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Nash, TN NADLP - Ticket Wait & Line Party

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by LordINVAR, Mar 13, 2002.

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  1. LordINVAR

    LordINVAR Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2002
    Greetings from the Paducah KY area!

    I had the priveledge of having an incredible blast with you folks three years ago at the Hollywood 27 waiting for both tickets and a week later, the midnight show.

    Alot of us ended up on TV news, there was a living room set-up out front - and a few of us (myself included) were interviewed in the May 21 1999 Tennesean.

    I'm hoping to repeat the most fun I've ever had waiting in line for a Star Wars film (and I've waited in line for the premiere's of all of them since Empire in '80).

    I lost e-mail contact with the fella that invited us to hang in line with his group for Ep1 - (I think his handle was Joker or something) - but I was delighted to see that you folks had an on-line fan-club.

    Are you folks planning another blast at the Hollywood 27 again this year?

    If so, I've got 10 of us Kentuckians (our shoebox theatres out here in the Western end suck in both size and sound - thus the necessity for a pilgrimmage to Nashville again) - coming down - in costume. My wife, 3 girls - 3 buddies and their 2 kids.

    Touching base with y'all to see if you have any plans and to hopefully see the many fine folks I came to know 3 years ago.

    My 14 year old is hoping she gets to play Star Wars trivial Pursuit again with the fellas she beat in 99. She says she's been studying-up.

    Hope to see you folks again!
  2. Grand Moff Joker

    Grand Moff Joker Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 13, 1999
    That joker would be me, LordINVAR. :D

    I've since moved from Nashville to Fort Worth, so unfortunately, I won't be able to join you guys this year. However, Scott (k kanos, who you may remember from the line with the great Royal Guard costume) is now the Nashville FanForce CityRep and is doing an awesome job lining up events for the Episode 2 line. I'm sure if you contact him or hang around the boards, you'll see all the fun that Nashville After Dark has planned!

    LordINVAR, do you have any pictures from your time in line at Hollywood 27? I recently sent a few of mine to k kanos so he could post them here on the boards and on the website. It would be great if there were some more H27 TPM line pictures out there to share, though.
  3. k kanos

    k kanos Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 1, 2000
    Greetings LordINVAR! It definitely was a blast for Episode I at the H27. However, since then H27 has kind of gone down hill and crime in that area has increased (just ask Hama). So we have decided to line-up at the Throughbred 20 in Cool Springs. This theater is actually much better than H27. At the time of Episode I it was still under construction. It boasts 20 theaters, four of which seat over 450 people and 8 of the 20 have THX sound systems. All theaters have stadium seating It is also surrounded by fast-food joints & restaurants, and has a couple of gas stations within walking distance for those late night bathroom trips. No having to drive down the road to make a pitstop at the Wafflehouse in the middle of the night. a 24 hour Wal-mart is also right down the street. And of course its a lot safer area. It's located just off of Cool Springs Boulevard and Mallory lane. If you are traveling south on I-65, get off at the Cool Springs Boulevard West exit. You will take a left at the second light (you will see a McDonalds on the corner). Its a huge theater complex . Follow this [link=]LINK[/link]for a couple of pics of it. You can't miss it. ;)

    We welcome you and your friends to join us in line. So come on down! It's definitely going to be a great time again. :) If history repeats itself, tickets will be going on sale May 9th. We will be lining up starting the morning of the 8th.

    BTW, I've posted some of GMJ's pictures as well as my own from the Episode I line at H27[link=]on this thread[/link]
  4. LordINVAR

    LordINVAR Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2002
    Moff Joker, K Kanos -

    Thanks for the greetings guys. I remember the fun.

    I do sincerely apologize that I don't have any pictures from that event - as the camera my wife brought to the line party was malfunctioning - and not a single picture from 2 rolls of film taken developed.

    I shan't make that mistake again this year.


    If you go here:

    That would be me on the left in black in the foreground. My eldest is between my head and the cameraman dressed as Amidala.

    Say ....any of you fellas know what group or garrison those Sandtroopers came from? Those guys were awesome! So was the fella that made that Chewie suit.


    Thanks for the heads-up on the H-27. I'm not all that familliar with Nashville - and I haven't been down there since Episode I - but your directions seem pretty clear so we shouldn't have much trouble finding it.

    They're supposedly building a new theatre in Paducah with stadium seating and better sound - but it doesn't look like that puppy is going to be open until next year - and even then - I don't know how good the screen and sound will be.

    I'm originally from the suburban Chicago area - and my brother says they've built a bunch of IMAX theatres out there with monster screens and bone-crushing sound.

