Challenge, Feb: The Hobbit, up on 3/1

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Mira_Jade , Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Going Ever On”

    Genre: Everything
    Eating: PG
    Time Frame: Everywhere
    Characters: Everyone

    Summary: A collection of responses for the [link=]2013 Fifty Sentence Challenge[/link].

    Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, but for the words.

    Masterlist of Fandoms

    January: The Lord of the Rings
    February: The Hobbit


    Author's Notes: So . . . to start these off, I decided to challenge myself by tackling the fandom that I told myself I would never write for. The beast of canon that The Lord of the Rings boasts of has always had my muse cowering - but, the advent of The Hobbit coming to the big screen meant that I returned to reread Tolkien's marvelous portfolio of writing, and while reading, I finally had the intense urge to write for his work. Also inspiring was laurethiel1138's superb collection of LoTR sentences from the first challenge . . . really, who could read those without also being moved to to add to this world, I ask? ;) [face_love]

    That said, these sentences are combination of both the book and the movie 'verse - I gave up trying to keep a fine line between the two early on when writing them. 8-} While Peter Jackson's movies are amazing and epic on so many levels, the books will always be foremost in my heart. They are just . . . magical, in a word defined. [face_love] The title for these sentences as a whole is also a snatch from Bilbo's Walking Song, so credit can now go where credit is due. :p

    And, that said, here we go . . .



    “that which was called hope”
    January || The Lord of the Rings

    01. Wall

    From the high walls of Minas Tirith, the sons of Denethor watched as the fires from Mordor grew in strength and ferocity, and with heavy hearts they knew that their age preperation and idle defense had come to an end.

    02. Bridge

    Leaving the Ring behind for Frodo - burning that bridge of his life - was the hardest thing Bilbo had ever done, but he could feel as every step away from the Shire lifted his spirits, the road before him a long-awaited balm to his soul.

    03. Architect

    What fools, Sauron thought in the guise of 'Annatar' as Celebrimbor and the elven-smiths of Eregion aided him in crafting the sixteen great rings for dwarves and men, unaware that they were ultimately forging the tools of their own destruction.

    04. Different

    Merely hearing Bilbo's stories was quite different from living them, but a couple nasty encounters with Ring-wraiths and a few near-misses with swords were not enough to keep Merry and Pippin from joining Frodo on the next turn of his adventure – no matter what anyone else said.

    05. Alike

    No matter Sam's misgivings, Frodo could not bring himself to hate Gollum – for he saw a reflection of his own fate in the creature's eyes, should the Ring ever swallow his soul completely.

    06. Catch

    Screaming his warcry to the skies of Isengard, Gwaihir the Windlord swept forth to catch his fallen friend – knowing that this was not the first time he had aided the grey Maia in such a way, and hoping that it would not be the last.

    07. Tale

    “And so I sealed my friends tight in the empty wine barrels and waited unseen for the Wood-elves to send them on their way, not knowing if the dwarves would suffocate or drown before they made it to the still waters before Lake-Town . . .”

    08. Telling

    Bilbo relished the look on the young hobbits faces, but he was not blind to the way Frodo's eyes glittered as he told his story, and for a moment, a pain like knowing rose in his throat, making it hard to breathe.

    09. Hidden

    The Ring hid him from all but those he wished to escape, and in the world between worlds the faces of the Nazghûl were all shadow and half-light, nothing but longing and thwarted desire shaping the wraith-realm, a realm which now sought to claim him as its thrall . . .

    10. Claim

    When Frodo bravely stepped forward to take the Ring's destruction on himself, Gandalf closed his eyes, mourning that such a fate should fall to one so honest and unselfish – to one who would be forever changed by his journey's end.

    11. Blank

    Once revered as the strongest of the five Maiar sent to aid Middle-earth, Saruman fell to his own impatience and lust for knowledge; rewriting the pages of his purpose, and staining the white of his soul red as he allied himself with Sauron and the fell forces of Mordor.

    12. Empty

    “You always were empty without a child to hold,” Celebrían whispered in his dreams that first tumultuous night with Estel, filling him with strength and love enough to last him through his waking hours.

    13. Full

    There was nothing better than a warm fire and a full belly whilst in the company of friends, Sam thought – only, the warm fires and full bellies were becoming increasingly few and far between on the long journey to Mordor.

