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Beyond - Legends ~My Heart Will Go On~ A sad A/T songfic post SbS

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by The_Jedi_Ambyr-Rose, Jul 18, 2003.

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  1. The_Jedi_Ambyr-Rose

    The_Jedi_Ambyr-Rose Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 24, 2003
    While I was writing my fanfic, Leave The Light On (if anyone would like to check it out), I had this idea about writing out Tahiri?s feelings after SbS. Then this song popped into my head---it?s so perfect.

    My Heart Will Go On is sung by Celine Dion, and is the theme song to the movie Titanic.

    All SW characters in this belong to George Lucas, AKA The Flannelled One. I am receiving no payment, profit, etc. etc.

    *Every night in my dreams
    I see you, I feel you*

    Tahiri Veila?s face glistened with tears. Anakin was so close, it seemed, but she couldn?t reach him. It broke her heart. She wanted to be near to him so badly.

    Closing her eyes again, she witnessed the tragic death of Anakin Solo for what felt like the umpteenth time. It was playing over and over again in her sleep, a broken record, permanently fixed into the player. She saw his hand reach out to her, but as much as she wanted to, Tahiri could not grab it.

    *That is how I know you go on*

    Tahiri tossed and turned violently, bunching up the sheets. ?Just a little closer, Anakin!? She thought desperately. ?I know you?re there! I sense you.? Suddenly his hand shot forward, and she caught it. Gripping it firmly, the dream rippled, and Tahiri found herself in the outside meadow surrounding her home.

    *Far across the distance
    And spaces between us*

    Anakin was nowhere in sight. She?d thought she?d touched him! She screamed, half excitedly and half afraid of what was happening, as she saw his figure emerge at the other end of the field.

    Suddenly, he disappeared again, but he reappeared mere feet from her.

    ?Anakin, it?s me! You came back!?

    He shook his head. She could see tears in his ice blue eyes. What was wrong? He was back, and they were together, that was all that mattered now. Tahiri tried to send warm thoughts to him.

    She began to plead with him. ?Anakin, come here! Please? It?s okay now. You?re safe, and you?re home.?

    He shook his head again, and she understood now. He couldn?t touch her.

    ?Why?? she asked. There was no response. He was back, she saw him! But he couldn?t touch her? Tahiri began to cry. First they were short, fat tears, then it was a stream of wild sobs.

    Anakin?s image held out to comfort her, but the mysterious barrier held him back. Her eyes met his, and she knew why he had come. This was his final goodbye. Clouds began to gather, and lightning rumbled in the distance.

    *You have come to show you go on*

    His fingers trembled as he reached out to her. She held her hands out to him as well. They were both crying now. She had never seen him like this before. So afraid, so unsure.

    *Near, far
    Wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on*

    Wind swept the stormy skies as the two lovers reached out to one another. Anakin?s thoughts flooded her mind.

    ?I cannot return to you again, Tahiri.?

    *Once more
    You open the door*

    ?This is it. I guess this is-?

    ?Noooooo!? she refused. This was not a dream.

    *And you?re here in my heart*

    ?I promise that in a way I will always be with you. Don?t worry, Tahiri, I will remain in your heart for all time.? his voice was becoming torn and disfigured. He was slipping away.

    ?And I in yours.? she weakly managed.

    *And my heart will go on and on*

    ?It?s only temporary. It will seem long, but soon we will have eternity. I will watch over you, protect you from all harm. Because I love you. But for now, I have to go.?

    Tahiri fell to her knees in the swaying grass. She was crying what seemed like endless tears, and the pain inside her was immense.

    ?Anakin, no!?

    ?I love you, Tahiri.?

    ?Don?t go, Anakin! You can?t leave me here! You can?t just leave me here!? she sobbed.

    ?I love you.?

    *Love can touch us one time
    And last for a lifetime*

    Tahiri was left out in the cold, howling winds.

    ?I?ll never let go!?

    *And never let go till
    We?re one*

    Her sobs enveloped her body as she lay face down in the grass. As she lay there, the heavens opened up, and rain began to fall in a steady downpour.

    *Love was
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