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  1. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    To show the people who use these boards that we are still here, I will post the minutes to all of our meetings in this thread. For more information please go to www.ocstarwars.com
  2. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2005 at Denny's

    I. Rob's Intro - Rob typed up a hand out detailing the events in the near future. They include the Fullerton Boys and Girls club on 9/15/05, The Choc Walk at Disneyland on 10/02/05, Relay for Life on 10/15/05, Trick or Treat in the Street on 10/28/05, and the DVD release on 10/31/05. Please see the threads for full details.

    II. Project Vader - After Rob's trip to the garment district, he announced that the Vader costume will soon be fully operational. Check the thread for updates.

    III. Raffle - We raffled off a 500th figure of Darth Vader. Congratulations to Ewok who won.

    IV. Relay 4 Life News - Barry is heading up this event and handed out packets to the team members. Please see him if you are interested in joining.

    V. New Members - New members that are in attendance are LizardJedi, Jediknight1022, The Ewok, Captain Planet, Alexander and Robbeewankenobi

    VI. Fan Film - The last day of shooting is Sunday the 18th. See the thread for details.

    VII. Moment of Silence - We had separate moments of silence for the vicitims of 911 and Hurricane Katrina. Barry also collected money for the Red Cross for the Katrina victims.

    VIII. Trivia Quiz by Anne Marie.

    1. What level, detention block, and cell is Leia held in the first Death Star in ANH? (1 point) LEVEL 5,. DETENTION BLOCK AA23, CELL 2187

    2. Which of Padme' handmaidens was killed when she arrived on Coruscant in AOTC? (1 point) CORDE Funniest Answer: Princess Vespa

    3. What attack pattern does Rogue Squadron use against the Imperial Walkers on TESB? (1 point) ATTACK PATTERN DELTA

    4. What aliens from a non-Star Wars film can be seen in the Senate in TPM? (1 point) E.T'S FROM STEVEN SPIELBERG'S E.T.

    5. In ROTS, after the opening battle, as the transport lands at the senate building in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, what ship can be seen landing? (1 point) THE MILLENIUM FALCON

    6. In the Clone Wars cartoon series, who injures General Grievous such that he wheezes in ROTS? (1 point) MACE WINDU

    7. What species is Zam Wesel? (1 point) A CLAWDITE

    8. Referenced in ROTJ, how do you say ?I?ve come for the bounty on this Wookie? in Ubese? (1 point) YATAY YATAY YOTO
    How do you say ?I want 50,000, no less? in Ubese? (1 point) YOTO YOTO
    How do you say ?Because I?m holing a thermal detonator? in Ubese? (1 point) A YOTO

    9. In AOTC, when Dooku tells the druids to stand down, how many Jedi are left standing in a circle in the arena on Geononsis? (1 point) 13
    What were their names? (1 point for each correct name) OBI-WAN, ANAKIN, MACE, SHAAK TI, AGEN KOLAR, LUMINARA UNDULI, STASS ALLIE, BULTAR SWAN, ROTH-DEL MASONA, SORA BLOQ, SAESEE TIIN, TARADOS GON, KIT FISTO Funniest Answer: There are no druids in Star Wars

    10. In what data case in any Imperial Library can a small holdout blaster be found in the event of an emergency? (1 point) THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF CORVIS MINOR2200 Funniest Answer: The Complete Star Trek Saga

    Winner is Aaron with an impressively geeky score of 14 points. Congratulations. We look forward to an awesome quiz next month. Aaron wins an R2D2 with sounds action figure. Awesome.

    IX. Attendance - Through Aaron's magic mirror this month he sees Erik, Sabrina, Matthew, Lori, Rion, Barry, Anthony, James, Liz, Dustin, Jen, and Vincent, Alexander (William), Ewok, Kwame, Anne Marie (Who hates hyphens), Valerie (Who is happy and she knows it), Barbara, Ray, Aaron, Lisa, Marley, Natasha, Reena, Ramaya, Roxanne, Remmington and Rob.

    If I've spelled your name wrong then please PM me and I apologize. Thanks.
  3. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Minutes for October 15, 2005 held at Relay for Life in Tustin.

