Never Lose Hope (JA) Obi-torture

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    Hello, I know I haven't been here in a while but... I have a story. So...

    Title: Never Lose Hope
    Author: Cheryl_Kenobi
    Rating: um PG maybe PG-13?
    Author Notes:Everything follows the AP books except Bruck is one of Obi-Wan's friends. So he never turned or died. Also I don't have a Beta if someone wants to do that please e-mail me at: Thanks.

    Never Lose Hope

    The sun came over the council tower bring light into a padawan's room. That Padawan was Obi-Wan Kenobi, apprentice to Quiu-gon Jinn a well known Jedi Master. In the apartment which housed these two people the shower was run and the holovid was on. Qui-Gon was waiting for his, yet again, late Padawan. Today they were to go over the 5th katas a sparing match which they had been going over for the pass three days. Obi-Wan walked out of the fresher to his room to come back to the common room a minute later.

    "Master? I'm ready." Obi-wan said

    "And late also." Qui-gon chuckled. "Let's leave the sooner we finish the sooner you can go meet Bant's ship.

    "Alright!" Obi-wan said jogging to the door.

    Two hours later-

    Obi-Wan stood waiting in a landing bay. He could see Bant's ship pulling in. He couldn't wait to see Bant it had been six months since her Master had taken the mission.

    "Obi!" Was his only warning before he had a armful of salmon color girl.

    "How was your trip Bant?" He asked when he could finally breathe correctly.

    "Boring. The parties would not agree to anything." They walked to the lunch area talking about what they had been doing during the time that she was away. "So how's Garen, Reeft, and Bruck?"

    "Alright. Infact ask them yourself" Bant just looked confused. Until Obi-Wan motioned for her to turn around. When she did she was greeted with her friends

    "Hey, guys it's so good to see you." She said giving them hugs.

    While the friends talked in the lunch area, Qui-Gon was talking with Master Yoda and Mace.

    "Mission for you and your Padawan, we do. Though, easy, it will not be, we fear."

    "Whatever the Council wishes" Qui-Gon said not thinking about what Yoda said.

    "Qui-Gon, you and your apprentice will need to go to a hostile planet and get many data chips with very important information on it and get in less then twenty days. The thing is we don't know exactly where on the planet the chips are. We do have leads, but thats all they are. The people hate Jedi. Do you think you can do this?" Mace asked, wanting to make sure that Qui-Gon understood what he would be going into.

    "Obi-Wan and I will be ready when you need us to leave." Qui-Gon said after thinking about it for a while.
    Like? Or just quit while I'm behind?
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    good start. I wanna see where this goes
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    Another post. I'll be posting every two days so...

    AN: talh is also still alive
    That night.

    "So when will we leave?" Obi-Wan said after Qui-Gon told him of the mission they would be going on.

    "In two days. Now get to bed. Tomorrow I'm giving you a free day to spend with your friends." Qui-Gon said as he headed to his room.

    "Yes, Master. Thank you Master!" Obi-Wan said as he went to his own room.

    The next morning was like any other, as Obi-Wan got up and went to talk to Bruck.

    "What, Bruck? I was having a very nice dream about that Padawan we saw the other day." Obi-Wan moaned when he saw Bruck.

    "Tonight lets go to that club that we found last week. Come on it'll be fun." Bruck pleaded when he saw Obi-Wan's head shaking. "We could get druck and laugh at Garen's sad attemps at getting a girl. And Reeft eat like a hog."

    "We get to watch that here."

    "Yes, but we never get druck and we need to see some new girls, the ones here are awful looking."

    "Ugh, fine just don't make me place any bets on anything this time, got it?" He said after a few minutes.

    "Okay. You won't regret this."

    "Yes, I will. I know I will."
    "That's it." Garen pointed out.

    "No, really. come on let's go in." Bruck said taking the lead. When they got in, they thought it looked just like they others they had been to. Only diffrence? The women.

    "Oh, look at that one, the purple one! Yum." Bruck exclaimed, drooling.

    "Put the tounge in mouth and lets get a table. Then you can go after as many people as you want when we're good and toasted." Garen said laughing at Bruck's show.

    When they had sat down and ordered their usual, Reeft getting his favorite things to eat, of course. Garen finally asked the question that had been bugging three of the young men. "When are you leaving?"

    Obi-wan started laughing. "How did you know I was leaving? I ship out in two days."

    "Because, whenever Qui-Gon lets you have a day off there's usually a long mission about to happen. Or dangerous." Reeft spoke up while eyeing some interesting women.

    "It's not long about twenty-five days and the only thing that's dangerous is that the planet's hostile. That's all." Obi-Wan stated after their drinks came.

    "That's all he says. How many times have you came back from a mission hurt, again I can't seem to remember." Bruck pretended to look like he was thinking about it.

    "I can't remember?" Obi-Wan asked. After that everyone was quite while they sipped their beers and watched people walk around or dancing. At one point, one girl came by wanting Garen to dance with her, but he turned it down remembering what happen last time. By their sixth beer, Obi-Wan asked. "Is anyone going to go dancing or something with them?"

    "No!" The others spoke at once all remembering different times that they only wish they could forget.

    "Then lets get out of here. It's late and we don't need any of our Masters finding out." As they walked out Reeft got the spray out that allowed all of the smell to get off their cloths. When they got to the temple they each went their different ways. On the way Obi-Wan saw his Master step out of Master Talh's apartment looking a little...disleveled.

    "Have fun, Master?" Obi-Wan said, grinning like the cat that just caught the bird.

    "Yes, but we better get home it's um late." Qui-Gon said after realizing that he as caught.

    "Yes, Master." Laugther in his voice.

    In a few minutes I'll post the trailer I made to this.
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    Here's the trailer.
    A quiet voice: you'll never understand

    QG: Where is he?

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan having a sparing match.

    Master Yoda walking with Mace.

    Mace: The boy has been missing for two months now. I don't know if we should call off the search or not.

    AQV: you'll never understand.

    Qui-Gon holding a rock, crying, with Mace standing next to him.

    QG: Why is this happening to me? What Gods think that I must always go though pain in my life?

    Obi-Wan and Bant laughing at a table.

    Garen holding a crying Bant.

    Bruck talking with Reeft in a hallway.

    Bruck: He's my friend too! But unlike you I'm not going to lose hope.

    AQV: You'll never understand.

    A man standing in a dim lit room.

    Man: Why are you making this so hard on yourself? Just give us the information and we might let you go home.

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan bowing to the Council.

    Bruck and Bant running after Qui-Gon.

    Bant: We're going with you!

    In the dim room

    OW: You'll never understand!
    well, that's it.
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    I like so far. Interesting to see Bruck and Obi as friends.

    Hope we get more soon!!!
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