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Story [Naruto II/Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossover] Bending the Jutsu

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by SuperSaiyaMan12, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. SuperSaiyaMan12

    SuperSaiyaMan12 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 30, 2005
    Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Avatar: The Last Airbender, they belong to their specific manga and cartoon chains and authors and artists, and this is just for fun, not profit.

    Bending the Jutsu

    A Naruto II/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover

    Prologue: The Fire Nation has become even more relentless in the war against the Earth and Water Nations due to the fact that the Avatar has returned. Firelord Ozai has ordered legions of his best firebenders to go out and conquer the Earth Nation faster, even the mighty city of Omashu fell to the newest offensive. Admiral Zhao led a massive assault on the Northern Water Tribe?s main city fortress, yet it failed when the Avatar, a young airbender named Aang absorbed the water spirit in his Avatar State and brought the fight directly to the Fire Nation?.

    The Sound Village has begun plotting to destroy Konoha once again, it?s leader Orochimaru, the fallen Sannin preparing a massive assault. Yet he needs allies, and a massive army to triumph over Konoha?s Military might. He has sent emissaries to the Rock Village in the Land of Earth, due to their lingering hatred and jealousy of Konoha from being victorious in the last Shinobi War. Time has also begun to run out for his apprentice, Uchiha Sasuke; soon he?ll be able to transfer his soul into the gifted Uchiha?

    Avatar Aang, and his companions, Sokka and Katara of the Southern Water Tribe arrived in the Earth Nation to find a Earthbending Teacher for the young Avatar. Due to a vision in a spiritual swamp, he found one in the form of the blind, yet extremely gifted Earthbender, Toph. Now, as they travel to find the secret to beating the Fire Nation, they reach a massive desert which they have to cross to get to Ba Sing Se, the Earth Nation?s Capital on the Avatar?s Flying Bison, Appa?

    Uzumaki Naruto, the boy who would be the next Hokage increased his training under the tutelage of Hatake Kakashi and ANBU Captain Yamato. He is determined to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, since he never breaks a promise. The young Hyuuga Heiress, Hyuuga Hinata has been called in by Kakashi to oversee his training?

    Chapter 1: A World at War

    Konoha, Training Sector 8

    In the training sector of Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a 15 year old teenager, with blue eyes and spiky blond hair, whisker-like markings on his cheeks, a forehead protector with a leaf carved into the middle of it and wearing black and orange jumpsuit. On his back was a red spiral symbol in between the red and orange divide. He let out an yell of frustration, and threw up his hands into a strange sign, he crossed his fingers and instantly 2000 copies of himself appeared.

    ?This time I?m really going to do it!? the young man yelled, and his copies added their support.

    From the top of a hill overlooking the training area, a young woman with white eyes, same age as the young man, long black hair, dressed in a brown and white light coat and long black pants with bandages around her thigh, stood next to a tall man with silver hair, a mask covering most of his face, and his forehead protector his right eye. ?How?s he doing, Hinata-san??

    The young woman, Hyuuga Hinata, heiress to the prestigious Hyuuga Clan sighed. She activated her Kekki Genkai, the Byakugan and watched as the young man, and his copies swirled energy in their hands. ?N-Naruto-kun is still having difficulty molding his chakra element into the Rasengan, y-yet he?s gotten his control better. He could make the attack complete any day now, Kakashi-sensei.?

    The silver haired man, Hatake Kakashi nodded and turned to the man with dark black hair and eyes. ?Has he been keeping the Kyuubi down, Tenzou??

    ?He has gotten better about it, his temper is just under the limits of releasing the power of the demon,? ?Yamato? replied, arcing his eyebrow. ?I could have sworn he started doing it better when the young Ms. Hyuuga arrived.?

