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Seattle, WA New Feller

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by TexasGhost, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. TexasGhost

    TexasGhost Jedi Youngling

    Feb 15, 2005
    Howdy! My name is Chance and I'm a HUGE SW fan. Right now I'm a member of the DFW FanForce(that's Dallas/Fort Worth to y'all unfortunate yanks, hehe)and I'll be moving to Seattle at the end of March with my fiance(also a huge fan)and I just wanted to get to know some people in the area with a shared interest in this beloved subject.
  2. Jedi_Kai

    Jedi_Kai Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 27, 2001
    Welcome! And I got your email. Obviously, you've found Alpha Base.

    Look forward to seeing you. It's a good time to be moving here, just before Ep III. It's likely our costumed members will be helping with the Charity Premier.
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