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Story [NCIS: LA] Wonder Woman (Kensi/Deeks) Updated 11/4/11!

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by brodiew, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005
    Author Note: I couldn't remember if I had posted this in this forum or not, but it turns out I never did. Unless someone can prove me wrong that is. Anyway, this is my NCIS LA drabble/ficlet thread. It will focus most specifically on Agent Kensi Blye and Detective Marty Deeks. The have partnership fraught with flirting, friendship, the occasional firefight. :p

    For those who know, the elements of their partnership are similar to Castle and Beckett, and though there are some character similarities, Castle and Beckett and Kensi and Deeks are not the same. That said, read on and enjoy.

    Wonder Woman

    It was amazing how fast a bloodied patient, in a hospital gown, could make his way to the exit when waving a gun and yelling incoherent nonsense along the way. As he pushed open the door, he saw her-them. She was a magnificent blur of kicks, fists, and elbows. It was in the moment that she stood alone, buffered solely by ferocity of her training, that he recognized two things. First, Vakar had her in his sites. Deeks raised his weapon, with considerable effort, and fired. Slumping against the outer wall of the hospital, he sighed in relief. Kensi was safe. His second realization was that calling her Wonder Woman was one of the truest statements he'd ever made.


    It had been a day and night of fitful, sedative induced dreaming for Deeks. He dreams of a Latino standing over him and repeatedly pulling the trigger. No matter that the reality was only two shots. In his dream, the man continued pulling the trigger long after the bullets were gone. The Asian storekeeper was replaced by Sam Hanna shaking his head while he watched Deeks die.

    He didn't scream awake, nor was he soaked with post traumatic sweat. He woke with a deep breath and a long sigh of resignation. His semi conscious heroics in the hospital courtyard were over. There was no fan fare, no ticker tape parade, no congratulations. There was a wounded man "chained" to his hospital bed. And, there was Kensi.

    She sat next to his bed as she had after his shooting and watched. He always wondered what visitors did when they held vigil over unconscious patients. He imagined they prayed; even those who have never professed a belief in God. However, he wasn't in a coma or near death. He was sleeping; recovering; trying to make the best of being incapacitated.

    What was her motivation for watching him? He didn't exactly not like it, but it was weird none the less.

    "You're making me nervous," he croaked. "Stop staring."

    "I was just trying to determine if it's the job or the salty, sunny SoCal climate that's put so many lines on your face."

    "Ha?ha," he groaned. "I've been shot. It ages a guy."
  2. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005

    It was the kind of rain that blacked out the sky. A previously sunny day rife with possibilities, in the blink of an eye, became a blanket of debilitating apathy and lethargy. Kensi Blye sat at her desk, knees up, a pencil trapped firmly between teeth, and stared out the window. Torrential rain could be hypnotic and, given the accompany thunder and lighting, she couldn't help but watch in amazement. But, as such darkness could sometimes do, it turned her thoughts to melancholy.

    Deeks had been released from the hospital three days ago and had not come to the office once. Though he hadn't officially returned to duty, she hoped to see him at least once. She called him every day since his discharge, each contact triggering a danger sense which she couldn't quite nail down. He sounded fine on the phone, cracking jokes and alluding the world of hurt he would bring her when he returned. The words were there, bright and promising, but there was something wrong, some undercurrent in his voice which troubled her.

    No one else seemed worried. Callan said: 'He not scheduled to return for another few days.'

    Sam said: "Let the man convalesce. He'll need full strength when he returns.'

    Eric said: 'He's probably surfing; getting his head straight.'

    Hetty was no less help: 'Give him time, Dear. He needs to rest."

    Didn't he get enough rest in the hospital? She knew she was being harsh, but her worry over his well being was beginning to make her unreasonable. Since when had she become a stalker; sitting by his side every day while he was in and, now, calling mercilessly like a freaky mother hen. She wondered what he made of it all.

    He always seemed happy to see her; seemed happy to take her calls. But that was no different than before. That was Deeks. She knew he was attracted to her, but she kept him at a distance. Maybe if he was still police; maybe if they met under different circumstances; maybe if?

    It was useless to speculate; useless to fantasize about something impossible. He was her partner. There were rules. There were reasons for those rules. She believed in them.

    What she didn't believe in was letting a man sulk; if that was what he was doing. Her stalker status was about to be elevated. Deeks would be having a visitor.


    Kensi watched intently, chin in hands, as Deeks carefully folded a piece of printer paper into a tight triangle. She knew the little white triangle well; had played the game many times over the years. Paper football was a game that children enjoyed, little boys more often than not, where one player is the 'kicker' and the other, 'the goal posts'. One player would place the 'ball' on the table the flick it with their index finger to make it through the uprights, provided by the other player placing their thumbs together and pointing their index fingers toward the sky.

    Kensi had dominated her block as a kid; her accuracy a thing of legend. In fact, her inability to lose had caused a few fights in which her gender was mistakenly overlooked and more than one kid went home with a bloody nose.

    Deeks met her eyes, waving the football in the air. "Wanna play?"

    "Of course," she replied, as if it were understood. "It wouldn't be as satisfying watching you play with yourself."

    "Hardy har har," he droned at her joke. "But satisfaction comes with victory. You expect to win?"

    "I am undefeated," she answered confidently.

    "A strange thing to brag about," he said, shrugging off her proclamation. "But okay. It seems you have a history with the game."

    She narrowed her eyes and became suddenly serious. "Yes, a history of broken souls left in my wake. Some actually cried when they left the table."

    Meeting her gaze with equal intensity, Deeks replied: "That won't happen here."

    As her partner lined up his first shot, Kensi was suddenly conscious of the white shirt she was wearing as well as the mischievous machinations of the man opposite her. Her shirt was just low enough to provide an attractive target and given that his attraction to her was no secret, he
  3. Mira_Jade

    Mira_Jade The NSWFF Manager With The Cape star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, I am glad to see some new material up from you, brodie!

    I'll admit, that I never watched this show past the pilot episode (it wasn't the original, and my muse dug her feet, so to speak. :p), but I am really enjoying your character sketches here. Especially with the Caste/Beckett-ish interactions with Kensi/Deeks. Kinda. ;)

    Let me see if I can manage some specific thoughts, out of fandom though I am . . .

    Wonder Woman: I totally thought of Diana here, and so I loved what your title embodied. Ferocity and beautiful symmetry in motion. A great mental image with this one. =D=

    Restless: Chilling switch between the nightmares and the banter - although I am sure that one is needed to counter the other. Great human piece with this one.

    Blue: First off, I loved the mental imagery with the rain. The storms, and the melancholy were beautifully expressed and wonderfully written. That, and I am really enjoying your portrayal of their relationship. What a pickle to be in - but romantic inclinations or not, they're friends and partners first and foremost - her caving and visiting was the perfect cap.

    Football: Children. :p Fun. :D

    Good To Know: What a twisty circle these two have going on. Another great glimpse at their relationship. =D=

    These were some great pieces - I can't wait to see what more your muse has to offer. [:D]

    ~MJ @};-
  4. Maggy

    Maggy Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 2, 2004
    those two are so awesome together :D
    greatly captured =D=