    14. Far

    In the dell of Weathertop, when dark stories of old would not do for the nighttime hours, Strider whispered to his hobbit friends the tale of Lúthien and Beren, a faraway look in his eyes that his companions knew not what to make of.

    15. Beyond

    Oftentimes, Mithrandir and Glorfindel would linger together long into the night, whispering of the worlds beyond their own, and then and only then would the merry look in the Elf-lord's eyes wane as the impossible years of his past life weighed heavily on him.

    16. Heal

    Even after the destruction of the Ruling Ring, the wound he received from the Morgul blade lingered with him as the seasons passed - a physical pain to match the harm Frodo felt in his soul, a sickness of the spirit that no medicine of Middle-earth could ever heal.

    17. Steady

    “I'd like to see you do half as well with an axe, Master-elf!” Gimli protested Legolas' laughter when his latest attempt to steadily aim the Lothlórien bow resulted in an arrow disappearing unseen in the trees.

    18. Aid

    When the fell rider from Mordor offered King Dáin three of the lost dwarvish rings in exchange for the ring of the hobbit Bilbo, Glóin felt an instinctive ire rise in him as he remembered the brave little soul who had aided them in reclaiming their home, and anger for any who thought such bonds so easily sundered.

    19. Kinship

    Boromir felt pride fill him at the way his younger brother carefully watched his footwork, adjusting his own stance mid-stride in order to properly find his center and level a truly debilitating blow against his elder sibling.

    20. Falter

    Of course, that didn't stop the first son of Denethor from sweeping the feet out from under his second when he parried - but there was laughter in both of their eyes as he leaned down to give Faramir a hand up.

    21. Heart

    Éomer was the one to lift his sister onto the horse that first time, hurt growing in his heart for Éowyn's joy – for no matter how well she took to steed and steel, he was determined that she would never see a battle's ferocity, willing as he was to break her heart in order to preserve her soul alive.

    22. Soul

    With Gríma as his thrall, Saruman's white hand reached out to possess King Théoden's mind as his own – much as Gríma wished to possess the soul of Éomund's daughter, her hate even now worn bright and bewitching in her grey eyes as she stood powerless before him . . .

    23. Truth

    As he grew in body and deed, Estel would often appeal to his mother and foster-father for the truth of his name, the truth of his lineage; but both remained silent, their secrets kept as they waited for him to grow into the man who could bear the weight of those secrets.

    24. Hope

    Even so, Gilraen would lean down to kiss her son's forehead whenever she was asked, answering, “You are hope,” in the only way she knew how.

    25. Faith

    The broken shards of Narsil were reforged into the great blade Andúril, and upon closing his hand over the sword's hilt, Aragorn felt renewed strength and vigor fill him - restoring his faith that Isildur's blood could at long last right Isildur's wrongs.

    26. Depth

    From the depths beneath Dwarrowdelf, the Balrog opened his flaming eyes as a dozen long forgotten scents filled his nose (man, elf, dwarf, and Istari prominent over all), each cloaked in the delicious scent of fear as he unfurled his great wings and called out his challenge to the mountain above.

    27. Lovely

    “She must be very lovely,” Éowyn whispered as if speaking around a sword, her heart heavy at the look that invaded Aragorn's eyes - the look of a man whose soul was bound to another's utterly and completely . . .

    28. Distract

    “Very lovely indeed, if she can drive you to such distraction,” Beregond teased his lord when Faramir's faraway gaze finally settled back on him, his cheeks flushing pink as he realized that he had lost himself to daydreams . . . again.

    29. Bearing

    At the Gates of Argonath, under the stony gazes of the great kings of old, Aragorn was seemingly transformed before them – gone was the somber and grey Ranger, and in his place was a man born of kings, cloaked with an inner light and crowned by the shadows of his forefathers above him.

    30. Troublesome

    If this was how poor Sam felt when troubled by the boats, then Gimli had a new found sympathy for the hobbit when he was forced to ride the Rohirrim's accursed 'gift' of a horse alongside Legolas.

    31. Weave

    The final threads of prophesy wove into place as Éowyn, daughter of Éomund, swung her sword against the Witch-King of Angmar, and finally the wraith-lord found his death (and, perhaps, his peace) as the unnatural years of his life came to an end.