    Hinata?s faced reddened slightly at that, making Kakashi smile underneath his mask. ?You had only a week to learn about Naruto
  2. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    Hi! Please edit the title so that the fandoms are in brackets before the actual fiction title! Thank you!
  3. RK_Striker_JK_5

    RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 2, 2003
    Nice meeting, here. Ah, Sasuke... messed it up big for Snakehead, eh? Can't wait to see more, here.
  4. SuperSaiyaMan12

    SuperSaiyaMan12 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 30, 2005
    Chapter 2: Stories and the Library

    Earth Kingdom, between the Si Wong Desert and the mountains

    The sun began peaking over the summit of the tallest mountains in the range. The bluish-black haired kunoichi?s eyes fluttered open, and she sat up, putting her hand on her head. She looked around to see?Naruto resting next to her on her right, Sakura on her left, and off to the far left was Yamato. She quickly scrambled away from him, blushing madly, and then looked to see Kakashi sitting on a rock, looking at two teenagers and a 12 year old kid, plus a strange rock formation that hand a young girl in it.

    ?You?re the first up, Hinata-san,? Kakashi commented as he looked up from his book ?Icha Icha Paradise?, snapping the Hyuuga Heiress? attention up to him. ?Don?t ask me how we got here, I wouldn?t know. Though those kids appear to be trustworthy.?

    ?All I remember is a beam of light hitting us before I was knocked unconscious,? Hinata replied, shaking her head and looking at Naruto, and then at the four others and the giant beast that was near them. ?Who are they??

    ?The boy with the arrow on his head is named Aang, he called himself the ?Avatar?, the older girl is named Katara, her older brother over there is named Sokka, and the blind girl in the rock-shaped tent is named Toph,? Kakashi replied, stretching for a moment before his eye went back to the pages of his book. ?You say a lot of things in your sleep, Hinata-san, a few of which I think Naruto heard.?

    Hinata started blushing madly at that, her entire face turned a shade of bright red. She then looked to see Sakura sitting up and stretching, then looking around wildly. The pink haired kunoichi then looked at Naruto, who wasn?t anywhere close to her, and then at Yamato. Then at Aang?s group.

    ?Okay, mind telling me where we are? And who the newcomers are?? Sakura asked calmly as she stood up, and her stomach growled quietly. She then noticed they were up on a summit. ?When did we get to the mountains in Iwagakure??

    ?I don?t think we?re in the Land of Earth, Sakura-chan,? Naruto groaned as he sat up, his stomach growling madly. ?My stomach almost kept me up all night??

    ??well, as I was going to say, Naruto, our companions here, Sakura, are Aang, the kid with the blue arrow on his shaved head, calls himself the Avatar, the older girl in blue clothing is named Katara, her brother in the sleeping bag next to her is named Sokka, and the girl in the rock-shaped tent is named Toph,? Kakashi said their names again, without looking up from his book. ?They?ll be awake soon, so we?ll be able to learn more.?

    ??that?ll be good, Kakashi-san,? Yamato muttered as he sat up. ?I really hate being left in the dark.?

    After a few more minutes of waiting, Aang?s group awoke. The young airbender stretched and rubbed his eyes, and he saw the five Shinobi of Konoha awake. ?How long have you guys been up??

    ?I?ve stayed up all night, keeping guard,? Kakashi replied, showing no tiredness in his voice or in his movements. He put the book away and leaned forward. ?So what is the ?Avatar? anyway, and why are two teenagers and two pre-teens traveling around without an adult??

    ?What, you mean you don?t know what?s happening here?? Katara asked as she sat up in her sleeping bag.

    ?Nope, never heard of the title Avatar or strange names like you guys,? Naruto replied, his stomach growling still. ?Sakura-chan, did the ramen get taken here with us??

    Sakura sighed, and looked into her pack. ?Yep, it did Naruto. Though I think we?d better conserve most of it until we reach civilization??

    ?We should talk over breakfast to sort everything out,? Katara told them as she got out of her sleeping bag.

    ?I still don?t really trust them, they could be Fire Nation,? Sokka said bluntly as he got out of the sleeping bag he was in.

    ?Fire Nation? Is that slang for the Land of Fire in other parts of the world?? Naruto asked.

    ?Land of Fire? I knew it, you are Fire Nation!? Sokka yelled as he grabbed his boomerang.

    ??huh?? Naruto asked as the almost paranoid
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