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My own Episode III Story - A must read

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by moonsofbogden, Jul 21, 2002.

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  1. moonsofbogden

    moonsofbogden Jedi Youngling

    Jul 21, 2002
    Hello everybody.

    I have made a Episode III story for your pleasure to read.

    Episode III ? The Hidden Prophecy

    The film will open with the Clone Wars at an end

    Obi-Wan travels to Lars Farm on Tatooine where Anakin and Padmé will be living. They will be married and Anakin will be expelled from the Jedi Order. C-3PO and R2-D2 will be with them.
    Obi-Wan has orders from Palpatine, who?d talked with the Jedi Council, that Anakin would be needed in the Clone Wars.
    Owen doesn't like this. He thinks that Anakin should stay on Tatooine and take care of his pregnant wife and not getting involved following Obi-Wan on some damned foolish crusade. (evidence from Obi-Wan in Ep4)
    Anakin and Obi-Wan goes off after a long discussion leaving Padmé behind.

    Anakin and Obi-Wan talk about some old memories and what they have been up to since they parted.

    They head to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine?s new office at Coruscant.

    Inside Palpatine?s office several senators are present including Bail Organa and possibly governor Tarkin. Several Jedi are also there including Yoda and Mace.
    They welcome Anakin with warm feelings except Yoda and Mace who look a bit concerned.
    It?s decided that Anakin, like Obi-Wan, should be a commander of a fleet of starships in the wars.

    It?s in this war that Anakin will show his flying skills.
    They fight against Super Battledroids, Battle Droids and Droidekas on the ground and Geonosian and Neimodian battle forces in the air.

    The war is won by the help of Anakin and and Confederacy of Independent Systems dissolves.
    (The remains of Confederacy of Independent Systems and parts of the Republic will later on form the rebel alliance)
    Count Dooku goes into hiding
    Boba Fett continues to works for Count Dooku.

    Anakin receive combat grades from Palpatine and he seeks more guidance from him than his master Obi-Wan

    Palpatine form a meeting with senators and Jedi?s.
    Palpatine convince Anakin that Padmé isn?t safe on Tatooine and suggests that she?ll be transported to Naboo for security reasons.
    The party of people also agrees, mostly the Jedi?s, so the point is decided. They also discuss forming a squad to capture Dooku alive and put him before justice.
    The hunt for Dooku and his forces begins
    Anakin is again in charge of this attack movement
    Palpatine orders Jedi Commanders to lead the new Stormtroopers out in the galaxy to hunt Count Dooku.
    (The new Stormtroopers is much more clumsier than the Clonetroopers because after Jango died the Republic was forced to take DNA from more ordinary people)

    The search for Dooku ends on an unknown planet (yet unnamed)

    Palpatine sends secret forces to Naboo to bomb the planet and kill Padmé.

    Palpatine contacts Anakin and order him to come to him on Coruscant.
    When Anakin arrives, Palpatine says to Anakin that he has received word that Padmé was killed on Naboo in a crossfire battle with Jedi?s in the search for Count Dooku. Palpatine says he is very sorry for this.
    Anakin is enraged and runs to his ship heading for Naboo to find out himself for sure.

    With the protectors of the galaxy away (Jedi) Palpatine elects himself Emperor.
    Some people in the Senate including Bail Organa will become Palpatine?s new enemies

    The so-friendly Stormtroopers turn against their Jedi Commanders in battle, killing them because they are outnumbered. This happens on the yet unnamed planet (and everywhere else but not seen on the movie) and Palpatine is obviously behind it.
    (In Ep2 when Anakin says ?shoot him down?, pointing at Dooku, the Clone Trooper says ?were out of rockets sir?. The officer is probably lying and this could prove that the clones were under Dooku?s (and Palpatines?s) control as early as Ep2)
    Obi-Wan manages to escape and return to the Jedi Council on Coruscant
    Dooku makes the remaining Stormtroopers (those who had come to the planet with Jedi Commanders) his own personal army.

    Yoda and Mace are the only survivors of the Jedi Council. The rest of the new council were sent away on the dreaded
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