    I. TF.N boards - All members are encouraged to register on these boards and to keep posting here until further notice.

    II. The H-Wing on Pimp My Ride - Per Robert, Shawn will be given a questionairre from the production company behind Pimp my Ride. An alternate idea is setting up a paypal account and doing a mass e-mail to RL and 501st members to donate.

    III. IGN LIve - Saturday and Sunday 10/22-10/23, at the Anaheim Convention Center. If you want discount tickets please PM Linda (Mara_Jade_Fan) for 2 for 1 passes.

    IV. Trick or Treat in the Street - Thursday 10/27 from 3-7pm at the Orange Circle. We will need all members especially costumed people for photo ops and to man the table.

    V. Episode III DVD Release - Midnight on Tuesday November 1st which is technically Monday Halloween night. Possible Costumed Event. Most likely at DVD Planet in Huntington Beach.

    VI. Costumed Event at Wal-Mart in Redlands with IESWS - Saturday 11/5/05 from 10am-12. Costumed Charity Event for Children's Miracle Network. See thread for details.

    VII. Harry Potter - Our Official November Social Event is to see "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" on Friday the 18th at midnight at Edwards 21 in the Irvine Spectrum. Also, family event at Downtown Disney on Saturday the 19th. at 2PM.

    VIII. Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor Nominations - As it currently stands, Anthony and James are nominated for Chancellor and nobody is nominated for Vice. Nominations will continue to be accepted until the November Meeting.

    IX. Trivia Quiz by Aaron

    OCSWS October Trivia Quiz
    Revenge of the Minutes Keeper

    By Movie, name the character the actor portrayed with points available in parenthesis

    The Phantom Menace
    Liam Neeson (1) - Qui-Gon Jinn
    Jake Lloyd (1) - Anakin Skywalker
    Ray Park (2) - Darth Maul
    Pernilla August (3) - Shmi Skywalker
    Hugh Quarshie (5) - Captain Panaka

    Attack of the Clones
    Ewan McGregor (1) - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Hayden Christensen (1) - Anakin Skywalker
    Christopher Lee (1) - Count Dooku or Darth Tyrannus
    Daniel Logan (2) - Boba Fett
    Jack Thompson (5) - Cliegg Lars

    Revenge of the Sith
    Ian McDiarmid (1) - Chancellor Palpaltine, Emporer Palpatine or Darth Sidious
    Samuel Jackson (1) - Mace Windu
    Frank Oz (2) - Yoda
    Jimmy Smitts (2) - Senator Bail Organa
    Nalini Krishan (7) - Bariss Offee

    A New Hope
    Carrie Fisher (1) - Princess Leia Organa
    Sir Alec Guiness (1) - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    David Prowse (2) - Darth Vader
    Phil Brown (3) - Uncle Owen
    Garrik Hagon (5) - Biggs Darklighter

    The Empire Strikes Back
    Mark Hamill (1) - Luke Skywalker
    Anthony Daniels (1) - C-3PO
    James Earl Jones (1) - Darth Vader
    Dan Barton (5) - General Rieekan
    Kenneth Colley (8) - Admiral Piett

    Return of the Jedi
    Harrison Ford (1) - Han Solo
    Peter Mayhew (2) - The Mighty Chewbacca
    Billy Dee Williams (1) - General Lando Calrissian
    Michael Carter (7) - Bib Fortuna
    Denis Lawson (5) - Wedge Antilles

    Winner is Matt with an impressive 51 points. Matt wins a lovely Darth Vader lunchbox which he left at the event.

    X. Attendance - Through my magic mirror this month I see, James, Valerie, Dini, Matt, Lori, Dustin, Jennifer, Vincent, Barry, Anthony, Irene, Aaron, Lisa, Marley, and Rion.

    Please PM me if I misspelled your name or need to make a correction.

  4. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    November Meeting Minutes for 11-13-05 at our Denny?s

    I. James?s Intro ? Not much to talk about. Relay for Life we raised over 2,000 bucks. Had a lot of fun. Pictures online if you need to see it. Thanks to Barry for setting it up.

    II. Bowling ? Donald beat everyone fun event. See thread.

    III. Paypal for Obi-Shawn. See the thread

    IV. Saber Class - See Don or Erik if you want to join this. Vote called to see if the saber class will stay part of the club. Vote is carried.