    He saw Lord of the Rings at one and said he's camping out at one of those to see EP2. A six hour drive is too steep for us to make it up there - and I think you folks were more fun than the crowd I waited to see Jedi with in '83 were.

    You folks do know how to party.
  5. k kanos

    k kanos Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 1, 2000
    Oh yeah, I remember you :) I was the Imperial Royal Guard for the little media shoot. Those guys in the Stormtrooper armor are actually members of the 501st and were at the Denver Celebration. I don't know what garrison they are with though.

    You guys are more than welcome to join us. The more the Merrier. Another mid-westerner (YANKEE). [face_laugh] Yeah, I hate being called that too ;) We have several members, including myself from that area of the country. I'm from Northwest Indiana right next to Merriville. Check back on our message boards here for actual dates of when we will be starting the line. MTFBWY!
  6. Kir Kanos

    Kir Kanos Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 8, 1999
    TFN just confirmed with what the LFL publicity person I spoke with told me today. About two weeks out from STAR WARS, advance tickets will go on sale. So much for the month ahead online sales on FAN DANG! :eek: Yeah!!! :D When it comes to FAN DANG! :eek: , Just say "NO" . ;)
    But, wait a minute, :eek: isn't two weeks from May 16th, May 2nd ?[face_plain] That would be the day before the STAR WARS Celebration in Indianapolis when everybody is traveling to the convention. I sure hope that the "About" part of the two weeks is real liberal, like Tuesday or Wednesday. If it's litterally two weeks to the day, then Lucasfilm just put us in a bind. ie. Attend the Celebration or get tickets for the movie. Hopefully it won't come down to that. Hopefully they'll wake up, get their act together and get us some dates and times before its too late to maneuver some vacation time. Ouch! I think I'm getting a head ache now. I hope its not anything catchy ;) I think I'm getting LUCASFILM-ITIS [face_laugh] :p
  7. LordINVAR

    LordINVAR Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2002
    Why 2 weeks? Why not a week in advance like was done for Phantom Menace???

    That worked well.

    This throws a ringer for alot of folks planning to attend Clebration II and see the premiere.
  8. JediToren

    JediToren Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 20, 2000
    I seriously doubt they will do it on Thursday, May 2nd. It just doesn't make sense. If they did it on Thursday all they would be doing is pissing off allot of fans and losing allot of money.

    At best, advanced sales on Thursday May 2nd will force many fans, already tired from camping out hours or days to travel to Indianapolis. For others who plan on leaving very early on Thursday, they will have to adjust their travel plans and catch a different flight, which may be impossible at that point.
    Worst case scenario, fans must choose between going to SWC2 and getting their Episode II tickets. Not only will that outrage many fans, LFL will lose money because SWC2 attendees won't be buying their Episode II tickets.

    On the other hand, they could set it on Tuesday or Wednesday, or do it one week in advance, and fans could go to both without any problems. LFL would get their money from SWC2 as well as Episode II ticket sales.

    I believe the 1 month advanced sales on-line were only for DLP screenings.
  9. JediToren

    JediToren Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 20, 2000
    Just went searching through the TFN News Archives and I found this:

    [link=]SW.Com Update: Advance Ticket Sales May 12 and More![/link]
    Posted Fri, Apr 23, 99 03:51:26 PM EST

    "Reader J. J. Torres wrote in to point out that the Official site updated with several items. The most important of all is that advance ticket sales for Episode I will start May 12 at 3:00 PM EDT and they are limiting ticket sales to 12 at a time to discourage scalping. (Sounds like the all the fan complaints and the lining up outside theaters had an effect!)"

    I could have sworn we knew about Episode I's advanced ticket sales much earlier than April 23rd, but it appears I was mistaken. If the rumors that this Wednesday will be the day we find out about advanced ticket sales for Episode II are true, we'll actually be getting this info even earlier than we did for Episode I.

    You can find the same info in the [link=]Official Site's Episode I News Archive[/link] here:
    [link=]Episode I Ticket Update[/link]

    "Over the last several weeks, Twentieth Century Fox, Lucasfilm, and The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) have consulted in order to determine an advance ticket sale practice for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace that will provide the least inconvenience for families, fans and general movie goers and hopefully avoid a potential ticket scalping problem. Fox and Lucasfilm announced today the following practice to be followed on Star Wars: Episode I advance ticket sales.

    Tickets will be made available for advance sales on Wednesday, May 12th at 3:00pm eastern daylight time at those theatres and ticket outlets in the United States and Canada that offer advance ticketing. Theatre owners have agreed to make every reasonable effort to first accommodate those fans already standing in line. In a continuing effort to discourage scalping a maximum of 12 tickets may be purchased per customer.
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