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My thoughts about Celebration II

Discussion in 'FanForce Conventions' started by goose19, May 6, 2002.

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  1. goose19

    goose19 Jedi Youngling

    May 6, 2002
    The good....
    I did have a good time. I bought some cool stuff, I got to see Anthony Daniels and Hayden Christensen. Didn't get to meet them unfortunatly. Ran into Warwick Davis and Petr Mayhew many times. Got to play a little one on one lightsaber deul with Danial Logan in the LAN computer area. What a cool kid! Thanks to some smart crowd movement and the help of friends I managed to get into the first part of the opening ceremonies on Friday, got to see Rick Mcallum's spectacular three times. hehehe Got into Two In Tatoonie, Attack Of The Fetts, and Stunts! The people I met from all over the place. The costumes rocked.

    Things I wish I didn't miss.....
    The 501st march. Got there 1/2 hour late cause I was told it was at 9:00. Didn't get Carrie Fisher's autograph like I wanted to. After taking a look at the line I decided that I wasn't going to spend my whole day in line. Didn't get to see Anthony Daniels work the crowd on Sunday. Didn't get into to see the Trilogy in 30min. And didn't get a frickin' figure after standing in line for the store three times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The bad, the horrible, and the unimagineable...
    I've never liked WOTC. They run Gen Con horribly too.
    A: Why was there one huge line and one door open? Why wasn't there seprate lines for will call, on site and fan club regestration right off the bat? I spent two hours in the 3 mile long line only to get inside and find another long line for will call. And to see people being able to bypass the long line and get right into the will call line. Ridiculous.
    B: Fan club meant absolutly nothing. The long lines outside were filled with fan club and non fan club and it was well after nine before I made it in on all three days. The fan club lounge was a joke. Nothing that was advertised as fan club perks were given.
    C: Horrible crowd managment. Wayyy too many people pcaked into small spaces. Lines itersecting lines, hardly any signs. I had to ask many people what the line they were standing in was for. Not enough seating for the shows people wanted to see. And why all of a sudden on Saturday and Sunday did you need a ticket to get upstairs? And that the tickets were being sold upstairs but you're not allowed to go up there????

    I really hope WOTC gets the message and makes some major changes for Celebration III. I know they have something against Milwaukee cause their moving Gen Con from Milwaukee to Indy next year. But the Midwest Express center here has tons of space. Big rooms, one of them is a large ballroom and the other a huge exhibit hall. It's also connected by skywalk to the 10,000 seat U.S. Cellular Arena. It't second largest only to out 18,000 seat Bradley Center acroos the street. Perfect for those ceremonies everyone got turned away from. Think about WOTC.

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