New here! Anyone wanna talk?

Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by xsith_happensx, May 29, 2006.

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  1. xsith_happensx Jedi Youngling

    Member Since:
    May 29, 2006
    Hello everyone!
    Is everyone here...
    a Jedi?
    maybe this isn't a place for a darksider...
  2. WEEBACCA Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 4, 2004
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    Oh this is definatly a place for a Darksider too! :)
    Welcome to the boards by the way! I hope you'll enjoy yourself here!

    Just ask if you've got any questions about the forum.
  3. xsith_happensx Jedi Youngling

    Member Since:
    May 29, 2006
    Thanks! I hope I will have fun.
    *evil maniacal laughter*
    damn I was saving that for later...

    oOo Official Darth Vader Fan Club?!?
    WHERE?!?!?! *freaks out*
  4. Cinnamon_Windu Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 10, 2005
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    Hello and welcome! :) There are lots of darksiders here. I'm sure they'll sense your presence soon and welcome you. If not, Jedi_Daniel will and welcome you in his inimitable fashion! :D
  5. xsith_happensx Jedi Youngling

    Member Since:
    May 29, 2006
    NOW I'm curious
    I'm sensing this will be interesting. o_O
  6. Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~

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    Nov 5, 2002
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    Welcome to the boards, xsith_happensx! :)

    Interesting name, but because it is near to another word I like to give you a link that's worth a look, too. Just in case you didn't know already. :)

    You're looking for a Darth Vader FanClub? Take a look at that link. It should be much fun. :)

    Enjoy your stay and it would be nice to meet you at the Newbie Welcome Party. There we can chat about everything. :)

    See you (hopefully) there. :)
  7. Darth Gangrenous Game Host

    Game Host
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    Jun 1, 2005
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    Greetings xsith_happensx. We are happy to meet you. Here is the Map of the Boards to help you navigate though this plce since it is so huge. You may also want to visit the Newbie Adoptions to have a more experianced user to adopt you and show you around.
  8. Star_Angel Jedi Padawan

    Member Since:
    Jan 18, 2006
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    Welcome to the JC xsith_happensx, it?s always fun to meet another fan of Mr. Cool in Black;).
  9. Jedi_Daniel Manager Emeritus

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    Jun 16, 2002
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    Welcome there! Or... welcome here, I mean. Welcome to the JC! Which means Jedi Council, but Sith are welcomed here as well. Everyone is welcomed here, even Star Trek fans. Who would love to hang out here.

    It was already said before, but if you wanna talk around with everyone check out the Newbie Welcome Party, lots of people to socialize with there.

    Enjoy your stay, don't be shy to explore!
  10. Boba_Babe Jedi Youngling

    Member Since:
    Jun 26, 2005
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    Welcome! It's great to have you here, Sith are welcome! Come on over to get a [:D] in the hug a newbie thread.
  11. Crash_Davis Jedi Knight

    Member Since:
    Mar 31, 2006
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    welcome to the boards, xsith_happensx!

    ya know, if you're a darksider, there's always a sith master looking for an apprentice in the newbie adoption thread! lots of fun, i highly recommend it!
  12. Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan

    Member Since:
    Sep 4, 2005
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    Welcome! xsith_happensx

    DArkside people are all around...but I am the darkest around...
    not of the sith-no....of...the freaky guitarists!

    anyways....hi! mesa Zelda<- yeah-that you can's Bellatrix, or Zelda or whatever....
    PM me if you like-I'm always up for making friends!

    sooo...Read the TOS-you can find a link anywhere! and you'll prolly be okeyday!

    \m/ROCK ON\m/
  13. anakin_luver Jedi Knight

    Member Since:
    Jul 26, 2005
    star 5

    Love Palpatine, love Vader, love Dooku, love Grievous, love Tarkin...

    As you can see, I am a very cheery dark side supporter!

  14. Mandalorian_General Jedi Youngling

    Member Since:
    Jun 16, 2006
    maybe our paths will cross elsewhere in this vast universe[face_tired]
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