    32. Fray

    Finally, when the Ring frayed Frodo's soul past what he could bear, Sam decided that where he could not carry his friend's burden, he could carry Frodo himself - nothing but his love and determination fueling him as he bore the other up the slopes of Mount Doom.

    33. Friend

    A deep pain flared within Treebeard when he learned of Saruman's betrayal, for long had he counted the white Maia as a friend of the trees - a young soul asking his questions and looking for wisdom in the Entwood, rather than a would-be conquer scouting a land for a tactical advantage.

    34. Brother

    “Oh yes, a marvelous time,” Elladan answered, wiping marsh mud from his face as an ecstatic Estel bounded between he and his twin, ready to launch into a lengthy narrative about his first camping trip away from the valley.

    35. Comrade

    Curious, Éomer questioned the odd fellowship before him (a would be king of men, an Elf-prince and a Master-dwarf - who were looking for their lost hobbit friends, at that), all the while wondering how such a friendship could have bloomed so fiercely between such different souls.

    36. Spouse

    Were it not for Celeborn as her love and support, the deep roots to hold up her tall boughs, Galadriel knew she would have faded long ago, pulled under by the weight of her years and the burden of disquiet Nenya, ever whispering on her hand.

    37. Child

    “Already the child kicks with the might of Elendil himself!” Arathorn marveled as he pressed his ear to Gilraen's pregnant belly, a radiant light anointing his face as he reveled in the pre-dawn days of fatherhood.

    38. Ever

    When Aragorn once again departed with Elladan and Elrohir after too short a stay in the valley, Gilraen turned to the Elf-lord at her side and, sorrow filling her, she asked, “Does it ever get easier, watching them go?”

    39. Never

    Smiling sadly, Elrond shook his head and answered, “Never.”

    40. Scorn

    Frowning, Legolas fell into step behind the Marchwarden of Lothlórien, surprised that he had felt . . . anger stir within him when his dwarvish companion was on the receiving end of Haldir's scorn.

    41. Betrayal

    Where his heart had betrayed him with the Ring, Boromir resolved that his sword would not falter as he stood up bravely before the swarm of orcs, determined that the hobbits would not be harmed while there was still breath left in him to defend them.

    42. Potency

    At the wedding feast of Aragorn and Arwen, Galadriel made an innocent remark about the potency of dwarvish brews, and this was how Celeborn found his wife sometime later – with her sleeves pulled back and steadily drinking the ever admiring Gimli and his kin under the table.

    43. Limit

    There was a limit to how much the people of Middle-earth would take, and so, the Army of West stood outside of the Black Gate and challenged Sauron to do battle with them, hoping that their stand would buy the Ring-bearer time enough to destroy the Ruling Ring once and for all.

    44. Anchor

    He quelled the war-song within her, was the best way Éowyn could think to describe her bond with her husband - for in his arms she was anchored like a sword behind a shield, ever to stay through the long years of their life together.

    45. Harbor

    Arwen did not go to the Grey Havens to see her father and grandmother sail, instead she clung close to her husband as she felt her family depart over the sea, reminding herself that this was a love strong and enduring enough to give up all else for.

    46. Adrift

    Under the reign of Aragorn the King Elessar and his Queen Arwen the Evenstar, the once adrift peoples of the Reunited Kingdom stepped forward to take the reigns of Middle-earth, thus starting the glorious and peace filled days of the Fourth Age.

    47. Greetings

    In the spring of their return, Sam crouched over in the gardens as Galadriel's seeds grew to break free from the cradle of the earth, welcoming the new things to grow in a land now free from shadow and oppression.

    48. Goodbye

    Frodo's heart broke as he embraced Sam that last time, but even as his friend's tears wetted his neck, his eyes still managed to turn west over the sea, longing kindled in his heart as he thought of the peace and rest awaiting his soul on the other side.

    49. Fleeting

    “I promise you, Naneth, the waiting time will seem but fleeting in the end,” Celebrían whispered as she walked the white shores with Galadriel - where much her of her mother's first century in Valinor was spent looking east over the sea for the one who had yet to join her.

