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Clone Wars My TCW "What If" scenario discussion

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by BobaFan101, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. BobaFan101

    BobaFan101 Jedi Padawan

    Dec 3, 2013
    Been really bored, just thought of this and wanted to post it

    So once Sidious learns of Mauls plot on Mandalore, instead of going to handle things himself.
    He instead tells Dooku "My old apprentice has resurfaced and likely wishes to join my side. and to once again prove your worth you should take care of this" Dooku, not wanting to take any chances, takes Grievous and an army of droids to Mandalore.

    Meanwhile Obi-wan gets a distress call from Satine, asking for help as there is a civil war raging on Mandalore.
    So he takes the twighlight over there( just as he does in "The Lawless") but Anakin over hears the transmission.
    He then secretly follows Kenobi along with the 501st and Ahsoka to Mandalore.

    Also Meanwhile, Jabba betrays Mauls shadow collective, and seeks revenge for the murder of the other Hutts.
    He hires Sugi, Embo and Latts Razzi to murder Maul and his brother. Latts, still friends with Ventress, tells her of her mission tells her to join for revenge against Savage. Ventress agrees and they all travel to Mandalore.

    Meanwhile Cad bane, fresh out of Prison, wants revenge on Kenobi for putting him there as Rako Hardeen. He learns of Obi-wan's travel to Mandalore and so he follows him.

    Skywalkers and Dookus forces meet each other in space and ensue in battle, weakening eachother.

    Obi-Wan lands
    Dooku and Grievous with a small battalion of B2 droids commandos and Magna guards land
    Asajj and her bounty hunters land
    Cad bane, a todo droid and some IG assassin droids
    Anakin ahsoka, Rex, Fives and a small group of clone troopers land
    All at the same time

    Surrounded by Death watch troopers and Nite owls. With everyone trying to take in what's going on,
    With Maul and Savage seeing everything from a balcony above
    Obi-wan sees Anakin
    Bane sees Obi-wan
    Ventress sees savage and Dooku
    Maul and Dooku see eachother both enraged
    Maul and Obi also connect eyes

    Okay okay this is pretty far fetched, but my brain would explode if this were to happen!
    Just want to know what you think of this scenario
    And how you think it would go

    EDIT: This belongs in the missed opportunities thread or elsewhere, but not in a thread by itself.
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