    V. Costuming ? Sabrina will advise people on this. If you are interested see her.

    VI. Harry Potter ? Imax at Spectrum November 17th at Midnight. 19th at 2:50 at Downtown Disney. Geeks with british accents.

    VII. Toys for Tots ? Toys r us in Tustin. To raise toys for charity. 2-6 PM. People to take pictures for toys. James to head this up. December 3, 2005.

    VIII. March 17th ? 19th ? Wizard World L.A. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Possible exclusive. Stay tuned for this.

    IX. Comicon ? Rooms go on sale in January. Stay tuned for more news and an update.

    X. Election ? James is Chancellor and Aaron is Vice Chancellor. Aaron will continue to Keep the minutes. No no votes.

    XI. December 11th at 5:00 ? Thread to go up soon. At Fudruckers in Anaheim. Pay for yourself. White Elephant gift exchange. Bring a gift if you wish to participate. Non Star Wars toys under 20 bucks.

    XII. Rebel Fleet Trooper Costumes ? See Don if you are interested in joining the Rebel Legion and making this costume. Don is the Sunrider Base XO.

    XIII. What Do You Want To Do ? Let us know if there is an event that you want to do. We will continue doing what James wants to do until he gets more suggestions.

    XIV. Extra Crispy Anakin ? There will be a poll up to see if we should make this dummy.

    XV. Joint Event with San Diego ? Possible Mini golf in January.

    XVI. Star Wars Disneyland Day ? This is going to be going on again next year. A link will be up soon to the new website.

    XVII. Raffle ? An Ultimate Vader book goes to Justin and a guide to Episode III goes to Art.

    XVIII. Trivia Quiz by Matt

    1. What was filmed at Mt. Etna, Italy? Answer: Shots of the Mustafar Volcano Explosions Funniest Answer: A part of the movie.

    2. What was filmed at Phuket, Thailand? Answer: Kashyyyk Scenes

    3. Where before the Rise of the Empire can you see a V-Wing? Answer: The Republic Attack Cruiser hangar when Obi-Wan is being briefed on Utapau Funniest Answer: In the Movie

    4. Where are Luke and Leia born? Answer: Polis Massa

    5. What was the establishing shot for Answer 4 an homage to? Answer: 2001 A Space Odyssey Funniest Answer: Ghostbusters 2

    6. What was the battle between the Invisible Hand and the Guarlata inspired by? Answer: Movies of the 17th century sailin ship battles. Funniest Answer: Who are these people

    7. What was the order of the funeral party from front to back? Answer: Padme's parents, her nieces, Jar Jar and Boss Nass, Padme, The Queen and Sio Bibble Funniest Answer: Started with a guy... A nice guy in fact, ended with a gungan... A silly one in fact.

    8. What was the last line in Episode III? Answer: Oh, No! Funniest Answer: GaGa Goo Goo

    9. Who has gained the path to immortality? Answer: Qui-Gon Funniest Answer: Yogurt

    10. Who played Tarken, and in what other popular sci-fi franchise did he play in, and whom did he play? Answer: Wane Prygrim, Farscape, Scoripus. Funniest Answer: Bob Hope

    Aaron wins with a high score of 6 points.

    XIX. Attendance ? Through my magic mirror I see James, Valerie, Dini, Justin, Art, Lori, Phil, Barry, Don, Smudge, Sabrina, Aaron, Lisa, Marley, Matt, Vince and Mom, and Ray.
  5. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Okay, these are the minutes live from the event.

    James and Valerie were stuck in traffic coming home from vacation so, I had to run things.

    I. We played pool - POORLY. It took almost 2 hours to play three games. We are all crappy pool players and we are looking for the camera that James has mounted that is recording our ineptitude.

    II. Trivia Quiz - This was postponed due to lack of members and Matt didn't show with the prize.

    III. Attendance - My magic mirror sees Liz, Don, Lu, Renae, Lori, Anthony, Rob, Aaron, Lisa and Marley. We hope those who couldn't make it are able to come next month.

    IV. News- Look to the threads for news. That is all.

    Oh, and Rob brought his TK armor and showed it off and Lori showed us her new saber and Rob shot us all with force lightning. The End.

