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V.C, CA New Jersey Trip Report Vol. 2 (Now Twice As Exciting!)

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Keiran_Horn, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. Keiran_Horn

    Keiran_Horn Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 9, 2002
    Part Two of my no-longer-boring-but-still-not-that-exciting-except-for-one-day trip report detailing my trip to the Garden State.

    Day 8

    I woke up at 11:30 this morning, which was an improvement as it let me sleep in a wee bit later than yesterday. I took a quick shower, and turned on The Fugitive while I got dressed. My father and I were on the road by 12:30, heading down to Monmouth Beach to visit the people who my family rented our house from when we lived in New Jersey from 1989-1991. They have this great beach house and it was really cool to see them again, as the last time we were together was when I came out to NYC in 2000. She gave me a pretty cool/weird gift. Think of this 68 year old woman handing you a bootleg DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean. Pretty weird huh? We had lunch and chatted until about 4:00, then headed back home. Cindy was cooking lamb for dinner, so she had been in the kitchen for most of the day. We got home, and I headed to the computer to chat with people on TS, and post some pics on my PA forums. I went up to dinner soon afterward, and the lamb was delicious. After dinner I came downstairs and started watching the 25th Anniversary Edition of TRON, which we had rented from Blockbuster a couple days before. I got about an hour into it, when the urge came over me to pop in Pirates of the Caribbean. Cindy and Dad came down, and we watched the first hour and a half. After that, Cindy went up to bed and Dad turned on CSI: Miami. I?m not a big fan of the Miami version, so I headed back into the office to chat on TS some more. I listened to a bit of Chrono Radio Episode V.V, in-between conversations of course. ;) I also started searching around for pics of a certain Knights of the Old Republic character to help Zar. I found a really nice one on the LucasArts website, and cut it down using MS Paint. I chatted for awhile longer, then headed upstairs at about midnight. During that time however, I made a semi-shocking discovery. Ok, it may only be shocking to me really because as you might have gotten from this trip report, I have become obsessed with Digital Llama Radio. While browsing the JC forums, I noticed that Christopher Hanel, one of the four founding llamas and writer/director of the fan film The Formula, had our very own YoungJedi11, was on my new favorite person?s watched user list. Needless to say, I was shocked and amazed! I sent a PM to YJ straight away, knowing full well that he wouldn?t read it until late this week. I must know how our own humble friend, came to be on the watched user list of the great CHRIS HANEL!!! Well, once I got through digesting this, I headed up to my room and watched some more of The Fugitive. I ended up finishing the movie, and though I had seen some of it before I really enjoyed it again. Afterwards, I listened to some more of Chrono Radio Episode V.V. I stopped it about halfway through because I was getting tired, and I turned on some more of Second Strike as I fell asleep.

    Day 9

    I was finally able to sleep in a bit this morning, and I awoke at 11:00am. Today was basically going to be an errand day, running around with my dad and hitting up various stores. I started watching one of my favorite films from the last couple of years, O Brother Where Art Thou? I really enjoy this movie every time I see it, and I watched about fifteen minutes. After that I took a quick shower and headed downstairs to see what was going on in the world of the Internet. We left the house at probably 11:45, and the first stop was Leslie?s Pool Supplies to pick up cleaning stuff for my dad?s spa. After that we were off to Barnes and Noble, which was calling to me from across the street. My dad picked up a couple golf books and I got The Art of Episode I and The Art of Episode II. I also picked up Chuck Palahniuk?s new non-fiction book Fugitives and Refugees. It?s a book mainly about the city of Portland, Oregon, but is also semi-autobiographical, as Chuck has lived in Portland for a while now. Next stop was Home Depot to pick up a table saw
  2. YoungJedi11

    YoungJedi11 Jedi Knight star 5

    May 20, 2002
    See my response to volume one.

    I did spot my name in this one however, and read the few surrounding sentences.
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