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my review of the MotF track (and more) at Dragoncon 2005

Discussion in 'Atlanta, GA' started by The_Wookie_Girl, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. The_Wookie_Girl

    The_Wookie_Girl Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 3, 2005
    I enjoyed all of the SW panels I attended. :) Of course, since Dragoncon is so huge, one must carefully pick and choose amongst all the goodies present, and also hope that one can get a seat in the more popular panels/rooms/tracks.


    I attended the very first SW panel, the one on fan fiction. The lady hosting the panel was very knowledgeable, and I hope that she can give more panels of this type, as her info related to fiction writing in general, just not fanfic or SW fanfic, although she used many examples from that genre to illustrate her points.

    The Road Trip panel on Friday night was quite interesting! Mike and I attended, and were quite surprised that there weren't more folks present. The speaker really knew his stuff, and the pictures he had were great, matching the screen shot with the actual location. He and his friends are publishing a book on all this.

    We missed most of SW: Revelations, but I now have a copy and have viewed it. It's a great fan film, quite in Lucas' style, and I know that I'll be checking out the Fan Films forum on TFN.


    Steve Sansweet's presentation on Saturday at 1 pm had tons of info and good film/video clips, although it seemed to be more of a look ahead, rather than a look back. I enjoyed the heck out of it anyway, esp. seeing one of the deleted scenes for RotS, the senatorial sub-plot.

    The SW costume contest later on in the afternoon was entertaining, mostly due to the music stylings of Lukski and the lady named Carrie. The parody "Grease Wars" had the audience rockin'! Not sure who to direct this to, but someone must let contestants know that they must stop for a few seconds or more in front of the audience. The judges and the kids' court aren't the only ones present, we in the audience would like to view the costumes as well, and have a chance to take pictures. (This isn't just a problem here, but is something that I often see at any costume contest. Yes, I know that the entrants are only allowed so much stage time, but please please don't just walk across the stage! They don't have to perform, but they do need to stop and pose for a few seconds so that the audience can actually see their wonderful costumes. Had I spent ages working on such an awesome costume, I sure would want to show it off. Perhaps in all these how to make a costume classes the mod could talk about stage presentation as well? If we don't get a chance to see the costume, it's just too sad to think that all that hard work doesn't go for much. :(

    In the evening, the SW Trivia contest was interesting, but I don't think that the questions were put in a fair way. Some contestants got only easy questions, while others got only difficult ones. Not sure how such can be resolved. :( And I wasn't alone in thinking this, as contestants and other audience members alike were vocal in their comments on this. Also, it took forever to get started, so the track mod or someone else in charge should have taken charge and gotten things going sooner. Again, the audience was complaining, and some folks left who might have stayed.

    The Mr Star Wars contest, on the other hand, moved along quickly, and was well organized, and was also quite quite amusing. :) The audience laughed a lot, which is a Good Thing (TM). *grins*


    Wanted to attend the Sunday 4 pm panel, a discussion of RotS, but the room was full when we arrived. If anyone here attended, please sum it up for us.

    Also tried to attend the Light Saber Dueling Lessons, but the room was too small and had too many people. And it's difficult to see over others when one is short, like moi. ;)

    The SW Fan film on Sunday were a great hoot! We enjoyed the parody films a lot. LOL! And the fan film discussion on Monday was quite informative.


    The SW mythology panel on Monday was a fascinating, good, complex discussion! It was a great example of the give-and-take that can go between the panel and the audience. :) Probably one of the best panels of the con, IMHO.


    Other than t
  2. RosieWook

    RosieWook Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 5, 2000
    This is good feedback. You should give it to the folks who run the MOTF track. You can find out how to contact them off the DragonCon website. (I.e., it's not our club that does it.)

    Our club, though, does run Mr. Star Wars. So I'm glad you found that it went well!
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