Story [Multiple Fandoms] UDC 4: Carry on Drabbling - Week 2 posted! (10 Fandoms)

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    This is the thread for my responses to [link=]the fourth Ultimate Drabble Challenge[/link]. As with [link=]my responses to the first challenge[/link], these will all be in different fandoms, with one slight difference. In each set, at least two drabbles must be in fandoms I have done before (but not for this challenge). [Also, for Week 1, I allowed myself to use fandoms starting with X, Y, and Z, as well as A and B, since they had only been available for one week in the previous challenge.]

    As of Week 2, the following ten fandoms have been used:
    (list may contain spoilers)

    * Alice in Wonderland (Week 2)
    * Animaniacs (Week 1)
    * Are You Being Served? (Week 2)
    * Arrested Development (Week 2)
    * Arsène Lupin (Week 1)
    * Atom Ant (Week 1)
    * Better Off Ted (Week 2)
    * Blue's Clues (Week 1)
    * Chuck (Week 2)
    * The X-Files (Week 1)
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    Week 1

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: The Nose Knows
    Fandom: The X-Files
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Flash in the Pan"

    Scully stirred the jambalaya without really watching. The smell was taking her back, but she just couldn't remember to what. She'd had cases in Louisiana, but this was something else, something earlier. Then she realized.

    * * *

    "Hey, Red!"

    Dana was so excited to be spending Mardi Gras in New Orleans with friends from the dorms. Jodie had snagged them rooms over a Cajun restaurant on Dumaine Street; they even had their own balcony.

    "Red! Hey, show us your-"

    * * *

    The spoon clattered to the floor. "Scully?"

    "Sorry, Mulder, it was nothing." Whatever happened, she wondered, to all the beads from that night?

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Yegg Leg
    Fandom: Atom Ant
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Out on a Limb"

    Pugsy brought his foot down hard. "Gotcha!"

    "Good goin', boss! You crushed Atom Ant!"

    "That was easy," Pugsy said. He frowned. "Uh oh. Lugsy, he's running up my leg!"

    Lugsy thought for a moment. "Oh, dat can't be good. What if he hits you in your bad knee?"

    "My knee?" Pugsy gasped. "Wait, yeah, Ant, you can hit me in my bad knee! No, really, turn around! It'd really hurt if you punched me in the kn-" His eyes widened for a moment, then rolled up into his head as he collapsed.

    Lugsy shrugged. "He hit your knee, didn't he?"

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Blue's Twos
    Fandom: Blue's Clues
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Out of the Blue"

    "A hat!"

    Steve leaned forward in the Thinking Chair. "Where did Blue hide her present for me?"

    "Your hat!"

    "You know what this means?" Steve asked. "We just figured out Blue's Clues!" He stood, dancing as he sang, "We just figured out Blue's Clues! We just figured out Blue's Clues! We just figured out Blue's Clues, 'cause we're really smart!"

    He stood and looked around. "Where's my hat?"


    "There? How'd it get on the floor?" He picked it up, grimacing. Behind the sofa, Blue snickered. "Bad Blue!" Steve yelled. "Taking a *bleep* in my hat is not a present!"

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Le Triomphe Trempé
    Fandom: Arsène Lupin
    Rating: G
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Wet Behind the Ears"

    Ganimard grinned as the gendarmes pulled the thief up from the Seine. He had finally captured Arsène Lupin! He ran down to confront...

    Mon Dieu! This was not Lupin! Had some amateur beaten the master criminal to the Count?s gems? Ganimard laughed. ?Sergeant!? he called. ?Sergeant!? He took the bag of jewels from the thief?s coat, handing them to his subordinate without turning around. ?Return these to the Count.?

    ?Yes, sir.?

    He was escorting his prisoner to the van when his sergeant ran toward him. ?You called for me, sir??

    ?Have you returned the gems?? Ganimard asked.

    ?What gems, sir??

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: All's Affair
    Fandom: Animaniacs
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Heat of the Moment"

    "Zoologist's log, Gina Embryo speaking. The female Hippopotamus Trendolius is showing signs of estrus."

    * * *

    "Oh, Flavio," Marita cooed.