    50. Eternal

    As Elanor and her siblings became old enough to understand his words, Sam would read to his children the Tale of the Ring, hoping that their story would be remembered through their children and their children's children, never to be forgotten again.
  2. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    I was so excited to see you doing LOTR! It's a tricky fandom, but I knew you'd be great at it, and I was right--these are amazing! Sweet, funny, sad, bittersweet, and amazing. I love each and every one--though Galadriel drinking the dwarves under the table is especially entertaining :D
  3. laurethiel1138

    laurethiel1138 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 6, 2003
    Also inspiring was laurethiel1138's superb collection of LoTR sentences from the first challenge . . . really, who could read those without also being moved to to add to this world, I ask?
    [face_blush]I but stood on the shoulders of giants, to be starkly honest. I'm just happy that you enjoyed my humble offerings...

    A beautiful set of sentences, my dear, each special in their own way. A selection of favourites, though:

    Wall: "By the blood of our people are your lands kept safe" Damn you, Sean Bean, for your outstanding portrayal of Boromir, which made in care in turn for Gondor's fate...
    Architect: Not many will be brave enough to go into Sauron's mind, and you did it masterfully.
    Alike: And this is why, ultimately, Bilbo spared Gollum, and unwittingly saved Middle-Earth in the process.
    Catch: For Middle-Earth's great Eagles are no mere taxi service, and only show up in times of great need.
    Empty: We all know that, for all his posturing, Elrond is such a softie inside...
    Far: And my fangirl's heart melts...
    Beyond: A great insight into the burdens of immortality.
    Steady: Lovely snippet of a great friendship.
    Aid: For a Dwarf's loyalty, once earned, is not so lightly torn asunder.
    Kinship and Falter: I absolutely adore any Faramir-Boromir interaction, especially after seeing the one scene in TTT's EE.
    Heart: And you just broke mine. Poor Eomer. Poor Eowyn.
    Faith: See, there is a reason I cried of happiness when I first saw that scene in the theatre.
    Lovely and Distract: Faithful men they are, those Gondorians...
    Weave: For destiny cannot be gainsaid.
    Brother: Aragorn as a child is a welcome treat.
    Spouse: A perfect glimpse into one of Middle-Earth's power couples (and quite literally, at that).
    Scorn: And here are the bonds of brotherhood formed.
    Potency: Shades of Artanis, and an example of how truly carefree she could be once Sauron left her mind.
    Anchor: A sword not useless is Eowyn, merely a sword with less need to be useful...
    Harbor: "It is mine to give to whom I will... like my heart." No decision about one's life is wothout consequences, and the most we can do is accept them bravely.
    Eternal: "History became legend, and legend became myth." Very appropriate end to this very welcome set.

    Lauré :)
  4. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Nat: Why thank-you! This was such a fun world to dabble in, that's for sure - I think that that was one of the best times I have ever had writing sentences before. :D

    Laure: First off, thank-you for the lovely reply! I took in every word with relish. [:D]

    Damn you, Sean Bean, for your outstanding portrayal of Boromir, which made in care in turn for Gondor's fate...

    Amen to that! I liked his character when reading, but then my soul was stolen. In the best way. [face_love]

    Not many will be brave enough to go into Sauron's mind, and you did it masterfully.

    His character fascinates me to the umpteenth degree. I wish I had more than a sentence to get into his head. :)

    For Middle-Earth's great Eagles are no mere taxi service, and only show up in times of great need.

    Proof that the Valar haven't completely turned a blind eye, they are. [face_love] Manwe's Eagles are amazing, I love it every time they show up. :)

    We all know that, for all his posturing, Elrond is such a softie inside...

    A softie through and through. :p One of my favourite things about his character is how much he has gone through and Tolkien still describes him with "a face as kind as summer." Instant love. [face_love]

    For a Dwarf's loyalty, once earned, is not so lightly torn asunder.

    Which we have seen more than one example of. [face_love]

    I absolutely adore any Faramir-Boromir interaction, especially after seeing the one scene in TTT's EE.

    And that was exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote that. I love that with their father's clear choice of favourites their relationship is still so loving and strong - and it was fun to try to capture that here. [face_love]

    See, there is a reason I cried of happiness when I first saw that scene in the theatre.

    Big ol' gushing tears. I agree.[face_love]

    A perfect glimpse into one of Middle-Earth's power couples (and quite literally, at that).

    Very literally! [face_mischief]

    Shades of Artanis, and an example of how truly carefree she could be once Sauron left her mind.

    Exactly! I love the arch of her character over the centuries, and this seemed to be the perfect place to show how things could be - for her, and everyone - once Sauron's reign ended. [face_love]

    A sword not useless is Eowyn, merely a sword with less need to be useful...

