Amph Need Help finding a new series

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    I never tire of recommending the Robert Charles Wilson's Spin cycle of books to anyone with at least a little interest in the sci-fi genre. It is a trilogy, starting with Spin, followed by Axis, and concluding with Vortex, which will be released this summer.

    I think Wilson is the best sci-fi author out there who can combine the human drama elements with the sci-fi elements without it being overtly hokey or feel shoehorned in.
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    Old Man's War and Ghost Brigade are good.

    The Rats, The Bats, & The Vats (there are 2 books, but I dont' remember off the top of my head what the other one was.

    Alan Dean Foster--just about anything, but there was a good quartet which included "Spoils of War".

    Myth Adventures series and Phule's Company/Phule's Paradise by Robert Asprin.

    Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

    Surprised no one mentioned Honor Harrington series. Starts with On Basilisk Station.

    Lost Regiment series was good.

    If you want something quasi-historical and more than a bit ribald, try the Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraiser.

    And for fantasy, believe it or not, some of the Dungeons&Dragons books were pretty good. Anything by Elain Cunningham, and the Icewind Dale Trilogy and Dark Elf/Underdark trilogy by R.A.Salvatore.
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    I've liked all of John Scalzi's books that I've read. His Fuzzy Nation is just coming out in HC but I don't have it yet.
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    what about Prison Break and Heroes?
    When I watched it I played fluffy simultaneously.
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