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My book that doesn't have a title!! (please read!)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by SiriGallia, Mar 15, 2001.

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  1. SiriGallia

    SiriGallia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2001
    [I really like the way this story is going please tell me what you think!]

    Eina Ilis held it close to her. It was so precious to her, and she new she would hold it close forever. She opened her hand and gazed down at the crystal. It was clear and cut into a point with wire twisted around it, a small cord ran through the top of the wire. It was of extreme beauty, and extreme value to the average person. It was a Thesley Crystal. Thesley Crystals were very useful on the planet Thesle because the could illuminate the buildings, shops, and the mines were the were dug. Hers was very special though, it was a clear Thesley Crystal. Which were different from the normal blue crystals, the clear ones could illuminate an entire dark room all on its own.

    But it was special to Eina for a different reason. She was thirteen today, she was thirteen and she was the apprentice of Kiana. She had wished to be an apprentice like every other girl and boy in the Jedi Temple, but she never knew how much she would want it until she came within a week of not having a Master. Kiana had chosen her, and today Eina was walking down the hall when she heard a yell and other strange sounds coming from up ahead like a fight. She ran toward the Room of a Thousand Fountains. She had a good idea who one of the participants of the fight was. She ran and her feet made hardly a sound. She was a small girl which had served her well in combat. She had often been commended for her unintentional assistants in teaching students who fought her to be alert. No one could tell where Eina was in a blindfold test. They were compelled to reach out with the Force and their own technique. The students who fought Eina were now some of the sharpest students.

    She reached the Room of a Thousand Fountains and walked through the side door. The scene before her was much as she had expected. A group of students were swimming oblivious to the fight. By one fountain were two boys roughly the same size one was taller.. The taller, Miro Daroon was a student that hadn't become an apprentice and instead worked at the Temple. He had the other boy on the ground, and Eina already knew who it was. Xanatoes.
    Xanatoes had been the worst bully Eina could think of, but then Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn had taken him as an apprentice. Xanatoes always started fights often with one of her friends Dixon, he always seemed to pick on anyone who had something he could taunt or tease them about, and then a Jedi Master would stop the fight. "I didn't start it. He wouldn't listen. I tried to ask him something." Xanatoes always had some excuse. Dixon would always try and explain, but there was something compelling about whatever Xanatoes said that would get him out of trouble. She knew he would do it this time as well.
    "Take it back!" Miro shouted. He wore a cap because of the planet he came from was underground, Miro was so used to the dark he had to block the sun from his eyes. He looked as if he might hurt Xanatoes. Eina didn't want them hurting each other.

    "Never! It's true!" Xanatoes called out.

    "You were no good, that's why you don't have a Master and I do."

    "Take it back!" Miro shouted again. Reeling his arm back to hit Xanatoes.

    "Stop!" Eina called running forward.
    "Xanatoes, Miro is good at what he does, he is an apprenticed electrion!"

    "I do just as good as he does, and I do Missions, stay out of this Eina!" With a shove, Xanatoes pushed Miro off him. He got to his feet he through a blow at Miro. Suddenly without reason Xanatoes put his arms up defensively. Eina had a good idea why.

    "What's going on here?" The tall form of Qui-Gon Jinn appeared, his penetrating gaze shot over the two boys, Kiana was close behind. Miro did not hesitate.

    "Master Jinn, Xanatoes said that I didn't have a Master because I can't do anything." Xanatoes turned his dark eyes to Qui-Gon.
    "Master, all I did was begin to explain my first mission to Eina, and he became jealous." Eina wanted to scream that she hadn't even been there. But she felt her voice had sunk to her feet. Xanatoes alw
  2. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Oh, neat! A story with Xanatos! And poor Eina :( having to put up with the jerk. Well, by the end I'm sure she'll find a way to stick-up for herself around him :)
  3. DarthTutor

    DarthTutor Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 9, 2001
    Well, when the Sith popp up the experience is going to be even worse :( {nice story though}
  4. SiriGallia

    SiriGallia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2001
    Thank you guys for your responses. Here is the second chapter.

    Chapter 2

    The transport was nothing like the few cloud cars Eina had flown. She hadn't shown much talent at being a pilot in the simulator, but she still couldn't believe anyone could fly something this big. They boarded and the pilot who had offered to give them a ride to the planet Zeist took off immediately. Eina felt a little frightened.
    "That is normal," Kiana whispered in her ear.

    "What?" Eina asked turning.

    "To be a little frightened. It is different from anything you or, any other apprentice has experienced. Don't worry though, over the years little will surprise you." She smiled. How did Kiana know what she feeling? Jedi were able to read general feelings, but Eina realized that Kiana was much more perceptive then most.

    Kiana encouraged Eina to walk around on the ship. This Eina did, and found many interesting things to examine. Once she passed a lounged she heard Qui-Gon's firm voice.
    "Xanatoes, this is her first mission. Eina will need someone who knows. You have been on a mission once before. You will need to help her with the things she doesn't understand."

    "Yes Master Qui-Gon." Xanatoes replied. He didn't sound very happy about what Qui-Gon had instructed him to do.

    A little later Qui-Gon and Kiana called there apprentices to the lounge.

    "It's time we explain the mission to you both." Kiana said. Qui-Gon began to explain.
    "There are two planets, Fayra Major and Fayra Minor. One, Fayra Minor, is a mining planet. It has mines of a great substance know as Lithiun." Xanatoes through Eina a glance. They had both heard of Lithiun. It was an extremely expensive mineral. "The Lithiun mines are what keeps Fayra Major prosperous. They are concerned about difficulties with peace in their tranactions." At that moment Qui-Gon gave a very unreadable look. Eina thought it was almost as if he thought the mission trivial. She would have to agree. It didn't seem like a job large enough for two Jedi teams. Yoda must have some different reason. "We must simply look over the problem." Qui-Gon concluded. Kiana was sitting erect with her hands in her lap. She was looking at Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon glanced at her, then turned to Eina and Xanatoes suddenly.
    "You two need to go to the other lounge for a few minutes." Eina understood what he meant. The Master had to talk. She didn't really want to leave, but she knew it must be something they would discover later. So she roes and walked from the room, n Down the hall she found the second lounge, it was smaller but she didn't mind.
    She wished she could talk with just Kiana, but she was always talking to Qui-Gon. She stared out the view port. Starlines was all there was to see. Soon though they would be to a planet, a planet that wasn't Courasant. That in itself was hard to believe. Suddenly she felt something slid around her waist she heard the sound of her pouch sliding open and something- she gasped and turned.

    "Xanatoes!" He jumped back, and she saw it. "Xanatoes! You had better give me my crystal back!"

    "Come get it." Xanatoes taunted her. Her dark eyes were angry. She leapt forward, she knew she would have to get the better of him, he was so much taller than she was. She jumped for it, but Xanatoes jerked it from her reach. "What a child you are." Xanatoes said in mock disappointment.

    "Xanatoes it's not yours! Give it back!"

    "You really want it?" He asked. "Then you can get it." She tried to get it.

    "Xanatoes." She screamed. She knew her voice was carrying far. She didn't notice how far, but then she heard Qui-Gon's voice.
    "What's wrong here?" He walked up to the two. Kiana put her hand on Eina's shoulder. For the moment Eina had forgotten her shyness.

    "He took my crystal." She turned to Kiana. Kiana eyes were so dark that they had the ability of convey everything without words. She looked to Qui-Gon now. Qui-Gon looked at Xanatoes.

    "Padawan, did you take her crystal?" Xanatoes's dark blue eyes looked at him honestly.

    "No Master, of course I would never do that.
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