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Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by xanatos1975, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I was recently wondering why star wars fans do not have a name for themselves... Trek fans are known as Trekkies (I refuse to call them Trekkers), but never one for us until now... I was searching around on other websites and found the title "Warheads." I thought it was awesome. Any thoughts??
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    I'm so-so. Seems a little forced to me...and a little militant. I hear "Warheads" and I don't immediately think Star Wars fans.
  3. Kius Jedi Youngling

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    The common accepted nickname is "Warsies (War-zeez)."
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    From someone with a Sithtastic personality... "Warhead" sounds awesome. [face_dancing]
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    Who in their right mind doesn't like Star Wars? We are simply "all the people of Earth."