    "Yes, my little love lemur?"

    "It's that time!"

    "Already?" Flavio asked. "Well, I'd better grab my suitcases. I'll be back in two weeks."

    "Bye, have fun, darling!"

    "You too. Tell me, will you be having your Pilates instructor over?"

    Marita scoffed. "Don't be silly! Pilates instructors are so last season! No, I'm having the hot young college students do odd jobs around the apartment. It's what all the women on the reality shows are doing. I'm going to be the cougar! Rawr!"
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    [face_laugh] The Blue's Clues one especially cracked me up :D
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    Week 2

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Hit the Fan
    Fandom: Alice in Wonderland
    Rating: G
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Impossible."

    The White King politely burst into the chamber. "My dearest," he said, "you wanted to see me?"

    "I wanted to speak with you," the White Queen corrected. "Seeing you was entirely optional."

    "Of course, sweetness, my mistake. Is something the matter?"

    "Darling, what's our bank account number?" the Queen asked.

    The King considered. "Our what number?"

    "No, our bank account number," the Queen said. "I got this missive from a deposed dictator asking if he could have our number so he could send us some gold."

    "That sounds nice. Tell him our number is one. After all, we are royalty."

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: A Flying Ordeal
    Fandom: Are You Being Served?
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Unlikely."

    Mister Rumbold squeezed into his seat; the plane Young Mister Grace had chartered was cramped, and the fight over seating arrangements had only just settled. "The pilot says someone must read out the safety instructions. Captain Peacock?"

    "Of course, sir. Mister Lucas, read the instructions."

    * * *

    Ten minutes and a complete reshuffling of seats later, Mister Lucas continued. "'In the unlikely event of a water landing-' Are we even flying over water?"

    "Just read."

    "'Your seat may be used as a flotation device.'"

    Mister Harmon leaned forward, leering at Miss Brahms. "Know what I'd like to use as a flotation device?"

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Casey vs. Reasonability
    Fandom: Chuck
    Rating: PG
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Reasonable."

    "Come on," Lester whined. "Be reasonable. You don't really want to do this, do you?"

    Casey tightened the cuffs around Jeff's ankles, making him yelp, then stood up. "You know, you're right. I don't want to do this." He leaned close to Lester and whispered, "What I want to do - what I really want to do - is take that cutting torch over there and use that on your wrists and ankles instead." He stepped back and grinned. "But I'm trying to be reasonable. Do you think I'm not being reasonable?"

    "No!" Jeff and Lester shouted together. "Totally reasonable! Completely reasonable!"

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: The Art of Persuasion
    Fandom: Better Off Ted
    Rating: G
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Probable."

    "You're asking us," Lem said, "to defy all the laws of physics?"

    "In seven days?" Phil added.

    Veronica shrugged. "Can you do it or not?"

    "Impossible," Lem said. "Not a chance."

    "The board won't like that. Could mean layoffs."

    "Did I say impossible? I meant it seems unlikely..."

    Veronica frowned.

    Phil stammered, "There's a reasonable chance we..."

    "Actually," Lem said, "it's probable we could..."

    "Definite!" Phil shouted. "Definitely, we'll do it!"

    "I knew you'd come around. Oh, did I say seven days? You have five." Veronica smiled and left.

    "Can you really do it?" Ted asked.


    "Not a chance."

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Title: Custer's Last Stand
    Fandom: Arrested Development
    Rating: G
    Notes: The challenge theme was "Definite."

    "You can't understand," George said, "what it's like to spend all day with that dummy."

    On the other end of the line, Michael said, "I've spent time with Buster."

    "No, idiot, Custer!"

    Jealous of his brother's dummy, Franklin, Buster had recently bought his own, imaginatively named Custer.

    "He doesn't even change his voice, Michael. You have to help me kill him."

    "Who?" Michael asked. "Buster or Custer?"

    George paused a moment. "Custer. We need to kill him, kill him with fire."

    "Hanging up now, dad."

    "Fire!" George repeated. "Fire." He dialed another number. "Hey, T-Bone, how'd you like a job?"
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    Hit the Fan made me crack up :D
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