    Perfectly said!

    "History became legend, and legend became myth." Very appropriate end to this very welcome set.

    Why thank-you. [:D]


    Author's Notes: Alrighty, one more Tolkien set, and then it is on to other things from my muse. :oops: I know that these are a day late for February, but I kept on getting distracted. :p

    That said, these are a curious mix of the book and Peter Jackson's film. I didn't even try to keep them separated in the end. Since these are based on the book, there are sentences with SPOILERS for the end of the plot - if that is something you wish to avoid, you are warned now. :)


    over the hills and far away”
    February || The Hobbit

    01. Journey

    It seemed like quite the trek through forests and mountains aplenty, but Bilbo felt unease (not curiosity, not one bit) rise in him when he realized that this was a 'plus one' journey – and the dwarves thought him to be that 'plus one'.

    02. Guide

    “Nothing ever good comes of meetin' a wizard,” the Baggins in him said, “they are always there to guide you into mischief and foolery – and we don't need none of that.”

    03. Guardian

    But the Took in him was whispering of far off places, trying to reason that with such a guardian as Gandalf – such a might as Thorin – he just might come back from this adventure unscathed, if not wholly unchanged.

    04. Endeavor

    “After all, you'll need dwarves of intelligence on this endeavor,” Ori puffed out his chest with pride as he swore his allegiance - Bofur laughing heartily in reply before saying that that condition of joining them ruled him out completely.

    05. Hospitality

    “You are simply inhospitable,” Frodo laughed when Bilbo made his sign warning every well-wisher for his birthday away – muttering under his breath about a house full of dwarves and an empty pantry whenever one blindly let in every unexpected visitor under one's roof.

    06. Breakfast

    “Aye, second breakfast is a wonderful thing, I wonder why we haven't thought of it before!” Kíli and Fíli exclaimed in unison while Thorin rolled his eyes heavenwards, as if to ask for long-suffering.

    07. Lunch

    He had not escaped the mouths of trolls, wargs, and Gollum himself to become lunch for a dragon, and on this point Bilbo was unmoving, thankyouverymuch.

    08. Dinner

    Food was as ash to his mouth, water was dull to the taste - instead his soul hungered for what he had lost, the memory of dragon's fire only whetting Thorin's desire for the return of Erebor and all she held within her halls.

    09. Snack

    “Oi, there's not even enough of 'im for a bite,” William the Troll mourned, poking a thick finger at Bilbo, who felt a sting at his pride as he wished to say that he would be a delicious bite, if only for a moment . . . before thinking the best of that statement and leaving it unsaid.

    10. Tea

    “Ah, the real reason you insisted upon bringing the hobbit,” Thorin rolled his eyes as Bilbo very determinedly added his collection of tea leaves to the boiling pot of water – Gandalf's eyes twinkling in amusement, neither confirming nor denying the accusation.

    11. Wine

    The Elves of Mirkwood sang their songs to the forest while the wine flowed freely, for a few moments forgetting the shadow that darkened over their land, blackening their trees and weighing upon their souls – no intoxication deep enough to lift the threat of the Necromancer, ever growing in might.

    12. Memory

    Standing behind the Lord of Imladris, Glorfindel started as Glamdring and Orcrist were drawn from their scabbards, memory striking him as a blow from the life he lived before - of Turgon his king wielding that very sword, of the Balrog's smoking breath and fire everywhere as Gondolin burned, visible even from the mountains, and -

    13. Comfort

    - subtly, Erestor stepped closer to him, his hand finding his own beneath voluminous robes, offering a silent comfort to match the concerned glances Elrond and Mithrandir both darted his way when Thorin was not looking, careful to gauge his reaction to the sword's newfound presence.

    14. Owning

    Finally, Glorfindel exhaled, deciding to be glad that one of the last remaining tokens of his house would be finding orc blood with such a hand wielding it – for already the Dwarf-prince's eyes glittered in determination - awed for the sword's craftsmanship, if not for the history of the blade itself.

    15. Rampant

    A shadow was falling from the east – the trees whispered of evil touching their roots, the birdsong sang of warning, and animals fell from the sting of giant spiders and unnatural ichor in the land both – filling Radagast with dread as he tried in vain to save the haven of Greenwood from darkening even more.

