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Discussion in 'Lubbock, TX' started by Galaxar, May 3, 2005.

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  1. Galaxar

    Galaxar Jedi Youngling

    May 3, 2005
    Hello, all. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Galaxar and I've been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, I first saw The Empire Strikes Back in the theaters when I was only a baby! (or so my mom says. she took me when they (my parents) went to see it.) The main reason I am posting is that I was wondering if there are going to be any more FanForce meetings and if so, when and where? Thanks for the info!
  2. dinochick

    dinochick Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 7, 2002
    Hey dude! We are actually getting together tomorrow if you can join us. We shedule the get-togethers thought, so you may want to sign up.
    Here is the info on tomorrow:

    What: Lubbock Area Star Wars Fans May Meetup
    When: Wednesday, May 4 at 7:00PM
    Where: Godeke Library
    6601 Quaker
    Lubbock TX 79413
    792 6566

    I am also a life long fan, raised on it from day one by my dad.

    Hope to see you tomorrow and let us know if we can do anything to help.

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