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Nash, TN NADLP - We Need Your Help For The Line Party Folks!!!!

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by LordINVAR, Apr 10, 2002.

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  1. LordINVAR

    LordINVAR Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2002
    The Nashville Line Party/Charity Fundraiser Kir Kanos and NAD is organizing is going to be SPECTACULAR! You folks are doing something that NO ONE ELSE is doing! I am very, very excited to be a part of this event and look forward with great anticipation to this party - even moreso than I was for Episode I.

    This party - if everything works according to plan - is going to dwarf the Episode I line party event in '99. Better planning and preparations are going into this effort.

    First off- the Excusive, Limited Edition Line Party programs you will have available are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world. They are the vehicle we will use for the Charity fundraiser - which in-turn, enables our line party to exist and be as fun and successful as we are planning.

    The programs will feature original full-color artwork on the covers, a full color inside cover and keepsake ticket-stub holder, feature pages about NAD, AOTC, the JDRF Charity, Star Wars trivia and Advertising pages with valuable coupons and discounts from local businesses. The programs are designed to be incredibly attractive, collectible, exclusive and functional in terms of offering Star Wars fans great discounts and offers.

    We need YOUR help in various areas to make these programs and line party a success. PLEASE! Kir Kanos cannot do everything that is needing to be done by himself, we need help from the entire group as you are able.

    We need help in the following areas:

    - Selling ad space in the program to local businesses. The ads will pay for the printing of the programs, and allow us to use the programs to collect for the charity.

    - Providing leads and contacts of managers, and business owners you know that we can call to ask if they would sponsor us or run an ad in the Program.

    - People representing this group to collect ad materials from businesses wanting to advertise, show proofs of the ads we design and collect payment from the advertisers.

    - Distributing the Flyers for the Line Party.

    - Anything else Kir Kanos might need help with before May 14th.

    The Nashville and Paducah Thrifty Nickel are donating ad space in their papers to announce your line party for the event, so we already have some businesses on-board.

    If we could have at least five or six persons in the area that can obtain one or two ads from local businesses - we will have accomplished our goal in getting these programs printed.

    Please note that this Fundraiser is our way of shining like powerful lightsabers and Jedi Knights to the Nashville Community - and is what will provide the media coverage, the acomodations of the theatre for our group, and the reason we will be allowed to have such a grand party before the premiere!

    We have only a short time to do this! We have until April 22nd to get at least 6 pages of ads sold (roughly 12 ads) and materials collected to get the book ready for the printer by April 29th so they can be printed in time for the Line Party.

    Please contact Kir Kanos via e-mail to find out what we need help with or post what you can do to help out in this thread and how we can contact you.

    This is your moment to shine - in return, the media spotlights will shine on your group and party event before the glow of Episode II shines on your eyeballs from the silver screen.
  2. Kir Kanos

    Kir Kanos Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 8, 1999
    Thanks Mike :)

    Flyer distribution is necessary and easy and can be done on your own time.

    However, we desparately need people to help with garnering sponsorships. LordInvar is sending me all the graphics info today, so that we can print mock-ups to show the merchants. I'm going to be calling many of them and faxing over the information, but I need someone to meet with them in person to close the deal and hopefully get the payment right then and there. The programs & rate sheets are professional looking and pretty much sell themselves. And there are going to be 1,000 of these. Mike got us an unbelievable deal for printing, and in full 4-color printing to boot!

    Like many of you, I'm not a sales person either. All you need to do is reitterate on the points on the rate sheets:

    *These programs are going to be put in the hands of 1,000 STAR WARS fans in an event keepsake. That is better direct advertising than they could ever get in the paper or clipper magazine for the money.

    * The advertising with coupon(s) will draw people into their businesses.

    * Most importantly, WE ARE DOING THIS FOR CHARITY 100% of the proceeds we raise from these programs will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. And their businesses will be tied to raising money for charity!

    So this not only benefits their business in the way of advertising, but it also helps us to raise funds for a local childrens charity. It's a win win situation. I can't imagine, why any business would pass up on this, especially at the rates we are giving them. LordInvar & his friend TuskenJedi can even create custon advertising graphics for them if need be *FREE OF CHARGE*

    This is an ubelievable opportunity for the business in the Nashville & Cool Springs area to shine!

    So Please, volunteer to help us do this. You don't even need to do this on the weekend, as managers of most places don't work the weekends anyway. But, it needs to be done sometime by the end of next week.

    Like I said, I'm going to be calling a lot of these places and faxing them the info. If you could just tell me what days you are available to help, I could give you the name of the businesses I've contacted and have you just go over and set up a time to meet with them. All you need to do is just go over the points on the Rate Sheets. If you need help with it, just give me a call. I'll give you my cell phone number just in case. Most likely, you won't even have to. You may just be going there to write down their information and collect payment :) .

    I hate the fact that we have such a short amount of time to do this, but due to Lucasfilm dragging their feet on a release time and that we weren't even sure until yesterday that the Thoroughbred was our Theater, we couldn't in good conscience proceed any further with this.

    LordInvar & TuskenJedi have been busting their hinies to produce a professional quality cover, inserts, flyers, rate sheets, contact forms, and even helping me understand how to proceed with all this, because like many of you, this is all new to me. Our Fan Force Chapter owes them a debt of grattitude for all their hard work, as does the JDRF. It's because of them that we are not only going to have this fantastic keepsake program, but that we are going to be able to raise some serious bucks for the JDRF. That latter of which is reason enough. :D

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