  6. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Meeting Minutes for Sunday February 12th, 2006

    I. Tim Zahn Booksigning ? Check the San Diego threads for full details.

    II. March 12th Meeting ? At Fudruckers once again. 3:00 See the threads for future details.

    III. Wizard World L.A. ? March 17-19 at the L.A. Convention center.

    IV. Bowling Event ? March 25th with the LAFF. Look to the threads for full details to come.

    V. John Williams ? This summer at the Hollywood bowl. Details coming soon.

    VI. Charity Event ? Costume people needed and people to help with kids. This is a preschool book fair. Bring coloring books to the next meeting to donate for this event. Saturday April 22, from 10:00 ? 2:00. Address is 9201 Westminster Ave. in Garden Grove.

    VII. Don?s Treasury minute ? Pay ya dues. Please do it

    VIII. Lisa?s Trivia quiz ?

    1. What famous actor was George Lucas considering for the role of Han Solo? Answer : Kurt Russell Funniest Answer: William Shatner
    2. What is the first word in Episode I? Answer: Captain
    3. What is the first word in Episode II? Answer: Senator
    4. What does 3PO say when the eye guard comes out of the door at Jabba?s Palace? Answer: goodness gracious me.
    5. What is the first line in Episode III? Answer Lock on to them R2 Who says it? Answer: Anakin
    6. What is the first line in Episode IV? Answer: Did you hear that? Answer: 3PO Funniest Answer: your momma
    7. What?s the first line in Episode V? Answer: Echo 3 to Echo 7 Who says it? Answer: Luke Skywalker
    8. What are the first two words in Episode VI? Answer: Command Station

    To Do Menu board

    Pick up power converters, Whine a lot, Ask about father. Answer: Luke

    Come out of Hyperspace early. Answer: Admiral Ozzel

    Locate stolen data tapes, practice hokey religion, say sorry for being bad. Answer: Darth Vader

    Never tell me the odds, avoid bountyhunters, always shoot first. Answer: Han Solo

    Record urgent holographic message, kiss my brother, save home planet. Answer: Leia

    Shut down tractor beam, retrieve old message, tell history from my prospective. Answer: Ben Kenobi

    Winner is Smudge with 16 points who wins a Darth Tater and a poster
    2nd place goes to Vincent with a close 15 points who got a business card holder. Be very afraid for the quiz next month.

    IX. Attendance ? I see through my magic mirror Don, Renae, Lu, Marley, Lisa, Aaron, Vince and Mom, Sabrina, Erik, Lori, and James.
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  8. Jedi-Loreen Jedi Padawan

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    Aaron must have a blind spot on his left. [face_laugh] :p
  9. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Okay Matt was there but I was pretending he wasn't because he doesn't know how long the Executor really is.

    Actually, when I finished the minutes, I looked around the table and typed in who I saw, and you must have walked away so stay in your seat or make sure I get you in there or suffer.
  10. SRB_Jedi_Knight Jedi Padawan

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    Hope everyone is doing well. It's nice to see you all still meeting and having fun. =)
  11. Robeewankenobe Jedi Youngling

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    Wow! Its like hearing Obiwan in the snow.......Shawn.....SHAWN!....
    *And Rob's eye roll to the back of his head and reaches out his hand towards the voice in the wind and falling snow. Then lays it face in the snow.
  12. crazybirdman Jedi Master

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    Good to hear from you man. I hope all is well.
  13. Enforcer_Draconus Jedi Youngling

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    his vision is based on movement
  14. Robeewankenobe Jedi Youngling

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    :) "SRB_Jedi_Knight
    Title: RSA Emeritus
    OCSWS President "
    Hmmmm, I'm confused.
  15. LordJedi Jedi Padawan

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    It's actually quite simple Rob. Ignore the title and pay attention to the colors. While titles are an honor around here, the colors are far more important. CRs are blue, mods can pretty much choose their own, and I think former mods are red.

    So unless someone has notified an RSA to have the title changed, it'll stick. Which is why my title still shows former CR. I'm sure I could have it removed, but I kind of like it.
  16. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Hey Shawn, what up. Glad to see you are still alive. I am still interested in buying your saber if you are still selling.
  17. Jedi-Loreen Jedi Padawan

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    I wouldn't count on him seeing that post of yours soon, Aaron. Take a look at his lastest post dates.