    16. Home

    “No,” Bofur whispered, stepping back as if recovering from a blow, “You have a home to return to, and we . . . we have naught, it is true.”

    17. Afar

    If he took one more step, Bilbo would be the farthest he had ever been from home . . . and so, he closed his eyes, and took that stride, determined not to look back as the Shire became smaller and smaller behind him.

    18. Once

    Bilbo blinked once when he heard Smaug speak, for rather than hearing the dragon's voice in his ears, he felt it in his heart, rattling in his bones like thunder, as melodious as the prism of colors that came from holding a jewel to the light - as terrible and beautiful as the treasure the wyrm horded.

    19. Double

    “Not many people ever live to hear a dragon speak twice,” Gandalf laughed when Bilbo told his tale on their trip back to the shire, the hobbit's skin tingling as he remembered the dragon's voice as clearly as if Smaug even then whispered in his ear.

    20. Triple

    Once the door rang while Beorn tried to attend to his guests, and then a second time, but by the third, the skin-changer was on his feet and crossly demanding that Gandalf reveal the whole of his party – in its entirety.

    21. Wonder

    The halls of Imladris sang, Bilbo realized with awe – the thundering sound of the waterfalls and the musical heartbeat of the river all rising with the hum of celestial voices, painting a rich haven for those weary and weighed down before his wondering eyes.

    22. Order

    The robes of Saruman were white, encompassing every color while the melody of his voice drew all to listen, but Galadriel kept her eyes on Mithrandir and his humble cast of grey – for it had been no secret that she wished the second Maia to lead their order when it had first been created, and she carried that opinion even still.

    23. Eventual

    “Yes, you are right in keeping him from this venture,” Nír, wife of Glóin, shook her head as she pushed her husband's axe into his hands, “but someday Gimli will use that thick head he inherited for you and set off on one quest or another – it's in his blood, and you can stop him not.”

    24. Capacity

    At first, Bilbo did not understand the dwarve's love for beautiful things – but as he watched Dori carve a dragon's face, the care and caution he took in his work was as tender as if he cared for a child, the love in his eyes the same one would bear for one's mate, just barely, Bilbo started to understand.

    25. Talent

    When it became clear that he was not useful as a sentry (or minding the horses, or scouting ahead, or unpacking anything heavy, for that matter), Bilbo was appointed as the camp cook, and storyteller as well when his skill with lays and legends became known to his traveling companions.

    26. Attention

    He had just finished singing what he remembered of the Lay of Lúthien when the dwarves looked curiously at him, wondering where he had heard such a song – to which Bilbo rolled his eyes crossly, and asked if anyone else had been paying attention to the songs sung in the Hall of Fire.

    27. Volume

    Of course, that led to the dwarve's rather . . . loud and unique rendition of the song (deep voices and stomping feet making violent of Lúthien's plight), prompting Bilbo to roll his eyes and sigh aloud, even as he secretly hoped to someday return to Rivendell, and learn more from the wealth of lore that dwelt there.

    28. Racket

    As they picked through the tiny trail in the forest, Bilbo tried his best to shake away the premonition that there were eyes following them as they walked – knowing that any mediocre archer could pick them off one by one with all of the racket the dwarves made when they stomped through the woods!

    29. Swift

    The thrush perched upon his shoulder, whispering of aim and arrow's flight, and with one last prayer, Bard pulled his bowstring tight, hoping that their last stand against the dragon would be swift indeed, for the sake of all those he strove to protect.

    30. Untouchable

    Shadow was not untouchable beneath the might of the dawn, Galadriel thought as the fell presence of the Necromancer screamed out his rage against the force of the White Council, fleeing Dol Galdur for the Black Lands, never to return again.

    31. Sneak

    Burglar, burglar, burglar, Bilbo chanted in his mind as he sneaked past the Troll's campfire, hoping that if he believed fiercely enough, the title would be true enough to let him save their ponies without becoming an appetizer himself.

    32. Storm

    “It's a storm in the heart, a bellowing in the bones,” Dís snapped at her brother, “For too long has that thrice cursed Ring spelled our people's darkest hours, and it's doom you call again if you keep to your greed and vengeance rather than continue to seek to the simple life our people have built!”

    33. Line

    But the stone halls of Ered Luin were not their halls, the mountain's belly was not Erebor's womb granting them succor, and no longer could Thorin sit still and let his people toil where they knew not of their true home – a line was drawn in his heart, and he had taken his stand, for better or worse.

