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Discussion in 'FanForce Conventions' started by Joanzia, Jul 3, 2001.

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  1. Joanzia

    Joanzia Former FF Staff star 3 VIP

    Oct 18, 2000
    We have added this forum to allow discussions relating to the upcoming SW Celebration II. Please keep all topics about the Celebration.

    In this forum, you can have general discussions about FanForce groups getting together at the event, costumes, fanfilms, etc.

    Please refrain from posting your personal[/] plans for attending the Celebration.

    Thank you and enjoy the new forum.
  2. JediWarrior

    JediWarrior Jedi Knight star 6

    Jun 7, 2000
    Believe me I will, thank you!
  3. SWNZ

    SWNZ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 27, 2000
    Could someone so kind as to tell me what the SW Celebration is. I've heard about it but know nothing. Thanks.
  4. JediWarrior

    JediWarrior Jedi Knight star 6

    Jun 7, 2000
    This will be the second Celebration, the last coincided with TPM, and this one will be 2 weeks before Episode II. Its a large convention with guest stars, and lots of people in costume, dealers and people lie Kenner, Hasbro, etc, showing off their new line of toys. Its just a huge gathering of Star Wars fans, with a chance to meet a bunch of the actors, and have a good time. Its in Indianapolis (In Indiana USA).
  5. Lightsabre

    Lightsabre Fan Force Founder star 4 VIP

    Nov 12, 1999
    SWNZ, the first celebration was held in Denver, Colorado. You can read all about it on It was a fun time, except for the weather and this years will be even better, because Fanforce will be there.

    At the previous event Fanforce was just an idea, but now we can all meet for the first time. So, check out the other Celebration forums and see who's going.

    Believe if you can make the trip, do it, we only have two chances left to experience someting this big and special.
  6. Nostradamus

    Nostradamus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 2, 2000
    I am looking for the Official site information about Celebration II.

    Please post links.
  7. JediEnna

    JediEnna Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 25, 2000
    this must be big if you have your own forum.

    Doing any fundraising for poor Aussie students? ;)
  8. Shara

    Shara Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 4, 2000
    The only official site info, i.e. from the official site can be located at [link=][/link] Currently it links to the official release of info on the Star Wars site and directly links to that news article. Starting October 1 it should be the site for registration and official information provided by Wizards of the Coast and Lucasfilm.

    Hope that helps!
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