    It could be another 6 or 7 months before he checks back in here.
  18. LordJedi Jedi Padawan

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    I don't think he's interested in selling anymore, but I can give him a call and find out for you. Rion also talks to him about once a week, so I'm sure he can find out for you as well.
  19. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Dec 8, 2002
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    Let me know what he says. I am willing to throw him some pesos if he still wants to unload it.
  20. Robeewankenobe Jedi Youngling

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    If you want to get a hold of him try Galaxies....enough said.

    But Barry, I'm color blind.....just joking;)
  21. crazybirdman Jedi Master

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    Minutes from the March meeting, because knowing is half the battle!
    Wizard World is this weekend. Doesn't look like too many OC or LA fanforcers are going. A few people from San Diego might though. More info on what stars and artist are going to be there, and what exclusives will be sold can be found at www.wizardworld.com

    Bowling with the LA fanforce on Saturday the 25th. More info can be found on our [link=http://boards.theforce.net/orange_county_ca/b10123/23336464/p1/?14]boards[/link]. You can do all your trash talking [link=http://boards.theforce.net/los_angeles_ca/b10134/23016383/p1/?19]here[/link]

    April 22nd there is a literacy fair with a focus on getting kids to read. We will have an outer space themed booth. If you would like to donate a few Star Wars, or space type books and coloring books, that would be great, you can bring them to the April meeting, or to the actual [link=http://boards.theforce.net/orange_county_ca/b10123/23164075/p1/?6]event[/link]JediJen has already donated a few books, but we could use some more.

    The Star Wars Fan Day at Disneyland will be psuhed from Saturday June 24th, to Sunday June 25. This is because the park will be closing early on the 24th so that they can show the premiere of Pirates 2 in Disneyland.
    So, June 24th= Old busted.
    June 25th= New hotness
    This has been updated on the [link=http://www.disneylandstarwars.com/]site[/link]

    The Black Smudge won the movie quote contest, with his almost unending barrage of pop culture. He recieved a set of Episode 3 stamps from the Autralian Post.

    Smudge also attacked our auditory senses with an excellent trivia quiz via iPod and portable speakers. He played selected music from the movies, and asked questions pertaining to each track. Very creative. I won't post the questions as there is no musicon the boards.
    Out of a possible 30, Liz took the win with 20 friggin points. 2nd place goes to our former leader Rob with 16 points, and 3rd was Phil with 15 points.
    Liz randomly selected James as the winner of a Star Wars Transformer generously donated by Phil.

    DUES - We don't ask for much, ($2 a month) and they go to good and worthy things and stuff. Please contact Don to pay.

    It has been suggested that we move the meetings back to Denny's, or find a new meeting place altogether. To voice your opinion on the matter (and you really should as it's your club) join the ongoing discusion [link=http://boards.theforce.net/orange_county_ca/b10123/23161746/p1/?18]here[/link] in last months meeting thread

    In the pensieve I see Crazybirdman, Crowbar, Smudge, Falcon, TiePilotTillard, LizardJedi, Robeewan and his younglings (broke the Jedi code, 4 times!), Jedi Loreen, Amun-Scio Kalla, and his padawan, Zhi-Don, and a bunch of people I don't know at the other tables.
    If I forgot you, let me know, if I mispelled anything, I don't care.
  22. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    Wow, I look forward to Liz's trivia quiz. I am sorry I missed this meeting.
  23. Jedi-Loreen Jedi Padawan

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    You missed Smudge's cool audio Triva Quiz. It was fun, but I kind of tanked because I don't own any of the sound tracks on anything playable. (I have a couple of the OT sound tracks on vinyl, but no turntable anymore [face_blush] )
  24. Aaron-Wan-Kenobi Temp CR Orange County, CA

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    I know. I will not miss the brilliance of Liz's quiz though.
  25. LizardJedi Jedi Padawan

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    I thought about going to my old HS and asking one of the teachers if I could borrow their Scantron grader for the weekend, and just buying a bunch of sheets, but I figured that would be way to nerdy, even for me.

    We will just see how.. brilliant this quiz is.. heh.
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