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Victoria. BC My Review Of This FILM...........

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Mystic_Warrior_Queen, May 21, 2005.

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  1. Mystic_Warrior_Queen

    Mystic_Warrior_Queen Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 25, 2005
    I have just got back from seeing Revenge Of The Sith..... I Liked it... a lot BUT!

    Bad news first....
    I have spoiled myself crazy when it comes to this film, and there are now some spoiler reprts I wish I hadn't read becausethe scenes didn't have certain things that I was expecting to see in them.
    I thought the pace of this film was FAR to Fast, maybe its because this the first time Ive seen this film but It was like George just said here this is 30 years of my life thats it its done. Scenes were cut to quickly, for Example, When ANikan kills Dooku, there isn't enough of Sidious goading him on like he did with luke, and there was nothing about the rise of the rebellion in this film. I wished that the Scene when Anikan is slaughtering the Jedi was all one scene. I with that Order 66 would have been portrayed a bit slower,
    I wanted more in certain scenes and The Cutting and the wiping just rapped a scene up to quickly, although thats the way it has been in all Star Wars movies.
    Things came one after the other and we didn't have time to catch our breaths.
    I wish George had not been such a harsh editor with this film. I didn't like the fact the Qui-gon scene got taken out, I thought it was definatley needed.
    I thought there shouuld have been a bit more of ANikan being excited about the fact he was going to become a father, I wished it had more emtion in it over all. I thought the scene after Vader rises, when he screams NOOOO was good just I didn't like the circle Wipe that was bad and I thought there would have been more stuff to destroy, and Sidious cackling in the background, I wish that george had not goen with so many Wipes in this film, because it reminded me of the fact that I was watching a film. I guess I should not loose heart though, the DVD will be out soon, and with repeated viewings I will get used to all of the super quick pacing and HOPEFULLY there will be things added in to the DVD that will make it extended or something like that.
    The crowd I went with sucked, I was one of the first in line, My friend got there at 1 :30 I got there at 7pm we were going to the 10pm showing. the crowd laughed at some moments like when R2 banged in to the wall, that was funny, and when Yodat took out the red guards, but there was no reaction NONE to the key "Epic moments to this film. lIke when Sidious named Anikand there was no ohhh or anything when Anikan choked Padme, there was no groaning.

    Great news...

    This film felt somewhat un-starwarshish, I can't explain why. just a feeling.
    It was a good feeling though. All hell breaks loose in this movie.
    I Liked the moments with yoda and Sidious Vs Yoda, and all the sabre duels,
    Ewan Mcgregor pulls off a wonderful Obi-wan kenobi and reminded me a lot of Alec Guiness. I loved all the scenes with Anikan and Padm'e I thought that maybe, there should have been more, but Attack of the clones was time for Roamnce, Revenge Of The Sith got down to Business. I Loved the opening battle,
    I Loved the Moment when Anikan becomes Sidiouses Apprentice, thatw as BEAUTIFUL there are many beautiful moments in this film, but the way Sidious spoke to Anikan was great, This was truly the Emperors film!! I liked the Dream sequences, they wre really cool and different for a Star Wars movie, it felt like you were seeing them through someones eye.
    I Liked Haydens performance a lot. I didn't like how he spoke monotone all the time, that bothered me a bit But He Rocks in this film!! The Best by far moment of Haydens performance is when he sees Obi-wan on the landing deck and portrays "Liar!" HE JUST SCREAMS! and the conversation that follows was great! He explodes like a Volcanoe (giggles), Finally! no holding back anymore! More Emotion! He Finally expresses another Emotion other than arrogance. I was sitting there thinking "Yes" "Yes" Yell! Scream! get upset! I was so happy with the the events that started the duel. Th Duel was great, It felt a bit short, as was the one with Yoda and Sidious but over all great. John Williams score really helps this film with its expressio
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