JCC my new favorite adjective is "narcotics-laced"

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    the narcotics-laced waves crashed upon the narcotics-laced shore. in the sky, narcotics-laced seagulls whirled and cried. it was narcotics-laced. "darling," said jillian, turning to her narcotics-laced husband christopher, "i do believe this has been, currently is, and, when all is said and done, will have proven to be the most narcotics-laced day of my entire life!"

    "i am narcotics-laced!" said christopher.
  2. DantheJedi Jedi Master

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    narcotics-laced suppository
  3. Arawn_Fenn Force Ghost

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    my shoes are narcotics-laced
  4. Bender666 Jedi Padawan

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    Were you "narcotics-laced" when you made this post?
  5. Jabba-wocky Chosen One

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    The "it" in the opening of your third sentence does not refer to anything.
  6. Frank T. Force Ghost

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    Lefty the narcotics laced plush octopus

  7. AAAAAH Jedi Knight

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    oooh! look at that!

    woggy: it refers to YOUR FACE
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