    34. Cross

    “Why exactly is there such a feud between your peoples - and if you say treasure, I will be very cross indeed,” Bilbo huffed in irritation as Balin's cheeks flushed pink with his tale's telling – of Doriath and Simarils and such ancient and fantastic things that Bilbo rubbed his head and lamented the beings who had memory enough to recall that far back.

    35. Point

    “So that's not the mountain?” Bilbo asked, dismayed when Dwalin burst into laughter before telling him that no, that peak in the distance was but one of the many points of the Misty Mountains, and only one stopping point in their long journey.

    36. Turmoil

    Ignoring her son's protests that they were too old for such things, Dís held her boys close and ruffled their hair before they set out, trying to calm the turmoil in her heart, telling herself that this was not the last time she would see her family again - more dear to her than any gem in Smaug's stolen halls.

    37. Strength

    “Because I am afraid, and he gives me courage,” Gandalf answered, trying to explain in words what he knew only as an abstract feeling – that for all of his power and diving heritage, the easy trust and goodness of a hobbit was what reminded him of what he fought for – and what they stood to lose should the darkness ever wholly win.

    38. Practice

    “You're not a burglar yet, but I can think of a way to build your skills,” Kíli whispered conspiratorially, nodding his head to where Glóin wore a lock of raven hair on a chain about his neck – Bilbo's face blanching when he realized what the brother's idea of 'practice' precisely entailed.

    39. Acquire

    The ring seemed simple – golden and unadorned – but when Bilbo picked it up, he could not bring himself to put it down again, the plain band snaring something deep within him as he placed it within his pocket, claiming it as his own.

    40. Scent

    His arms burned, his nose was full of the scent of battle – blood and sweat and rot – but he ignored his own pain as he climbed to his feet once again, picking up a felled piece of oak in place of steel, challenging Azog to do battle with him if he dared.

    41. Participants

    They will never believe this back at home, Bilbo thought as the cries of Dwarves, Men and Elves rose along side those of the Windlords above and Beorn in the skin of a mighty bear below - all charging against the goblin hordes of Azog as the Battle of Five Armies played out right before his eyes.

    42. Shimmer

    The Arkenstone was a jewel without compare, seemingly shimmering with the captured light of the sun and moon itself, but Bilbo was willing to trade that treasure away if it meant peace between the nations – no matter what Thorin thought of the idea.

    43. Sworn

    “We swears to hates the Baggins, forever and ever!” Gollum wailed, crying out his pain and despair, feeling the loss of the Ring as a gaping hole in his soul, never to be filled again.

    44. Secret

    On their return trip through Rivendell the following spring, Bilbo was more than surprised to meet a little human child dwelling in the house of Elrond (a child whom the elves called Estel – hope, Gandalf translated) . . . a child whose existence the wizard had sworn him to secrecy to in the most direst of vows.

    45. Tale

    Which was rather curious to Bilbo - for after all of his stories of trolls and orcs and dragons, who would even want to hear about a mere mortal boy when there were so many more interesting tales to tell?

    46. Willing

    Where there were spirits willing to rebuild, life would always find a way, and so, at the foot of the mountain, Bard resettled the land of Dale while within the mountain Dáin rebuilt the glory of his forefathers, the two races dwelling in peace and companionship for the benefit of all.

    47. Simply

    Simply put, he saw himself in Gollum's eyes . . . lost and too far from home; Bilbo deciding that he could not draw the other's blood, Sting falling to his side, not to be used that day.

    48. Pursuit

    “If more souls pursued warm meals and happy homes than glory and gold, the world would be a much better place for it,” Thorin forced himself to speak past the blood in his mouth and the pain in his heart, grasping the hobbit's arm as he would a brother, thanking him for more than just Erebor in the last moments of his life.

    49. Yearn

    As Thorin was laid to sleep with his forefathers, Bard carefully laid the Arkenstone to rest on the Dwarf-prince's chest, content that the mighty gem was where it truly belonged – deep in the heart of the mountain, forever to stay with those who yearned for its beauty like none other.

    50. Entry

    Carefully, Bilbo dipped his quill in the ink, and made his first mark against the parchment - A Hobbit's Tale he wrote, and then tilted his head thoughtfully before adding, 'there and back again' and then the tale started . . .

    ~MJ @};-
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