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Discussion in 'Denver, CO' started by nnaydolem, Jul 7, 2005.

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    The Force moves in mysterious ways.
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    Avyana just called Yoda "the bat."
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    _How to most successfully and efficiently dye your hair_

    1. Don't start until 10 minutes before you are supposed to be in bed for the night.
    2. Don't read the directions. You've used this brand before, and remember how it goes. A) Get your hair damp. B) Mix A into B, shake. C) Apply to hair.
    3. Go to effort to get hair well damp and wet.
    4. Reconsider reading the directions, since this is the cream version and not the version you usually use.
    5. Read the directions. Curse as you see that it is supposed to be applied to dry hair, not wet.
    6. Blow dry your hair.
    7. Finally ready this time, apply the mixture to your hair.
    8. Start to run out of mixture. Ponder how this is possible with shorter hair, as you try to get the last of the stuff out and spread through all your hair.
    9. Share your questionable wisdom with friends while waiting for the dye to set. Curse again as you see you are now 50 minutes past your bedtime.
    10. Open bathroom door ajar to get the cats to quit clawing at it. Close door again, because you don't want cats and dye to mix.
    11. Check timer. When you see it is still not time, sigh and yawn. Make mental list of all the other things you have to do after this before going to sleep.
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