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Knox, TN My award winning EP III Script (for your intertainment)

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Origionaljedi, Apr 19, 2003.

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  1. Origionaljedi

    Origionaljedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 26, 2002
    Star Wars
    Episode III
    Revenge of the Sith
    A long time ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away??

    It has been three long years since the Clone Wars began and hundreds of star systems have fell to the violence. The Republic is doomed, and Senate has grown weary of War and the scars of this Conflict have been felt across the galaxy, Darkness has consumed all but any hope of an end.

    General Obi Wan Kenobi is leading the last of the Republics Fleet to the far off swamp world of Dagobah in a last desperate attempt to defeat the Separatist Forces led by the Evil Count Dooku. Fighter squadrons led by Newly Knighted Anakin Skywalker are preparing to strike at the heart of the sith lair.

    Meanwhile the Jedi council continue to Investigated the rumors of a sith element in the very heart of the republic and fear the worst.
    Even Now Dark Forces are gathering to spell certain Doom for our Galactic Heroes - And bring an end to Peace and Justice in the Galaxy....

    Scene; Pan down from Star View-

    Three Star Destroyers come out of Hyperspace and surround the Planet Dagobah!

    Obi-Wan: All ships Please deploy the fleet so nothing gets off the system, be mindful that our Fighters will penetrate and take down their defenses. Lets try to take prisoners if we can there has been enough death and destruction. And they are in not much of a position to give us a fight this time after the pasting we gave them on Dantooine. And remember I want Dooku Alive if possible!

    Anakin: (Talking to Kenobi) Master, My fighter squadrons are ready to enter the system, what are your orders?

    Obi-Wan: Commander Skywalker, I need your fighters to take out the main shield generator and set up a perimeter for our ground forces to come in and clean up any resistance. If you encounter Count Dooku - wait for me. Our Scanners have detected a command center in an underground chamber possibly a cave.
    Anakin beware of the atmospheric discharges on this planet, it will take all of you skills to penetrate their defenses and take that shield down!

    Dozens of Star fighters are diving towards the planet surface Led by a special designed Jedi Star fighter.

    Anakin Okay Guys here we go; this atmosphere is like soup and a lot of electrical discharges so don?t get careless!

    Gold Leader: Sir, Our scanners can?t pick up the command center anymore due to the interference.

    Anakin: Just stay close to me I know exactly where they are.

    Fighter Pilot: You Jedi gives me the Creeps!

    Anakin: Cut the chatter Gold three clear your COM link!

    Count Dooku: Ah, Right on time, Captain lets give them the reception they so richly deserve!

    Captain Doorsk: (a trade federation officer): Yes Sir, all guns open fire and activates the suppression screen so their fighters will fall like stones!
    Sound of generators coming on line and an electrical net appears on the view screen.
    Republic fighters hit the screen and loose power! Laser Batteries open fire and take out a majority of fighters. Anakin is the only one to remain in controlled flight and brings his ship in barely! He targets the main power generator just before a laser blast hits his port stabilizer and squeezes off a torpedo to hit it squarely where it counts. He flies over the battle area and suddenly he is falls into a trance.

    (The voice of Count Dooku fills his head)"Come to me Skywalker, Time to fulfill your destiny!")

    Anakin comes to and finds he is able to set his fighter down just short of the assault-landing zone.

    Anakin:"Filtergarb, they are using some kind of technology to kill our engines", (Pilots are abandoning their cockpits and parachute to the ground.) - Some don?t make it! And explode in mid air, -

    Anakin:"Lets meet up with our ground forces they will be landing just over there!"

    Cut to Star destroyer, Assault shuttles are departing hangers for the surface.

    SHUTTLE: Obi-Wan: What do you mean our fighters are down, get me Commander Skywalker now!

    Anakin: Master
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